1C November 8, 2019

What an exciting week of learning in 1C! 

Our Literacy Centers were filled with activities related to our Unit of Inquiry. We sorted food groups in teams and created a balanced  food pyramid with clear labels. We explained our thinking with our friends and posted our thinking on Seesaw. We read UOI books with our friends and labeled pictures together. Labels give readers important information about pictures. We sounded out important words with our friends.

Partner Reading continues to be a wonderful experience in 1C. We read our home readers together and picked out Just Right Books in pairs. We are learning to listen carefully to our partners and ask them questions about stories. We are reading with expression and making sure to pause and breathe at full stops.

We continue to write kind letters to our friends and are now writing several complete sentences in our letters.

This week, we also made sure our story books have interesting sentences with capital letters full stops and some friends even included speech bubbles in their stories.  We are adding our books to Book Creator where we can also read and add audio to our stories. We tried to include excitement and voice intonation in our stories as well. Students helped each other add more detail to their characters and settings.

We continue to write Responses in 1C. This week, we had a taste test to decide if we prefer proteins or grains. We tasted chick peas and rice cakes. It was a tough choice for most of our friends but the ‘winner’ was food from the Grains group. We brainstormed adjectives to describe both food groups and included these describing words in our responses about the food we tasted.

Balanced Me Posters

Students worked in groups to brainstorm how they are balanced and make healthy choices. They started from “Head to Toe” and came up with many ways they are healthy, practice good hygiene and habits and take care of themselves.


Students worked in groups to solve word problems related to UOI. We drew pictures to show our thinking and included number sentences with our problems. Students were encouraged to show many different ways to solve the word problem. We continued our practice of discussing the calendar in math and made a November calendar. Students are now using ten frames, five frames and ones to represent parts of numbers. We can count forward and backwards using both subtraction and addition.

Outdoor Play Day  Thursday, November 7th

We had a lovely day on Thursday. Our grade 5 buddies showed us some of their outdoor games from their PE classes and we played with our friends in the ECC.


Please note that Monday, November 11th students will not attend school. It is a Professional Development Day for teachers.

Enjoy your the long weekend.

November 1, 2019

Grade 1 C Writers and Readers

Grade 1 authors shared their storybooks with their friends. We have been working diligently to illustrate storybooks with interesting characters and settings. Students are now uploading their storybooks to the Book Creator App. We have some very expressive storytellers and narrators in 1C. During our Read to a Partner center, students are reading leveled readers and then posting their reading on See Saw. We are helping our friends to record their reading and are giving our reading partners positive feedback.

Healthy Snack Creations

On Tuesday each class set about making a healthy snack to share across the grade level. In connection with our current unit of inquiry into Balance in our lives promotes Health and Wellbeing we created snacks relating to each of the food groups that we have been learning about. In Grade 1C we created fruit kebabs using a variety of fruit. We collaborated to wash, chop and assemble our fruit and made enough for everyone in the grade level to enjoy.

Descriptive Writing

This week we started to incorporate more adjectives into our writing. As we made our healthy snacks, we brainstormed adjectives to describe the fruit. We use categories such as number, size, color and texture to describe objects, food as well as events that we watch together as a class. Our healthy choice creations provided a great opportunity to put this to good use!

Next week, we will write a detailed response about our healthy snacks and healthy food. Students will label parts of a response before they write their own responses. Stay tuned….

Math Centers

We talked about our Mathematical Practices in every center. Students continue to subitise, while also showing and explaining their thinking. Subitizing is an important Math Skill. It is the ability to instantly recognize the amount of objects without actually counting them. Students recognize groups and numbers while learning how to count on from a group. This mathematical skill also allows students to advance to higher levels of addition.

We are playing games where we count forward and backwards in a variety of ways. Students continue to pronounce and say numbers while they sort decade and teen numbers. Some of our favorite games this week were Crocodile Snap with decade and teen numbers and Decade Bingo with tallies and groups of 5. Students are also using ten frames to show how numbers are put together. Playing the card game Set helped us to strengthen our analytical thinking.

3-Act Math Tasks

This week, we tackled our first 3 Act Math Task and what better way to connect it than through Halloween candy. We shared our wonderings and noticings before setting out to estimate the total quantity and individually demonstrate our understanding in both pictorial and numerical form.  We estimated how many candy bars were on a table. Then, we grouped the candy bars. Next, we counted our groups in many ways and explained our thinking to our friends in 1 A and 1 D. In order to develop our mathematical thinking in flexible and creative ways we conduct 3-Act Tasks regularly throughout the year.

