Week of August 24th

Dear families of Grade 1A,

It is amazing that we have spent 10 days together as a Grade 1 group. We are growing together and learning about our stories and forming a new story as 1A.

Building Communities through Stories – Unit of Inquiry

HWOO Parent Information

Thank you so much for sharing your family photographs with us. Our class bulletin board is a celebration of all the languages and cultures we experience in our class and the interests which are important to us. Next week we will look into language in more detail inviting our World Languages teachers into the classroom and considering how our faces and bodies can communicate non-verbally.

We will also look at stories that are common across different languages to recognise that while we are all unique and different, there are things that we share no matter where in the world we come from.

We finished the week with a Grade 1 zoom where we gathered information about all the languages of Grade 1. It is amazing to see and hear all the gifts your children are bringing to the community and the pride they have in their own identity. Feel free to comment on the blog with the languages you speak and we can add it to our collection.

In the meantime our 1A gallery of self portraits serve as a joyful reminder of how they see themselves. Our classroom is really coming to life with these beautiful student artworks!


In literacy we are getting to know ourselves as writers. We are exploring the types of writing we enjoy and using that as a launch point into our own individual areas for growth. Our students are choosing to write stories, personal recounts, comic books, Non Fiction books, or ‘How to’ guides. We have a wonderful community of writers in the classroom and the students are enjoying sharing their writing with friends and celebrating the diversity of talents and interests in 1A.

Spending time talking with your child about the writing they have been doing in the classroom will help to celebrate them as authors. They are all deservedly proud of the work they are creating.


Keeping to the theme of language, 1A has been busy inquiring into the language of math. We are looking at what we already know and what it means to be a mathematician. Where is maths in our classroom and where is maths in our daily lives? You can support us by talking about math at home. Where do you see numbers, shapes, patterns and time?

We are also continuing to learn maths games for number skills that can be practiced at home. Last week it was GoFish, this week it is Flip 10.

Finally this week we had our first lesson with Mr Big C in the Makerspace. 1A had a lot of fun building spaghetti towers that were strong enough to hold a marshmallow at the top!

Your role in our 1A community

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in being a ‘reader’ for the class via Zoom, or a pre-recording. Thank you also for supporting us by completing the activity on Seesaw or introducing yourself on Flipgrid if you have chosen to do so.

Warmly, Ms Jenny and Ms Phuong


No School – September 2

School Photo Day for 1A will be on Monday September 7th.

Parent Representative – If you would like to be a class parent to help get communication out to the 1B community please let me or the SCO know

The following are a few reminders to ensure your child is able to participate fully in class.Each day students should bring.

  1. A mask with their name clearly attached.
  2. A hat to enjoy outside play.
  3. A reusable water bottle.
  4. A healthy snack for our morning recess.
  5. Personal headphones (a mic is optional, but important for clear recording).


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