Week of September 18th

Dear Families,

Thank you for all your support with Dot Day earlier this week. It was great to see so many ‘dotty’ outfits!


Unit of Inquiry

This week we have finished up our first unit of Inquiry: Language is a system of communication. Students have shown what they know about what it means to be a responsible communicator and created their own systems of communication based on symbols, gestures, sounds or letters. Keep your eyes open for a video on Seesaw that shows how we communicate in our classroom.

Next week we will launch a new Unit of Inquiry on Who We Are. This unit will focus on balance in our lives to promote health and wellbeing. Looking at the very healthy lunches in G1A, we are already off to a very strong start! 🙂



In Math this week we are building our knowledge of the tens frame and of numbers that go together to make ten. We are extending this into teen numbers and using number bonds to decompose teen numbers into tens and ones. We are also practicing our forwards and backwards counting, and using our subitising skills to identify numbers represented by dots.

Dot Day was the perfect opportunity to practice this!


Thank you for helping us to get our home reading programme up and running this week. We have book bags to send home on Monday next week with the students’ leveled Home Readers for the week. These should then be returned to school on Friday so that they can be disinfected in time for redistribution on Monday.

We have loved getting back into the UNIS library with Monica every week. This week we enjoyed experiencing picture story books with very few words in them to understand how the pictures and a small amount of vocabulary can help us understand a story. We are trying to use this skill in our own writing and to add words to the many different books we have already created in Grade 1A during writers’ workshop. See just a few of the different titles below:

In reading, we continue to work on stamina to get ‘stronger for longer’ and we are beginning to explore the different reading strategies that help us decode a text:

Making Predictions, Asking Questions, Using what you know, Making Connections, Visualising and Summarising (the beginning, the middle and the end).

These are skills that you can also talk about at home to support your child’s reading.

Housekeeping Hints

  • Swimming will begin in Grade 1 next week. Students will need a named swimming bag, a towel, goggles, swimming costume, and a caps if your child has long hair. Please make sure all these items are named.
  • Monday September 21st – UN International Day of Peace. Students are encouraged to wear White or Blue
  • Thursday September 24th – Tết Trung Thu – Moon Festival. Please have your child wear his/her Ao Dai to class on Thursday for the Moon Festival. We are all looking forward to our special day honoring our host country. Also, please bring PE clothes for your child to change into because we will continue to have PE on Thursday.
  • Thursday October 1st – Learning Conferences. No School.
  • October 12 – 19th – October Break

Week of September 11th

Dear families,

We are feeling very privileged to have completed one full month in school. As we continue to learn the rules and routines of the classroom, students in 1A are growing in their independence. We have practiced logging into different learning Apps on the iPad to support our skills in the classroom and have begun to use Seesaw Activities as a way of documenting our learning. Students are working on stamina across all subject areas to help them stay ‘stronger for longer’ as they concentrate on reading, writing, drawing and math activities. We are tracking our stamina and celebrating small steps in our growth.

We have had a number of visitors to the class this week including Ms Jill, Ms Lindsey and Ms Claire, who came to give us a mini lesson on Sign Language.

Thank you very much especially to Mr Theron, Mckenna’s dad for coming in to be a mystery reader to the class this week. 1A loved it!

Unit of Inquiry

In our Unit of Inquiry we are building on the theme of communication, looking at different languages, exploring the different parts of a language and considering what it means to be a responsible communicator. This is tied to our classroom agreements and the responsibilities we have to look after ourselves, look after each other and look after our environment. Next week we will finish up our unit by considering why we communicate and understanding what successful communication looks like.


In Math this week we have looked at numbers that go together to make ten, and begun conversations around ten as a unit. We are exploring shapes through Geoboards and Magnatiles, and practising our number formations to support our learning. Students have had one on one conversations with Ms Jenny about maths to ‘show what they know’ and help us plan learning goals for each student for the weeks ahead.


Students have worked hard to establish themselves as authors throughout this first month of school. We have considered the different types of writing produced by students in 1A and looked at ways to add detail to our books through words and illustrations. Many of the 1A students are successfully experimenting with sounding out words they don’t yet know how to spell. Great risk-taking Grade 1A!