We had many Mystery Readers in Grade 1 this week. Yonghyo, Taueng’s mother, read us a story about a crazy goblin. She read in both Korean and English. We laughed a lot. Thank you Yonghyo.

Jenna’s grandparents came to read to 1C. They are visiting from Holland. We learned how to say vowel sounds in Dutch and put them together to make the word “ice cream”. They alkso read us a very funny story in Dutch. We talked about how Dutch and German have similar letter sounds and words. Thank you to the Van Tuijl’s for reading to us.


A Collaborative Kahoot

After creating our healthy snacks, we came together as a grade level to review what we have learned so far about food groups and balanced choices. We had a lot of fun taking part in a Kahoot quiz in small groups and demonstrated our knowledge by answering questions and reviewing our responses. We know so many vocabulary words from our Unit of Inquiry.

Ms. Monica came to grade 1 C to talk about the reading app Raz Kids. 

This interactive app helps to make home-school connections and gives students a variety of exciting books to read at their appropriate reading level.  Raz Kids provides independent reading practice for students at school and at home. We will send home passwords for this app very soon. Students can record the books they read in their home reading log too.

Phoenix Pride  On Thursday, we took part in the opening ceremony for the MRISA Middle School Basketball Tournament being hosted at UNIS. We were so excited to meet our mascot Phelix.

Grade 1 was assigned the International School of the Eastern Seaboard from Bangkok and we showed up in force to support them in their first game again the SSIS Dragons. We practiced counting by twos for each basket scored and had a lot of fun counting down with the scoreboard.

This week’s reminders:

  • November 7th: Outdoor Play Day. Please support your child in this ES-wide event by making sure they have their hat, water bottle and an extra set of clothing for the day. 
  • November 11: Professional Development Day for staff and teachers. There will be no school for students on this day. 
  • November 19th: All parents are invited to join us for open classrooms. More information will be sent closer to the time.
  • December 2-12: Amazing Art Auction. More information to follow from the Arts Team.
  • December 7 & 8 ES Aristocats Musical
  • December 12th Winterfest
  • December 14-January 5 Winter Break

Friday, October 25, 2019

UN Day

What a Special Day and Celebration! 

Thank you to everyone for joining us for this year’s UN Day celebrations. It was a fantastic celebration of our school’s identity and a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together. An extra special thank you to Esther, Jenna’s mom, for all her hard work in organizing the delicious lunch buffet and to all parents for providing food for the event. Thank you Esther and parents!

I Wish…During SDG Week, we made  ‘I Wish’ posters and presented them to each other on UN Day. The students were so excited to see their special creations and talk about their wishes with parents, special guests and friends.

After UN Day, we had an opportunity to share our wishes with each other. We noticed that some of our wishes for the planet are the same. The future will be bright with all of these wonderful human beings in charge of our planet.

Our Current Text Type: Response


We have started the first of our text types for this year: Response. This text type focuses on responding to and analyzing objects or events in a structured format. Students will be learning to distinguish between nouns and pronouns, justifying their opinion using the terms like/dislikes and will build a repertoire of adjectives to support their opinions.

Mr Brian Visits Grade 1C

Mr Brian, our UNIS Speech and Language Specialist, came to our class this week to help us remember how to breathe when we are speaking and how we say/pronounce specific letter sounds. He even brought a special teeth and tongue puppet (Mr. Bob) to show us where to put our tongues when we say specific letters like D, T, K, G and more. Mr Brian will continue to work with our students throughout the year for special, whole-class lessons. Thank you Mr Brian for coming and teaching us.

Math and UOI-Graphing

During Math and UOI this week, we talked a lot about our special lunch from last week. Ms Jill came in and introduced why graphs are important.   We made a whole class pictograph and were able to make comparisons with our graph. We learned that we use a graph for various reasons such as:Collecting Data, Analyzing Data, Comparing Data

I can talk about data on a graph.
I can describe data on a graph using numbers and words like more and most and fewer and not very many.

At centers, Ms. Jill also taught us how to recognize, sort, write, place and say “Ty” and Teen” when we talk about  “teen” numbers and “decade numbers“.

Play Based Learning

Play Based Learning was a blast this week! The students are enjoying getting to know all our friends in Grade 1 and we are working together to explore the materials.

