Week of January 20th

Dear families of 1B,

It has been a busy start back! Last week in Maths we began a mini unit on Measurement starting with a challenge to see how the students would decide to measure an apple. They came up with many creative and effective ways to measure which began a great process of inquiry into their mathematical understandings about measurement. We also spoke about accuracy and efficiency, dipping our toes into the concepts of standard and non-standard measurement – ask them about the meatballs!

On Monday 1B was invited to the Makerspace to work with Mr C on a Lego We Do challenge. They programmed a lego snail to flash different colours and play sounds…. watch this space for Stage 2 of our next visit!

In Inquiry we continue to work on our Non-Fiction animal reports, while in Literacy we are focussed on writing, researching and consolidating our understanding of consonant and vowel digraphs, oo, sh, ai, ch etc.. The students all agreed that a teacher’s favourite digraph is most probably ‘sh’… ! (Apologies for the terrible joke).

On Tuesday we enjoyed the Market Service Day led by the Grade 4 students. Thank you for supporting it with your donations. There was slime, snow cones, brownies, bracelets and all manner of exciting goodies to be had. Needless to say 1B was delighted and made the most of it!

Finally, we ended the week with a playdate down at the ECC playground. 1B had a wonderful time playing soccer, digging in the sand and cycling on the track. It has been great to get outside in the clear air and to make the most of it!

Thank you very much this week to Katie’s mum for the delicious cupcakes to celebrate Katie’s birthday – and a very Happy Birthday to Katie! Thank you also to Ms Nitasha for our read aloud this morning, it was lovely to have you in the class.

Next week:

  • Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences are on Wednesday. Please sign up for a time slot if you have not already done so. The purpose of these conferences is to discuss your child’s report, which you should receive Tuesday evening.
  • Thursday is school as usual and we will celebrate Tet with a special assembly for the students. Students are asked to wear Ao Dais on Thursday.
  • No school on Friday January 24th. We will return on Monday February 3rd.


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