This Week in Grade 1D: November 1st, 2019

Healthy Snack Creations

On Tuesday each class set about making a healthy snack to share across the grade level. In connection with our current unit of inquiry into Balance in our lives promotes Health and Wellbeing we created snacks relating to each of the food groups that we have been learning about. In Grade 1D we created vegetable kebabs using a variety of vegetables. We collaborated to wash, chop and assemble our vegetables and made enough for everyone in the grade level to enjoy.

Descriptive Writing

This week we started to incorporate more adjectives into our writing. We use categories such as number, size, color and texture to describe objects, food as well as events that we watch together as class. Our healthy choice creations provided a great opportunity to put this to good use!

A Collaborative Kahoot

After creating our healthy snacks, we came together as a grade level to review what we have learned so far about food groups and balanced choices. We had a lot of fun taking part in a Kahoot quiz in small groups and demonstrated our knowledge be both answering questions and reviewing our responses.

Phoenix Pride

On Thursday we took part in the opening ceremony for the MRISA Middle School Basketball Tournament being hosted at UNIS. We were so excited to meet our mascot Phelix after the celebrations.

Grade 1 was assigned the International School of the Eastern Seaboard from Bangkok and we showed up in force to support them in their first game again the SSIS Dragons. We practiced counting by twos for each basket scored and had a lot of fun counting down the timers between each quarter.

On Friday we went to support the girls teams and made some more math connections!


3-Act Math Tasks

In order to develop our mathematical thinking in flexible and creative ways we conduct 3-Act Tasks regularly throughout the year. This week we tackled our first task and what better way to connect it than through Halloween candy. As a group we shared our wonderings and noticings before setting out to estimate the total quantity and individually demonstrate our understanding in both pictorial and numerical form.


Home Readers

Thank you for your patience with our paper folders. Please be assured that fabric book bags are coming soon. We ask that you support your child be re-reading their chosen text with you each night and returning it to school the next day. This is an important daily routine to best support your child’s literacy growth this year.

Children are encouraged to chose a book that is a good fit (they can read the majority of the text with ease) and is of interest to them. While the level of the book may give some indication of the complexity of the book we fully encourage students to chosen books that they are motivated to read for this reason you may notice your child choosing to reread a book or from time to time taking on a more complex book that they which to tackle with your support.

This week’s reminders:

  • November 7th: Outdoor Play Day. Please support your child in this ES-wide event by making sure they have their hat, water bottle and an extra set of clothing for the day.¬†
  • November 11: Professional Development Day for staff and teachers. There will be no school for students on this day.¬†
  • November 19th: All parents are invited to join us for open classrooms. More information will be sent closer to the time.
  • December 2-12: Amazing Art Auction. More information to follow from the Arts Team.
  • December 7 & 8 ES Aristocats Musical
  • December 12th Winterfest
  • December 14-January 5 Winter Break
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