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Creating Culture – Inam

Our Name!

The name has a combination of India and Vietnam. IN from India and Nam from Vietnam. InNam was named by the first group of people who found/created this culture. The group of people at that time were learning learning Hindi. InNam in Hindi means reward. इनाम. The group of people named it this since they wanted to reward the followers of InNam with an ideal society which would help them throughout their lifespan.



The national language of InNam is English. It is English since the first creators (group of people) spoke English, but were learning Hindi. The language of English was passed on from generation to generation and many changes were added to it. There are still books in the national library of InNam about the evaluation of English.



dress.PNGwomen clothing.PNG

For women this outfit was created based on comfort and the colors of the flag. A white long sleeved shirt that didn’t hold tight on the body, partially sheared sleeves. A short white skirt that falls perfectly into position. For accessories, orange flowered crowns, finally high knee black socks. For shoes are a black pair of flats. The men will be wearing long white shirt  with sleeves that are elbow high. For pants, long black pants and the shoes are closed toed black shoes.




This beautiful land wasn’t always so city like and modern. There was a time when there were just trees, parks, old fashioned falling apart houses. As the times changed and the population grew it got more city like and modern. Tall sparkling buildings, all sort of heights. Although things did change, the government never touched the beauty of how the land really started. Those old crumbling houses were still there just moved to the coast. The trees and parks still right where they grew not cut down or moved. Even improved slightly and groomed. There were never limit on how buildings were built. Lots of places for citizens to interact throw party and have fun.

Traditional Cuisine

The everyday food is really simple and healthy. They usually have a type of salad, some bread, chicken, mashed potatoes, nem, banana and  for a drink there is water or tea. The food they eat have a combination of two cultures. The people like to stay healthy and fit and so the meal usually has all the components for staying healthy.

Arts & Music

art and music.PNG

Our traditional art is abstract, abstract is such a wonderful form of art it really lets your creativity fly in any way possible. Every child at a young age is taught art and to express themselves freely. Our traditional music is pop, pop music has an uplifting and electric beat. There are many types of pop music, pop music was chosen so people can have choices and not be forced to listen to one type and only one type.


government building.PNG

InNam has a democratic government. InNam  is all about respecting each other and so democracy fits the be. The culture listens to the citizens.The main rules of the society is to be creative, elaborate and respect. These rules will help to build a better society. A positive and polite behaviour is expected, Plastic bottles, pollution and an overload of electronics are banned.




Our economy is based on a very good system. We pay for hospitality, roads, schools, university, and also supply books for library all over. We take very good care of the environment, we make sure to not lose its natural beauty. We have animals who aren’t danger to people to roam around the park here and there but not all over. We also very much encourage citizens to have pets, but there is a rule that they must treat the pets well and with respect.


Values and Importance 

The national symbol is the flag. The flag has the Vietnam flag star, the orange strip from the Indian flag, the white strip and a black strip. The white strip symbolizes peace and the black symbolizes protection from evil. Christmas, birthdays, tet and diwali are the most celebrated holidays. When christmas is near the whole city lights up with christmas lights. People buying gifts for their loved ones. Decorating the christmas tree is most enjoyed. For birthdays, people throw extravagant parties, you can smell the birthday cake from a distance.


The whole house is decorated with balloons and “happy birthday” signs. During tet the whole city is decorated and there are performances going on at almost every corner of the city. Little kids running around and everybody smiling. The people like to socialize. Every evening there would take place a meeting at the housing areas and people would just socialize with their friends and welcome anybody who is knew to their living/housing area.




Every child will start school at the age of three. If they can’t afford it, the fees will be paid for by the government. There are lots of international schools, we support different races and religions. There are also schools that are very artsy and creative. We want the children to grow up having a mind of a creative person. The schools are also very nice and friendly, for example teachers looking out for student and encouraging them, kids reaching out and helping other kids, and so on. In a school there are classes from discovery to 12th grade. The classes that students will take in all grades are Art, Choir, Dance & Drama, language, English, History, Math, and Science.




The people of InNam are not very religious. There are a few temples around the city and a lot of people don’t visit much. The only time when the temples are crowded is on tet or diwali. The people of InNam don’t really have a strong belief on religion or gods. They have a mindset that they are the people who can change the world if they want to. They believe that they will die once they have fulfilled their dream or helped the society in a good way.


Only during diwali or tet the people of InNam do special things like pray. InNam focuses more on following the rules rather than taking out time for religious things.



artArt was such an amazing class I love art class alot. Art class taught me so much more about art than I already knew. My drawing skills improved alot more after art class, I learned to carve, to print, and to paint and be more creative. The skills that I’ve learned in art class will always stick with me through my journey learning more about art. Art class was such an amazing experience I want to do art for the whole entire year.

CUC PHUONG!!!!(camp)

Going to Cuc Phuong was such an amazing experience, I had so much fun and saw so many new plants and animals.

There were so many things that I loved about Cuc Phuong, it was just so much fun. I really liked my roommate’s because one of them were my best friend while the other I didn’t know but I wanted to know them better. I also really liked how we got to go see the animals that were endangered, I saw such amazing animals that I never knew about. I saw some animals that had the most amazing story that melted my heart. Other than being such “cute” animals they’re also beautiful and rare. I also really liked how we got to write in our journals and also draw, I really liked that because at the end of the day we always got to reflect and remember such great memories. I also really liked how we got to help the people and animals who needed money, I tried to donate as much as I can which made me feel really good about.

