Week of September 24th

Hello families of Grade 1A

It was another busy week in Grade 1 as we thought about peace and celebrated the Moon Festival and our writing too!

Unit of Inquiry

We completed our work in How We Organise Ourselves where we looked closely at communication. Grade 1 will continue to work on seeing how English is organised as we investigate words and letter sounds as the year continues. We began investigating Who We Are as students were provoked to create their own balanced day. Look for this thinking featuring on Seesaw and share your thinking about whether this is an optimal day. Ms Nitasha also viewed our daily plans and shared her thinking about balance too. You will also find the unit overview on Seesaw, please reinforce the vocabulary we will be using in your own language so the children are able to make school and home connections.

In Shared Reading we have been looking at the text Where’s My Teddy? By reading together we are able to highlight the thinking that takes place when reading. The students think about what they KNOW, make PREDICTions, ask QUESTIONs, VISUALIZE the story, make personal CONNECTIONs and finally SUMMARIZE the important parts. They are also learning decoding strategies that they can apply to new words in their own reading. You can help support these strategies by continuing to read with your child nightly using our Grade 1 schedule of home readers, RAZ Kids, library books and choice. Remember that books that go home on a Monday should be reread all week to build up fluency and comprehension and then returned for cleaning on the Friday.

We also had a writing celebration this week. The last six weeks we have spent building up routines as writers and establishing all the different things that writers can write. Our first unit comes to a close as students shared their own writing with a group under the thinking that Authors Write Everything. As teachers we were looking to see that students could write in a variety of genres, across a range of topics. It was wonderful to witness their creative thinking and risk taking.

Finally we know that single letters can make sounds but we know that letter teams or digraphs can make sounds as well. We investigated <wh> and <th> and the sounds they made while the students used investigation skills and found other digraphs in the classroom.


Using the knowledge we have built up about 10 in the past weeks we were now able to take this thinking and expand it to teen numbers. Here we looked at 10 and some more to make a teen number. We investigated these through number line ups, 100s boards and tens frames. With the help of Ms Jill we also investigated what an important role pronunciation plays when we say the teen numbers. Can you hear the difference between 13 and 30. We will continue to build on this next week as we use other manipulatives, word problems and number bonds to see how teen numbers are composed.

Thank you for your support at home with home reading as well as sending the students to school prepared for swimming, dressed in white and blue for peace and in an Ao Dai for Moon Festival. It has been wonderful to make these memories with your children.

Housekeeping Hints

Learning Conferences – October 1 – no school for students. We will join you on zoom at your scheduled time.

Pokemon cards – Many students are bringing Pokemon cards into school for trading. Thank you for your support in making sure these cards stay home.

Grade 1 Swimming  –  Next week is Week A, we will have swimming on Monday.

Family Readers – Let me know if you would be happy to read through zoom and we will set up a time. As we explore language and communication and celebrate diversity, reading in your home language or English is welcome!

1A Parent Representative – The SCO needs a few more Class Parents to help coordinate parents for activities that the teachers may need help with – for example, the teacher may ask the Class Parent to help recruit volunteers to accompany kids on a field trip, or organize an end of the year party. Being a class parent is a great and fun way to get involved with the school, support your child’s teacher and connect with other parents in your child’s class.

Please do know that SCO is there for you to support. Because we are Stronger Together!

If you’re interested in any of these roles, have any questions, and want to know more, please email sco@unishanoi.org. Thank you for considering volunteering your time this year!


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