Ms Phuong, our TA and Ms Jill our EAL teacher have been leading the students through phonics instruction these past two weeks to support 1A in their understanding of letter names and sounds. We have also been practising fun ways to remember our letter names and shapes through handwriting activities, sign language and using our bodies!

Housekeeping Hints

Dot Day – Tuesday September 15th – Students can wear spotty clothes to school!

Grade 1 Swimming  – Begins September 21st

Parent Representative – If you would like to be a class parent to help get communication out to the 1B community please let me or the SCO know

Family Readers – Let me know if you would be happy to read through zoom and we will set up a time. As we explore language and communication and celebrate diversity, reading in your home language or English is welcome!

Learning Conferences via Zoom – October 1st


Week of September 4th

Dear families,

It is great to see the students settling into their routines this week. They play well together and show themselves to be a thoughtful and kind group of students. Well done 1A!

Literacy and Unit of Inquiry

1A investigated different languages and alphabets this week. We were visited by our World Languages teachers during morning meeting. We were able to communicate despite our differences. We also examined the alphabets from the different languages of our class. We noticed different letters, symbols and similarities. We thought some languages looked mixed together. You can help by sharing about your alphabet at home and making connections to the English alphabet.

We also looked more closely at how English works by revisiting our letter names and sounds. In this review we have looked at s,a,t,p,i,n,h,c,k and e. We will continue onto this next week to see how we organise language. We are also practising our reading stamina. We are aiming for 7 minutes of ‘real reading’ without stopping!

As writers, we are using letters to communicate writing of our choice. The ownership and choice of writing has resulted in many interesting pieces of work. We have used picture books to inspire us to make interesting choices and to do our best as we move toward more accurate writing.

Reading at Home:

You can log in to Raz Kids at Home using my Teacher Name: jmoore278 Password 1A

If you have any difficulty logging in, please do contact us


We continue to look at all the tools we have in 1A that can help us solve problems. By using materials students are able to visualize their thinking and use models to explain these to others. Using tools, communicating and showing our thinking in different ways are part of the 8 Mathematical Practices we are promoting at UNIS. 1A has also used games, treasure hunts and our fingers to consolidate numbers that go together to make 10. We have enjoyed exploring the different maths tools in the classrooms to make a variety of animals.

Housekeeping Hints
  • ASAs (After School Activities start next week)
  • School Photo Day – Monday September 7th.
  • Swimming will start in Grade 1 on September 21st – more information to follow
  • Follow up on Speech and Language screenings: Brian Walker finished screening the students in Grade1 earlier this week.  He has shared that data with the grade level teachers and the elementary school’s student success team.   He has already contacted parents whose children had some challenges during the screening.


Week of August 24th

Dear families of Grade 1A,

It is amazing that we have spent 10 days together as a Grade 1 group. We are growing together and learning about our stories and forming a new story as 1A.

Building Communities through Stories – Unit of Inquiry

HWOO Parent Information

Thank you so much for sharing your family photographs with us. Our class bulletin board is a celebration of all the languages and cultures we experience in our class and the interests which are important to us. Next week we will look into language in more detail inviting our World Languages teachers into the classroom and considering how our faces and bodies can communicate non-verbally.

We will also look at stories that are common across different languages to recognise that while we are all unique and different, there are things that we share no matter where in the world we come from.

We finished the week with a Grade 1 zoom where we gathered information about all the languages of Grade 1. It is amazing to see and hear all the gifts your children are bringing to the community and the pride they have in their own identity. Feel free to comment on the blog with the languages you speak and we can add it to our collection.

In the meantime our 1A gallery of self portraits serve as a joyful reminder of how they see themselves. Our classroom is really coming to life with these beautiful student artworks!


In literacy we are getting to know ourselves as writers. We are exploring the types of writing we enjoy and using that as a launch point into our own individual areas for growth. Our students are choosing to write stories, personal recounts, comic books, Non Fiction books, or ‘How to’ guides. We have a wonderful community of writers in the classroom and the students are enjoying sharing their writing with friends and celebrating the diversity of talents and interests in 1A.

Spending time talking with your child about the writing they have been doing in the classroom will help to celebrate them as authors. They are all deservedly proud of the work they are creating.


