This week in Grade 1D, November 29th

Field Trip to Curious Kid

On Monday we took our first field trip of the year to Curious Kid. It was a wonderful hands-on experience and we came away with lots of new information about some rather curious animals. This field trip was organized as a provocation to our new inquiry into Sharing the Planet and how knowing more about living things can help us to better share our environment and resources. We had the opportunity to feed, pet and discuss a variety of animals including ferrets, turtles, a bearded dragon, iguanas, hedgehogs, a snake, rabbits as well as a one week old baby rabbit. This provocation led to a lot of wonderings that we will continue to explore throughout the unit.

Confident Cyclists

On Thursday we joined Grade 1C to showcase our cycling skills by taking on the green path that surround our school campus. It was a challenging exercise and we certainly demonstrated all that we have learned over the last few weeks in our P.E. lessons. Many of us could not cycle without assistance at the beginning of the lesson series and tackled the course with enthusiasm, determination and skill. What an achievement! Thank you to the P.E. team for supporting us in this challenging endeavor!

Developing our Research and Observational Drawing Skills

On Thursday we were joined by our buddies in 5D to engage in some animal research and observational drawing. We used National Geographic Kids as our research platform and had a lot of fun exploring different animal groups including mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, fish and birds before choosing an animal of interest to focus on. We the assistance of our buddies we learned about the habitats, diets and external features of our chosen animal before taking time to complete detailed observational drawings together. We agreed on common criteria for our drawings including a title, labels, realistic details and color. We can’t wait to share our drawings with you via Seesaw early next week.

Mystery Reader

This week we were so lucky to have two Mystery Readers this week. Thank you to both Seungha’s Mum and Ella’s Dad for taking the time to come to read to us this week. If you have a favourite story and have time one afternoon please send us an email and we are more than happy to accommodate.

This week’s reminders:

Please support our young actors in the upcoming production of Aristocats next weekend.

  • December 12th: Please join the UNIS Community for the annual Winterfest celebrations run by students in both Middle and High School.
  • Please note that our Winter Break will run from December 14 – January 5 
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