If you have any old electronics you want to donate, please do send some in. 

An Important Notice about Home Readers

Thank you for your patience with our paper folders. Please be assured that fabric book bags are coming soon. We ask that you support your child re-reading their chosen text with you each night and returning it to school the next day. This is an important daily routine to best support your child’s literacy growth this year.

Children are encouraged to choose a book that is a good fit (they can read the majority of the text with ease) and is of interest to them. While the level of the book may give some indication of the complexity of the book we fully encourage students to choose books that they are motivated to read and for this reason you may notice your child choosing to reread a book or from time. They might also choose a more complex book that they wish to tackle with your support.

Readers will be sent home to enjoy on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


October 31st ES Dress Up Day: Please discuss with your child what they may wear for our dress up day on Thursday. We ask that children do not wear masks and highly encourage some creative home grown costumes.

A Message from the PE Department

Dear Parents,

The Grade 1 Wheels Unit will begin next week, October 28th.
1. We request that all students bring their bikes and helmets to school on October 28th from 7:45-8:30 from the Main Gate. Upon arrival, you will be directed by the PE staff to the storage location where all bikes will be stored (see attached).
2. If your bike has training wheels on them, we request that you remove them.
3. To help us with organization, it would be helpful if you put a label on your child’s bike and helmet that includes your child’s name and homeroom.
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 8.22.15 AM.png
4. The unit will end on November 22nd, and all bikes can be collected on that day from 3:30-4:00.
Thank you for your support in this unit. Please email mmagowan@unishanoi.org with any questions.

There will be no school on November 11 due to it being a staff professional development day.
Save the Date: On November 19th Open Classrooms will take place across the Elementary School. More information to follow.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Phuong and Ms. Kristen



Friday, October 18, 2019

Dear Families of 1C,

What a great week in 1C! W talked about the UN Sustainable Development Goals all week.

We started off our week with a very special lunch inside our classroom. Students served themselves rice, chicken, broccoli, pineapple, cookies and milk. Most of us chose our food carefully and made sure we had a balanced plate.

Check out our SDG Scavenger Hunt in Math. 

Also, we collected and gathered information about everyone’s lunch choices. We graphed what our friends chose to eat and talked about how to make a giant picto-graph together. We even wrote about our food choices during our Literacy centers. We read storybooks with all of our friends and teachers in grade 1 during our morning Read Aloud timing. During Read to Self and Partner Reading time, we read about healthy food and healthy choices in our OUI reading baskets. Students also wrote in their journals about their favorite foods and labeled all of their choices. We looked at the base word “like” at our Word Inquiry Table and added both prefixes and suffixes to it. Students wrote sentences about foods they like and dislike.

Next week, we will examine more prefixes and suffixes you can add to the word “play” and examine how some words can be in a “family”. 

Mystery Reader #4 Quality Education

A BIG Thank You to Mr. Thomas for coming in and reading a spooky and lovely story to us about Halloween. Love Monster by Rachel Bright is an excellent story and put us in the mood for Halloween. Everyone really enjoyed this storybook. We talked about Dress Up Day which will be on Thursday, October 31st.

We celebrated Bella’s Birthday on Wednesday! We ate some very special ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to Bell in Vietnamese, English and Danish. We wish Bella a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

In PE, we went swimming in a plastic ocean. Mr. Martin talked about what it would be like if we were swimming in an ocean filled with plastic. Ask your child about their experience swimming around the the sea of plastic rubbish. Students cleaned up the pool but are still very concerned about how we can help to make our oceans cleaner and safer for humans and animals. We talked about reducing our usage of plastic at home and in school. The students got to experience what it is like for animals to swim in our polluted oceans filled with plastic. We will be talking more about this in the weeks to come. At first the students were laughing and having a great time moving around the plastic and then they reflected on it a bit more. It was hard to swim in and around all the trash. It was so difficult. How do animals do it? What if the animals think the plastic is food? What is happening to the animals? These are some of the questions that we are going to explore.
Celebrating SDG Week with our Grade 5 Buddies
The Elementary School has a special, collaborative project happening to celebrate SDG Week and UN Day. Ask your child about our project and the story we read with our grade 5 friends.
UN DAY Monday October 21, 2019I hope that you are all getting excited for UN Day Monday, October 21st. I wanted to remind you of a few things:
  • Please have your child dress in your home country’s costume/colors or a country that you are attached to.
  • Please sign up for food to bring on the day. Please look out for Esther’s message about food sign up and drop off. We ask that each family send in a dish from their home country.  Thank you to the families that have signed up so far.Please look at Esther’s email for where to drop off food.
  • Please join us in the Sport’s Center.
  • Please do let us know if your child’s transportation changes on UN Day. Some of you might decide to leave together at the early dismissal and some might choose their usual bus route. Please do let us know if you are changing your cild’s transportation on UN Day.
If you have any questions, please let Esther know.
This week, we began our outside Play Based Learning time. The students had a great time collaborating with members of the grade 1 community and exploring new resources. They played with slime, painted, made a cafe, built with giant blocks and took apart machines and electronic at the Maker Table using protective glasses and tools.
We wish you a peaceful and relaxing weekend.
Love, Ms. Phuong and Ms. Kristen




