This week in Grade 1D: Friday, November 8th

Balanced Me

We are approaching the end of our inquiry into Balance in our Lives promotes Health and Wellbeing and have been working hard to demonstrate what we have learned about making healthy and balanced choices everyday. Over the course of the week we have been creating a ‘Balanced Me’ poster outlining different actions and choices that we can make to be more balanced. Each piece of the puzzle comes together to represent how balance is often difficult to achieve and balance is achieved through making conscious decisions each and everyday. We look forward to sharing our posters with you at home and via Seesaw.

Flexible Mathematicians can share their thinking in multiple ways…

In Math this week we have continued to work on number fluency by counting forwards and backwards to 30, identifying what comes before/after a given number within 30 as well as representing numbers as collections.

Ms Beth also joined us on Friday to demonstrate a new choral counting routine. This routine allows students to notice, to wonder and to pursue interesting ideas. Choral counting also provides opportunities for for children to reason, to predict and to justify as they notice what happens to numbers as they count together.

Word Inquiry Detectives

Is it true that every word in English needs a vowel? This is the spelling rule that we have been exploring this week during community time. We have been gathering evidence to prove/disprove this rule and in doing so are becoming much more proficient at distinguishing between vowels and consonants within words.

Buddy time with 5D

On Thursday we joined our buddies in Grade 5D to learn some outdoor games from them. We had a lot of fun experimenting with long jump, Red Rover, javelin throwing as well as some group ball games.


Outdoor Play Day!

On Thursday morning we joined our friends throughout the Elementary School for Outdoor Play day. We had so much fun visiting the ECC and engaging is a variety of fantastic activities.

Maker Space: An Introduction to Coding

On Friday we joined Mr. Neal and Ms. Nhan for an introduction to coding using the wonderful resource Lego We Do! We had the opportunity to build a robot and develop code to make it change colors. We look forward to a return visit to the Maker Space next week.

This weeks reminders:

  • Please note that next Monday, November 11th there will be No School due to a staff professional development day. 
  • On Tuesday, November 19th there will be Open Classrooms. Please save the date, more information to follow.
  • December 2-12: Amazing Art Auction.
  • December 7 & 8 ES Aristocats Musical for students in Grades 2 & 3.
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