Keeping to the theme of language, 1A has been busy inquiring into the language of math. We are looking at what we already know and what it means to be a mathematician. Where is maths in our classroom and where is maths in our daily lives? You can support us by talking about math at home. Where do you see numbers, shapes, patterns and time?

We are also continuing to learn maths games for number skills that can be practiced at home. Last week it was GoFish, this week it is Flip 10.

Finally this week we had our first lesson with Mr Big C in the Makerspace. 1A had a lot of fun building spaghetti towers that were strong enough to hold a marshmallow at the top!

Your role in our 1A community

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in being a ‘reader’ for the class via Zoom, or a pre-recording. Thank you also for supporting us by completing the activity on Seesaw or introducing yourself on Flipgrid if you have chosen to do so.

Warmly, Ms Jenny and Ms Phuong


No School – September 2

School Photo Day for 1A will be on Monday September 7th.

Parent Representative – If you would like to be a class parent to help get communication out to the 1B community please let me or the SCO know

The following are a few reminders to ensure your child is able to participate fully in class.Each day students should bring.

  1. A mask with their name clearly attached.
  2. A hat to enjoy outside play.
  3. A reusable water bottle.
  4. A healthy snack for our morning recess.
  5. Personal headphones (a mic is optional, but important for clear recording).


Welcome to Grade 1! Week of August 17th

Dear families and friends of Grade 1,

We are feeling so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and work with your children this week. They are adjusting to life in Grade 1 with enthusiasm and happiness to be back at school with their friends. This blog is the main form of communication between 1A and home. Each week I will post a brief overview of what we have done during the week as well as a preview of what to expect the following week. 

Building Communities through Stories

The theme of this week has been building communities through stories. Students are sharing ‘their stories’ through their interests, likes, dislikes and the skills and experience they are bringing into Grade 1.

Literacy and UOI

This week has been an opportunity to find out what kind of books and stories we enjoy in 1A and how we feel about reading. We enjoyed our first visit to the library with Ms Monica and have written our first book together as a class. 

We are getting to know ourselves as writers and are starting the year with an ‘open genre’ writing unit. The students have used their own personal heart map and brought in artifacts to help them decide on which topics are important to them and what they might want to write about.


In Math we have explored the numbers in our life through a ‘numbers about me’ activity. We have gathered data on our feelings as the week has progressed, and we have used a Venn diagram activity to compare likes and dislikes with our friends. We have also learned how to play the maths game ‘Go Fish’. This is a great game for practising numbers that go together to make ten at home. 

Scan this QR code to watch a video on how to play:

Next week we will continue to build on our theme of building communities through stories and begin to focus on the story we can build together as a class through structures, routines and shared goals.

Your role in our 1A community

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in reading to the class via Zoom, or if you would like to come in to share a celebration that is important to your home culture. 

Thank you very much already for supporting the students through returning our parent questionnaire and in helping them remember to bring in an artifact to share. 

SeeSaw – The student platform

This year students are using ‘Seesaw’ to share and communicate with families. Your child will post to Seesaw to share their learning. Seesaw is private; only people who are invited to view will see posts created by your child. It is also a great way for other members of your child’s extended family to share in what they are up to at school.

Please Sign Up Now

  1. Click on this link here
  2. Choose your child from the list
  3. Create your account
  4. Once I approve you, you can see content from your child

After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at https://app.seesaw.me

P.s. If you used Seesaw last year or have more than one child using Seesaw, follow the link above, then click the ‘Sign in’ tab at the top of the screen. You do not need to create a new account.

Articulation and Language screenings

UNIS’ speech-language pathologist, Brian Walker, will begin the start of year speech and language screenings next week. This is a very quick look at your child’s ability to say sounds clearly, describe some things with short sentences and follow some simple directions.   If you child has some challenges, Brian will reach out to you in a couple of weeks.  

If your child is in the distance learning or bridge program, Brian will screen your child when they return to campus.

If Brian worked with your child last year in K2, he/she will also be screened with therapy resuming by the end of September. 

Tin Tuc Weekly News

Our primary communication platform at UNIS Hanoi is the Tin Tuc weekly email.  Every Friday afternoon, you will receive Tin Tuc in your inbox, which contains information that is curated especially for you.  The Tin Tuc weekly news will contain links to news and blogs from the following: 

  • Your child’s homeroom and specialist blogs.  If you have more than one child, you will receive ONE email, with news from each of your child’s teachers. 
  • Your child’s school division (Elementary, Middle or High school)
  • Whole school news 

If you do not receive Tin Tuc this week, please send an email directly to tintuc@unishanoi.org  

 Housekeeping Hints

The following are a few reminders to ensure your child is able to participate fully in class.