I can’t believe how many things I’ve learned during that trip. I learned about so many animals that are just so beautiful, I never knew about animals like the Delacour Langur, The Loris, Indonesian Keeled Box Turtle… and many more. I learned that primates are more than just normal ordinary creatures, I learned that they’re very smart and that they have there own thoughts too. While I was observing my primate I learned that these animals don’t wish to be captivated. In my opinion these primates are smarter than we think, I think they come up with there very own plans too just like humans. I learned how to observe animals, its to be quiet and patient. I think that these 2 strategies worked pretty well and it really helped me watch my primate better.

In my opinion the trip was great and all but maybe just a twitches of improvements would be great. Maybe next year when the next years 6th graders go on the trip maybe you can set up more games during the day. Maybe more games where one group verses another. In 5th grade I found those games so much fun and we got to collaborate with our groups more.  And finally I think that maybe next year you could let the 6th graders have more free time to play different sports. Or even get more kids to involve in the sport games, this year a lot of 6th graders stayed inside.


cuc phuong 1

Health Fitness – PE

PE is usually really fun for me. I have lots of fun all the time when we play games. I can’t say PE is my best subject but its really fun and I enjoy it. Sometimes on days where I’m pretty tired, playing a game in PE could still make me smile a bit. There are some sports that I don’t really play very well but I still give it a try. When I give some sports a try, sometimes I fail but sometimes I succeed. Through Health classes I learned more about my body and whats in it. Before I knew that smoking was bad but after a few classes in health I knew more about it and it was really scary what the  cigarette can do to your body. PE might not be my best subject but I think its pretty fun 🙂Health06 – Fitness – Health and Wellness Hand out 1

Jello Cell!! – Science

I chose the pieces of candy because of how the organelle looked and how I thought it felt. during the process I learned lots of things but I’m just going to list 3. 1st, during this process I learned how the organelles look. It was kind of hard at the start but then I figured out other ways like, I love candy so I started eating the candy that looked like the organelle. 2nd, I learned lots of functions, I was kind of surprised to see how many functions there were and how much it helps out our body. 3rd, I also learned that if you try to study hard you can always learn enough for the up coming test.jello cell

Drama – Magic Is Everywhere

This was the first project I did in drama and it was really fun and I saw lots of amazing acting from my peers.  I had alot of fun practicing and saying my lines over and over again. I might have been a bit afraid when I got onto stage but then after a while I got use to it. I also got the grade that I wanted, but I don’t think my concentration is the best because I got off track sometimes during practice. The link to my script:Magic is everywhere

Math Number System Poster

I chose my Math Number System poster because it was my very first project in math. I also found it really fun to do, even though I didn’t get the grade I was hoping for I still thought it was really fun. The grade I got wasn’t the best but I know I tried and it was really fun. I wasn’t really proud of mine because of small mistakes that I made in the poster, some of my lines weren’t straight and kind of crooked. math number sysytem poster

Reflection For UN Day (Choir)

Choir UN day song

After UN Day we wrote a reflection on how our singing went through a song that we chose to write and sing. I like the song that I wrote just thought it was a bit silly but I like it because it showed how my UN day went.

Một Gia đình

Một gia đình

Ngày xưa có một gia đình rất yêu thương nhau. Họ sống ở gần một bãi biển rất yên tĩnh. Nhưng một hôm người mẹ mất đi trong một vụ tai nạn giao thông. cô đã phải rời một gia đình rất yêu thương nhau. Vì thương chồng mình và con mình cô đã quyết định không rời trân gian. cô đã hóa thân mình thành một cái cây ở gân bãi biển.  Hàng ngày khi hai bố con đến ngồi gần cây thì cô ấy lại hát cho họ nghe. Hàng ngày cô chờ hai bố con đến, mội ngày cô lại thấy con cô lớn hơn. Sau mấy năm chục năm cuối cùng cô đã rời trần gian và lên chờ chồng mình. Trước khi cô đi cô đã để lại một bông hoa hông màu trắng. Rồi cô đã nói tạm biệt trần gian và lền trời.


Response to Ms. Barrison

Dear Ms. Barrison,

Hi my name is Kieu Anh and I’ve read your newspaper article. I think your article is great and all but I have to disagree. When you wrote that “all kids” are uncourageous I think you were exaggerating a bit because not all kids are uncourageous people some could be pretty brave. Maybe you might just be talking about the kids that you know and not the kids from other places. There is another thing that I disagree with you, when you said that “when kids grow up to become adults they’ll be more courageous”. When you said that I felt a bit insulted and unhappy because you don’t have proof that all kids are lazy and uncourageous, not all adults are courageous either.  I think that next time you need to think a bit more before you write something about a kid because it might not all be true.

I think that you can’t all be wrong because now a days kids are really lazy and don’t really participate in things that are good for other people. Kids these days mostly only participate in these because of their parents force or because there friend is there and they just want to be with their friends. Thank you for taking your time to read.


Kieu Anh

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