October 4, 2019

We continue to learn bout balance in our lives and how we can support our health and well being. This week during our UOI time, we read stories about being healthy, having good hygienic habits and eating habits. We also continued to discuss germs and bacteria. Students created their own germs in Math and we “Rolled a Germ” making addition combinations up to 12. We have our germs proudly displayed in 1C along with our thoughts regarding the following questions: What do you know about hygiene? How do you take care of your body at home and in school? What do you know about germs? How do your choices make you healthy or unhealthy?

1 C and Our Well Being

Our counselor, Ms. Kris came to talk to us about our thoughts and feelings. We continue to be Social Detectives in 1C and we are always looking at our friends to figure out their thoughts and feelings. We try to determine our friends thoughts and feelings so we can be kind friends to each other and help each other. We also talked about how to keep our bodies calm but also full of energy.  We sang the “Engine Song” and talked about knowing how we can find more energy to help ourselves concentrate and learn. 

Happy Birthday, Freddy! 

Freddy will celebrate his birthday over the vacation but we celebrated his birthday early in 1C. We were so excited to help him ring in another year! Happy Birthday to Freddy!!! Thank you to Freddy’s Mom and Dad for the delicious cupcakes and cake.

Math in 1 C

In Math, we continue to play lots of card games to reinforce number knowledge, math facts to ten and even to twenty and skip counting. We have been playing Go Fish, Flip Ten, Find the Match and High or Low. When we return from break, we will learn how to play “Garbage” and “123 Salute”. If you have playing cards at home, please do practice some games. We continue to discuss balance, shapes and calendar numbers during our center timings.

Word Inquiry

We are investigation words everyday in 1C. Our Word Inquiry table examined prefixes and suffixes this week. Ask your child what a prefix is or where we place suffixes.

SDG WeekIn preparation for our UN Day Celebration we will spend the week after the break investigating the United Nation Sustainable Development. Today, your child chose one goal from the 17 SDG’s that we would like you to translate into your home language. Please translate the title of the goal and discuss the goal with your child at home. Please only translate the title of the goal not the entire text. 

Please look at your child’s SDG and input the translation here is this document. We will be reading lots of books out the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and watching some interesting short films. We will also collaborate with other classrooms in the ES. Our activities will include painting pictures and writing poems. Please remember October 21st is UN Day, and please send your child to school in his/her traditional country costume or dress. We will have an early release day on UN Day.


  • Students need to bring a swimsuit, towel, goggles and a swimming cap for long-haired students every Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays until further notice.
  • Home Readers need to be sent back to school each day. We do not send home readers on weekends. Please also help your child fill in their Reading Log.
  • October 5-13 UNIS School Holiday, No School
  • October 21st UN Day, please send your child to school in his/her traditional country costume or dress.


September 27, 2019

Mystery Reader

Our very first Mystery Reader was Jein’s mom, Ms Yoona. It was wonderful to have her join us and share such a silly, funny story. She read us a wonderful story about Wacky Wednesday and we had a lot of laughs. Thank you Ms Yoona for volunteering to be our first Mystery Reader. We are excited to find out who our next Mystery Reader will be.

Healthy Choices and a Visit from Nurse Jo

Nurse Jo came to talk with us and 1D about making healthy choices.  We played games and had a discussion about having a balanced plate, healthy diet and hygiene. We also got a chance to try out her special bacteria lotion and bacteria detector. The glow in the dark gel and the bacteria detector showed students if they missed some spots when they washed their hands. We used lots of soap to wash the gel off our hands but Nurse Jo had a special light to show us some spots we missed. Please continue to talk with your child about healthy, balanced choices and proper hygiene.

