Friday, November 29, 2019

What an exciting week in grade 1 C!

Mr. Brian came to talk to us about how we say letter sounds. He brought his friend Mr. Bob to help us pronounce certain letter sounds. We are currently practicing the digraph “th”. We used mirrors to look at how we place the tip of our tongues to move under our top teeth (slightly) as we say the Magic Words: This, That, These, Those.

We are now searching for “th” words in story books and saying/reading them with partners. Please do talk about how to say this tricky sound when you read at home.

Maker Space, Coding and Programming with Mr. Neal

We went to the our very cool  Maker Space and experimented with Lego WeDo. We are very inquisitive coders and programmers. Mr. Neal taught us how to make lego animals. Then, we coded and programmed colors and sounds with an ipad and our Lego robots. We also worked with our 1C Responsibility Partners to share our thinking and ideas and practiced taking turns.

Lego WeDo

Our Field Trip to Curious Kids

In our Sharing the Planet unit, we are learning about living things and how our understanding helps us share environmental resources. Did you know specific animals live in unique habitats? Did you know that our choices impact the environment animals live in? 

We had a fabulous adventure to Curious kids. We observed and investigated some  exotic animals. We played some exciting games with the animals and Mr. Kris. We had a great discussion about how living things such as endangered and rescued animals share our environment and resources. It’s our job to protect animals, keep the Earth clean and Share the Planet. Next week, we will look at pictures from our field trip and UOI books to discuss and label the external features of animals.

Students are bringing in all kinds of cool non-fiction books about animals. Please do send in any non-fiction animal books to share and remember to put your child’s name inside the cover of the book.
Also, If you have storybooks/fiction books in your home language, please do share these books as well. Students are thrilled to read their favorite home language books to each other during Literacy. 
In our How We Organize Ourselves unit, we are learning about languages. Did you  know that language is a cultural schema that we use to communicate?   We are inquiring about all of the languages we speak in 1C and we are also celebrating how our home language is a part of our cultural identity
Ms. Beth, our Math Coach came into 1C for an exciting Math Talk. We choral counted and looked for number patterns. We counted as a group and started from many different points. We counted by 1, 5’s and 10’s. This week, 1C students noticed a lot of number patterns and shared their wonderings about where numbers are placed on a 100 number chart. We will continue to explore our 100 number charts and share more of our wonderings next week.
Finally, you will have seen that the students have new cloth bags for their home reading books. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading at home. We are seeing a real difference in the classroom.
We celebrated Brayden’s birthday with yummy chocolate cake. We sang Happy Birthday in German, Vietnamese and Chinese. Happy Birthday Brayden!


  • December 2-12: Amazing Art Auction.
  • December 7 & 8 ES Aristocats Musical for students in Grades 2 & 3- Tickets are on sale now. 
  • December 14-January 5 UNIS Winter Break, no school
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