Each day students should bring.  

  1. A mask with their name clearly attached. 
  2. A hat to enjoy outside play. 
  3. A reusable water bottle. 
  4. A healthy snack for our morning recess.
  5. Personal headphones (a mic is optional, but important for clear recording). 

Finally, if you need to purchase new UNIS sports clothing for your child, you can order via the School Shop: Please find the form linked here.

Save the Date: Thursday 27th August ‘Virtual Back to School Night’

I look forward to seeing you, via Zoom, at our ‘Virtual Back-to-School Night’ on the evening of August 27th. You can also drop me an email at the following address jmoore@unishanoi.org. I do not answer emails while I’m teaching, so if it is important, please contact the ES office.

Warm regards,

Ms Jenny and Ms Phuong


Last Full Week of School, Friday, June 5th

How We Express Ourselves

We continue to inquire into many ways that we express ourselves both as a group and individually. This week, we thought about the ways that we choose to express ourselves best and generated lots of ideas such as singing, playing instruments, playing, cooking, etc. 

As authors, we continue to express ourselves by choosing a variety of ways to express our narrative stories. We explored Toontastic, Book Creator, puppet-theatre and bookbinding as just some of the ways that we can share our stories with others. Our stories will be uploaded onto Seesaw very soon for your enjoyment. 

Long vowels 

As word inquirers we have continued to review long-vowel patterns within words. We are focussing on long <u> and the different ways this sound can be represented. We are also approaching the end of our Magic 100 words for Grade 1 and encourage daily practice of both the indigo and violet word lists.

We continue to review the different ways that long vowels are represented in words and have been doing so with the support of some fantastic read alouds. We understand that long vowels can be represented in many different ways and we are having a lot of fun exploring and analyzing the different combinations in terms of both meaning and structure.

Saying Goodbye to 1A Friends

Eimear and Maddi are both leaving UNIS and had a special morning today with all of the other ES leavers. We have all signed a special UNIS t-shirt for them and they have created a beautiful moving journal that they are having all of their friends sign. We wish all of our leavers the best in their new schools: Eimear, Maddi, Olivia, Julian and Gigi.


This week we have been reviewing measurement in its different forms. While reviewing the time to the hour and half hour, we made some great connections to counting by 5’s and seeing these patterns on the hundreds chart and number lines. We also reviewed how to make accurate measurements using a variety of non-standard measurements. As we approached the end of the week we focussed on reviewing the attributes of 2D and 3D shapes by engaging in shape hunts around the classroom and the use of pattern blocks to create 3D shape creations.

Moving Up Morning

Moving Up Morning looked a little bit different this year but it was still a lot of fun. We visited Grade 2A and had the opportunity to find out some of the fun things we can look forward to in Grade 2 next year. We look forward to finding out who our new classmates and teachers will be at the beginning of the next school year.

This week’s reminders:

  • Summer library reading: If your child has returned all outstanding loans they are welcome to check out their summer reading choices on Monday. Please ensure your child brings in their book bag if they wish to take home summer reading.
  • We will have our class party on Monday afternoon. We look forward to celebrating with each other and acknowledging each other for all the hard work that has been done this school year. 
  • The final day of school: Wednesday, June 10th. Early dismissal will take place at 12:00pm. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if there are any changes to your child’s usual pick up routine.

This Week in 1A, May 29th

Friendship Friday Zoom Call

Since we have been back at school, we have invited Olivia and Rionne to join our class each Friday afternoon for Friendship Friday since they are both out of the country. We have LOVED seeing both of them and they have enjoyed seeing all of the students. Today, we welcomed Saad to join us because he has recently traveled outside the country. We laugh, say lots of hellos and tell each other some stories. It has been so valuable for all of our students to have some closure with each other during this time. Today we tried a new thing and put the students into breakout rooms so they could chat with each other. It was so much fun!