In Math, we explored shapes and balance. We also played some new games and helped Ms. Kristen put her calendar back together. We practiced writing our numbers and talked about putting numbers in order. 

Literacy and Language CentersWe have some amazing authors and  illustrators in grade 1 C. We organized our writing by drawing detailed pictures to tell an interesting story. Ask you child about their storybooks and illustrations. Students prepared a “Two Stars and a Wish” poster to share with you on Monday September 30th at our conferences. Students used the PYP Approaches to Learning skills (ATL) that we feel we can demonstrate really well and ones that we feel we could get better at. During our Learning Conversations on Monday, you and your child will meet with Ms. Kristen to discuss (two ATL skills that your child has identified as a strength) along with 1 wish (one ATL skill that your child would like to improve upon). We are reviewing letter sounds and making dictionaries for our classroom. Grade 1C students know how to spell some pretty tricky words and they help their friends sound out words as well. Our Word Inquiry Table investigated the word “play” and talked about all the suffixes we can add to the base word “play”.

PYP Approaches to Learning skills (ATL)

This Week’s Reminders

  • Please note that there will be no school on Monday, September 30th. However, your child will attend the beginning part of our Learning Conversations and have an independent activity to complete while parents continue to have a discussion with Ms. Kristen.
  • Swimming continues until October 25th during each P.E. lesson. Please ensure that your child brings their swim suit, goggles and cap for these lessons.
  • October Break Dates: 7-11. Classes will resume on Monday October 14.


September 20, 2019

What a week for Grade 1C! We continue to talk about balance in our daily lives and shared our thoughts with each other about how we balance our busy day with play and mindfulness activities. We’ve had some wonderful chats during our snack times about our well being. It’s so lovely to see such healthy snacks and hear knowledgeable friends share their thinking about promoting health and well being in our lives. This week, we learned a lot of new games in our Math Centers. Ask your child about our Tic Tac Toe Tally Tournament, Treasure Hunt, Crocodile Snap and the Domino Flip Challenge. We tried new puzzles and dot-to-dot partner challenges as well. We are learning how to be excellent reading partners and are building stamina as we read independently. Grade 1 students are enjoying their 1C mailbox and continue to write kind words and draw pictures for their friends. We have been creating picture books and sharing them with each other as well.  Our Grade 5 Buddies came to visit us as for a special activity. We talked about International Day of Peace and read stories together. We also wrote poems together about what Peace means to each of us.

We are becoming Social Detectives in 1C! Every morning, we talk about being kind friends and paying attention to our behavior and helping others. We play games to help us think about our feelings and our friend’s feelings. Ask your child about “Reading the Room” and how we help our “Responsibility Buddies” .

Wishing you a peaceful weekend with your family! Love, Ms. Kristen

September 12, 2019

We had such an eventful week in Grade 1C!

Our literacy centers continue to be filled with exciting activities. We are learning with and alongside our friends. This week, we started using some new storybooks to partner read and searched for “Just Right Books”. We also worked on our handwriting using some ipad apps and created a Grade 1C classroom mailbox. We wrote some lovely letters to our friends. Next week, we will share our letters and kind words for each other during our morning meeting. The snack sale was a great success. We talked about balanced snacks and lunches before we chose a treat and a healthy option. Please do talk more with your child about what “balance” means and how we can include balance into so many areas in our lives. 

Our Central Idea: Balance in our lives can promote health and well being.

Grade 1C meets every morning to share their thinking and build a strong community in our classroom. Ask your child about our “Campfire Conversations”. We are talking about our new Unity of Inquiry and Ways We Take Care of Ourselves.  This week, when we talked to our friends and shared our thinking, we “mingled” and sat in triangles where one person spoke confidently and clearly and two friends were “whole body listeners”. We also talked about our balanced lunches and snacks in our campfire conversations.

Check out our balanced snacks?

We looked fantastic for the Moon Festival and enjoyed all the performances at the Moon Festival Assembly.

Enjoy the long weekend with your family!

Warmly, Ms. Kristen

Mystery Reader Sign Up

Please use the link above to sign up and be a Mystery Reader in Grade 1C!

We look forward to learning with parents and family members.



