December 6, 2019

December 6, 2019

We continue to discuss Sharing the Planet. We looked closely at the images of animals from our field trip and pictures in our UOI books to create clay animals. We are now working on labeling the external features and characteristics of animals. We looked closely at animal habitats and brainstormed adjectives to describe grasslands, wetlands, arctic tundras, deserts, oceans, rivers, ponds, streams and forests. Our list of adjectives to describe animal habitats is quite impressive. We helped each other sound out adjectives paying close attention to the the beginning, middle and ending sounds of words. Ask your child about phonemes (letter sounds) and digraphs. We are Word Detectives and can find digraphs in so many words.

Language and Literacy Centers

Students are beginning to research independently about animals. They are interested in learning more about so many different kinds of animals. We are writing complete sentences about animals. Ask your child if they learned some new animal facts!

Friends in 1C are learning to become amazing Partner Readers. Many parents are now commenting on the wonderful, very clear and exciting reading they can listen to and watch on Seesaw. Thank you for encouraging your child and recognizing their reading progress on Seesaw. This week, we watched some pretty fantastic Partner Reading posts on Seesaw and gave each other compliments about their reading.


We played Splat this week! We looked at collections of dots and counted groupings together by 2’s, 5’s and tens. Then, we hid some groups with a SPLAT and tried to determine how many hidden dots were under the splat. We are working on becoming more confident and sure when we take away and subtract numbers from a group. During our SPLAT math talk students:

  • Used numbers and words to understand problems.
  • Explained their math thinking about a problem.
  • Tried to be careful and accurate as they used math.
  • Explain how numbers and shapes are put together.

At our Math Centers, we counted tally marks and finger groups by 5’s and 10’s with a memory game. We played Teeny Tiny Dot and compared numbers.¬† We know if a grouping or number is greater than, larger than or bigger than another number. We know if a number or grouping is less than, lower than or smaller than another number. We also made our December calendar together and discussed how many more days we have before Winter Break. How many days do we have to enjoy our vacation? How many Saturdays do we have during our break? How many Wednesdays do we have over the break? We love asking each other questions about the days of the week during our Calendar Center.

Students also looked at 100 number chart puzzles. We took portions of the 100 chart and looked at where we place numbers. Students were given some pretty tricky puzzles to complete and they were able to sequence numbers, count forward and backward and explain their math thinking clearly.
Mystery Reader
Levin’s mother, Ms. Sheila joined us for a cool story today. She read a really interesting book about Animal Poop. We learned a lot of new facts about how some animal use their animal poop to protect themselves and some animals even use their poop to build homes. Some humans even use animal poop to make things like paper and notebooks! Thank you Sheila.
We hope you have a very enjoyable weekend.
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