Math this week has been an opportunity to show what we know about place value, counting forwards and backwards, and practicing our understanding of the number line to solve addition and subtraction questions. We are revisiting standard and non-standard measurement, and time to consolidate our skills at telling time to the hour and half hour.


We continue to work through our 100 Magic High Frequency words and this week we focussed on our penultimate list: Indigo Magic Words. We analyzed each of the words by looking at both the meaning and structure of each word in order to help us better read and write these important words. Don’t forget to practice reading and writing these words at home as well as looking out for them during Home Reading each day.


Narrative Writing

This week we continued to express ourselves as authors by constructing narratives. We are reviewing and making edits as we work towards being ready to share stories through a medium of our choice. Next week, we will choose a platform to showcase our stories. We can’t wait to see which one each student picks and then see their stories come to life. 


We were so excited to return to the swimming pool during our PE lessons this week. It made for a welcome break from the hot weather and another chance to build our skills and confidence as swimmers before the summer holidays. Well done to everyone for remembering to bring in their own goggles and swimming gear each day. Remember next week is Week A. We will have swimming on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Arts Week

To celebrate Arts Week in the Elementary School the Arts Team put together a fantastic variety of Art and Music-related activities for us to enjoy during each Morning Meeting. On Monday, we began the process of creating an Abstract Art Drawing by exploring geometric and organic shapes, straight lines and curved lines. On Tuesday, we joined Ms Liz, Ms Noor and Ms Abella for some fun singing activities. On Wednesday, we returned to our Abstract Art Drawings and added color. Thursday’s celebration involved the whole ES in an Arts-themed assembly. Thank you to the Arts team for these wonderful learning experiences and for challenging us to consider the many ways that we can express ourselves.

Making Predictions

In literacy, we also started to learn about making predictions in stories. The students were able to look at a picture and be creative with how the story might continue or end. Making predictions helps us to understand that the students are comprehending the stories.

Grand Walk

On Thursday afternoon we gathered as a whole school community throughout the campus to wish our Grade 12 Graduates the very best on their future endeavours.

Farewell UNIS Hanoi!

Friends across the entire school who are leaving us this year are invited to tell us about their favorite place in the school and why it is so special to them. If you are not joining us in Grade 2 next year we would love to hear from you.  Share your favorite place here on Flipgrid.


  • Moving Up Morning, Friday, June 5th: Moving Up Morning will look a little differently this year.  Instead of meeting our new class group and teacher, we will have the opportunity to visit our partner class in Grade 2 (Grade 1A will visit Grade 2A) to learn about some of the great things that await us next year. The leaving students will have a special morning during this time as well. 
  • Monday, June 8th: Reports made available on Veracross
  • Week of June 8-10: Bring in book bags to carry extra items such as journals and art work home. Please return all outstanding library books
  • Wednesday, June 10th: Final Day of First Grade, early dismissal for students at 12:00pm (no lunch at school)

This Week in 1A, Friday, May 22

We had another very busy week back at school. Here are some of the exciting things that we did this week.


In Math this week, we have continued to explore place value and consolidate our understanding that a pack or group of ten has the same or equal value as ten loose parts or units. We have continued to build on this concept through number talks, word problems and 3-Act Math Tasks. Next week, we will continue to use number lines to model our thinking. The students enjoyed making number lines and using them for addition and subtraction equations.  We will also revisit concepts covered earlier in the term such as measurement and time to the hour and half hour.


This week in Literacy, we have started to use Story Maps as a tool for organizing the narrative stories we plan to create in the coming weeks. We have identified the key elements (Characters, Settings, Feelings, Problems and Solutions) that are necessary to construct a successful narrative and are working towards combining these elements to create a story.

We read the book Where the Wild Things Are to continue our exploration of monsters last week. As a result of our word inquiry we are getting much better at noticing parts in words. We are beginning to better understand that when we notice what we think might be a long vowel combination it may not always be! We are learning to be critical word analyzers!

We also made a story map of the book. The students had to remember the setting, the main character, and three things that happened in the story. They also got to rate the book. The students did an excellent job with their writing and drawings of the story. This is all leading up to the students being able to write their own narrative story.

Next week, we, as authors, will choose from a variety of multi-modal options about how best we wish to share our stories with others. We will use online tools such as Puppet Pals, Book Creator and ToonTastic as other physical materials such as booklet making, puppet creations and the use of drawings.