September 6, 2019

We had a wonderful week in Grade 1C!

Happy Birthday Levin! 

Today, we celebrated Levin’s birthday! We sang Happy Birthday in English, Vietnamese and German. In our Math centers,  we used all of our birthday months to create a graph and shared the information we collected. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Levin!

Dear 1C Families,

It was such a pleasure to meet all of you at Back to School Night. Thank you for coming. I’m so happy you were able to meet each other and talk about how exciting our year together will be. A longer version of the presentation can be found below.  This contains more detailed information on the curricular aims and communication for Grade 1. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We would like to remind you that on September 12th the ES will celebrate the Moon Festival. Many members of staff and students will be wearing an Ao Dai to school. Your child is welcomed to do the same. There are many places in the Old Quarter of Hanoi that sell ready made ones for children. Here are the name of the streets that sell them: Hàng Đào, Lương Văn Can, and Hàng Bông.

Your child brought home the Seesaw introduction letter for you. Please sign up and start to look at the important work that your child has already started. We encourage you to make comments on your child’s blog using the following framework.

Next week, we will send out our Mystery Reader sign up! We encourage you to bring in any book of your choice. We love learning about all of our languages in grade 1C and encourage you to bring in a fun story of your choice!


August 30, 2019

This week, we had the pleasure of having Ms Nitasha, our ECC Deputy Principal, come in and read to us. We loved her book Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal. The students shared with a partner the special meaning of their names. Does your child know where their name came from? You can talk about your child’s name at home during dinner time or bed time.

We also visited with our grade 5C buddy class. Grade 5C read to us with expression and shared their favorite stories with us. We went to the ECC gym to play games with all of our grade 1 friends. We played “Jump in the Middle”, “Dance Freeze” and ate snack together.

Grade 1C continued to learn together in math centers. We discussed our Math Center Agreements and shared our feelings about math. Students enjoyed working together to “cross the river” by using many lego parts and practiced teamwork. We certainly do know how to cooperate in Grade 1C. Students also worked in small groupings with teachers and discussed 10 frames, graphing and estimation. Ask your child about “Math Mystery Bags” and “Roll to the Top”. 

Students sorted and graphed Lego by color and also made some interesting creations with their lego. During the Mystery Bag activity, students estimated the amount of objects in a bag and used ten frames to count the objects. Everyone loved working together at the puzzle center. On Friday, we discussed the benefits and challenges of working in groups during math and literacy.  We worked together to create center agreements. In Grade 1C, we all agree to: 

  • Use kind words
  • Keep a soft voice
  • Help your friends
  • Listen to your friends
  • Use materials appropriately 

.  Hello Grade 1 Families!My name is Jill Landretti. I will be working with the Grade 1 Homeroom teachers this year to support students’ learning of social and academic English in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

I am originally from the United States and have taught in the U.S., Japan, and Ghana as a classroom teacher, EAL teacher, and first grade learning support teacher. I am so excited to join this amazing team of educators at UNIS Hanoi this year!

At UNIS Hanoi, we believe that English Language and Literacy development are integral to learning, therefore, EAL support happens in the classroom and is integrated into all aspects of teaching and learning throughout the school day. As first grade teachers, we recognize that all of our students are language learners who are learning how to read, write, speak, and understand new vocabulary and concepts, therefore, all students receive integrated English language instruction provided by Homeroom Teachers, myself, and Teaching Assistants. Our philosophy is to immerse students in language-rich learning activities and to explicitly teach grammar and vocabulary within context. Students who are at a beginning English level also receive additional targeted support during the World Language lesson times and all students are monitored by the team throughout the year to ensure that they are making positive language progress.

I look forward to meeting you at our ‘Back To School’ Parent night next week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at jlandretti@unishanoi.org.

Grade 1 C Reminders:
Family Photo
Thank you to the parents who have emailed or sent it a family photo. If you have not emailed me yet, please do email a photo as soon as possible.
Please pack a big snack for your child (at least 2-3 things). The students will eat two snacks during the day.
Back to School Night
Thursday, September 5th
The first session starts at 6PM and the second session starts at 6:30 PM. We look forward to seeing you at this event. This is a parent only event.

After School Activities 

ASA’s start next Tuesday September 3rd from 15:40-16:40.

Next Week, you will be invited to comment on your child’s Seesaw posts. Here is a helpful infographic for you to use when you make comments about your child’s learning.