1C November 8, 2019

What an exciting week of learning in 1C! 

Our Literacy Centers were filled with activities related to our Unit of Inquiry. We sorted food groups in teams and created a balanced  food pyramid with clear labels. We explained our thinking with our friends and posted our thinking on Seesaw. We read UOI books with our friends and labeled pictures together. Labels give readers important information about pictures. We sounded out important words with our friends.

Partner Reading continues to be a wonderful experience in 1C. We read our home readers together and picked out Just Right Books in pairs. We are learning to listen carefully to our partners and ask them questions about stories. We are reading with expression and making sure to pause and breathe at full stops.

We continue to write kind letters to our friends and are now writing several complete sentences in our letters.

This week, we also made sure our story books have interesting sentences with capital letters full stops and some friends even included speech bubbles in their stories.  We are adding our books to Book Creator where we can also read and add audio to our stories. We tried to include excitement and voice intonation in our stories as well. Students helped each other add more detail to their characters and settings.

We continue to write Responses in 1C. This week, we had a taste test to decide if we prefer proteins or grains. We tasted chick peas and rice cakes. It was a tough choice for most of our friends but the ‘winner’ was food from the Grains group. We brainstormed adjectives to describe both food groups and included these describing words in our responses about the food we tasted.

Balanced Me Posters

Students worked in groups to brainstorm how they are balanced and make healthy choices. They started from “Head to Toe” and came up with many ways they are healthy, practice good hygiene and habits and take care of themselves.


Students worked in groups to solve word problems related to UOI. We drew pictures to show our thinking and included number sentences with our problems. Students were encouraged to show many different ways to solve the word problem. We continued our practice of discussing the calendar in math and made a November calendar. Students are now using ten frames, five frames and ones to represent parts of numbers. We can count forward and backwards using both subtraction and addition.

Outdoor Play Day  Thursday, November 7th

We had a lovely day on Thursday. Our grade 5 buddies showed us some of their outdoor games from their PE classes and we played with our friends in the ECC.


Please note that Monday, November 11th students will not attend school. It is a Professional Development Day for teachers.

Enjoy your the long weekend.

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