UOI: Where We Are in Place and Time

This week in UOI, we have been watching some of our friend’s significant people videos and giving them feedback, using the TAG approach. You are welcome to go on this link and watch the videos from home too. We are so proud of all of our Grade 1 friends for doing such important research of a significant person, writing their scripts and presenting their information in a video. Well done, Grade 1!!!

Grade 1 Significant Person Link


Swimming Starts Next Week

Swimming Costumes – Girls must wear a one piece costume during swim lessons and boys can either wear trunks or shorts. Note that baggy shorts can inhibit the swimmer’s progress. UNIS costumes are available from ‘The Shop’, which is situated outside the gymnasium. Please label your child’s swimming costume.

Swimming Caps – These are essential for pupils with long hair for both hygiene and clearance purposes. Silicone caps provide a good fit with latex caps often being extremely tight. Cloth caps can also be a good alternative for the younger swimmers.

Goggles – Goggles can be an extremely important part of a swimmer’s experience. Good fitting goggles can promote confidence and exploration whereas ill-fitting goggles, which let water in, can have a negative effect on certain swimmers. Moulded nose bridges rather than adjustable nose pieces are recommended. To test, push the goggles on the face without the strap and if they stay put then they fit well. Masks are not allowed during lessons as they affect the natural breathing process. Finally, goggles should be changed regularly as the rubber seal wears out causing leakage.

This Week in 1A, January 17th

Happy Birthday to Giana

We wished Gigi a very Happy Birthday at the end of the day last Friday. What a fun treat to help her celebrate turning 7 years old! Thank you for the delicious cake.

Market and Service Day

Thank you to all our Grade 4 friends who organized and carried out a fantastic Market and Service Day event on Tuesday morning. We had the opportunity to support many local charities by purchasing treats and participating in games. Thank you, parents, for your generous contributions, it is very much appreciated.

Mystery Reader

This week we had the pleasure of having Audrey’s mom, Ms Aimee, come and read to us. We learned that she speaks English, French, Portuguese and is learning Vietnamese. Thank you for coming and sharing the story Part Time Princess by Deborah Underwood.

Learning Conversations


See you all on Wednesday, January 22nd for Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up via Veracross, if you have not already done so please do so over the weekend. Similar to our last set of conferences students are invited to attend. The purpose of the conference is to discuss your child’s report which will be made available to you via Veracross on Tuesday. Please ensure that you have had a chance to look over it ahead of time in case you have any questions or wonderings. Specialists will be available throughout the day and it is optional to meet with them.

Vietnamese New Year

On Thursday we will come together as the Elementary School community to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year. Students studying Vietnamese throughout the ES will host and special assembly and we ask that all students play their part by wearing a traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai. Each year we look forward to this wonderful celebration and we are sure the Year of the Rat will be extra special.


  • Term 2 begins next Monday, January 20th. Term 1 reports will be made available on Tuesday via Veracross in time for Wednesday’s conferences.
  • The New Year Tết Holiday commences on Friday, January 24th. Classes resume Monday, February 3rd.

This Week in 1A, December 13th

UOI: How We Express Ourselves

We were very entertained this week by the Grade 12 DP students. Please enjoy one of the performances that we were able to listen to.

Holiday Fun in Grade 1

We had so many wonderful activities this week in 1A. Please ask your child about the holiday stories, the holiday parties and all of the fun treats that we had. Thank you, parents, for sending in popcorn and cookies for our party today and for our gift certificates for the movies. Ms Lam and I love movies and can’t wait to use them!

Happy Birthday, Andy and Se Ah.

We celebrate Andy and Se Ah’s birthday this week. Wishing both of them a wonderful new year ahead being 7!!!

Habitat and Animal Show and Tell

While you are on holiday with your families, please do continue to discuss animals and habitats. If you see or find a cool habitat, please do take some pictures of these animals and habitats. We would love to share your pictures at Show and Tell on the Monday we return from break. Please email any pictures you collect of animals and habitats during your travels. 

National Geographic Kids Habitats


  • Please note that there will be no school from December 14-January 5. Wishing you all a wonderful Winter Break.
  • Term 1 ends on January 17th
  • Term 1 reports will be available for viewing on January 23