Week of November 22nd

Open Classrooms 2019

Thank you so much for joining us for our Open Classroom Day this week. The children loved sharing their learning with you and teaching you some of their favourite maths games. We hope that you will have an opportunity to practice some of them at home too! Thank you also for the many beautiful gifts that were shared with Ms Noi and I. Coming from Europe, it was a lovely and unexpected surprise for me, thank you.

Next Tuesday we will have a field trip to Curious Kids to support our unit on Sharing the Planet. The children will have a chance to get up close to a number animals as we begin our conversations around habitats, environment and human impact. Thank you everyone for returning the field trip forms so promptly.

In addition to our Unit on Sharing the Planet, we have two other units ongoing; How we express ourselves (HWEO) and How we organise ourselves (HWOO). As part of our learning 1B attended a Middle School music lesson and were treated to a rendition of ‘Baby Shark’!

As in every week B, Ms Kris our counsellor came to visit. This week she spoke to the children about times when we can follow the ‘Me Plan’ and times we need to follow the ‘Group Plan’ for the benefit of a wider group. Please see below to see how we are approaching this at school.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Ms Jenny and Ms Noi

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