Week of September 4th

Dear families,

It is great to see the students settling into their routines this week. They play well together and show themselves to be a thoughtful and kind group of students. Well done 1A!

Literacy and Unit of Inquiry

1A investigated different languages and alphabets this week. We were visited by our World Languages teachers during morning meeting. We were able to communicate despite our differences. We also examined the alphabets from the different languages of our class. We noticed different letters, symbols and similarities. We thought some languages looked mixed together. You can help by sharing about your alphabet at home and making connections to the English alphabet.

We also looked more closely at how English works by revisiting our letter names and sounds. In this review we have looked at s,a,t,p,i,n,h,c,k and e. We will continue onto this next week to see how we organise language. We are also practising our reading stamina. We are aiming for 7 minutes of ‘real reading’ without stopping!

As writers, we are using letters to communicate writing of our choice. The ownership and choice of writing has resulted in many interesting pieces of work. We have used picture books to inspire us to make interesting choices and to do our best as we move toward more accurate writing.

Reading at Home:

You can log in to Raz Kids at Home using my Teacher Name: jmoore278 Password 1A

If you have any difficulty logging in, please do contact us


We continue to look at all the tools we have in 1A that can help us solve problems. By using materials students are able to visualize their thinking and use models to explain these to others. Using tools, communicating and showing our thinking in different ways are part of the 8 Mathematical Practices we are promoting at UNIS. 1A has also used games, treasure hunts and our fingers to consolidate numbers that go together to make 10. We have enjoyed exploring the different maths tools in the classrooms to make a variety of animals.

Housekeeping Hints
  • ASAs (After School Activities start next week)
  • School Photo Day – Monday September 7th.
  • Swimming will start in Grade 1 on September 21st – more information to follow
  • Follow up on Speech and Language screenings: Brian Walker finished screening the students in Grade1 earlier this week.  He has shared that data with the grade level teachers and the elementary school’s student success team.   He has already contacted parents whose children had some challenges during the screening.


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