Sci08 – Genetics – Criterion C

For this part of the unit we were studying cells and reproduction. We were given a fish simulator (we were to choose any type of fish we wanted to) and choose the predators that the simulator gives us and we have to look and see how long each type of fish lasted the longest in 10 generations (200 weeks) after that we just gathered all our information and finished everything up like with other normal labs. I think i struggled mainly at recording my data because i wasn’t sure if the percentages would jump at a certain week, so i just had to go with my instincts and guess and i also kinda struggled with the fact that the due date was very close to when we started the project.


I think the 2 out of 3 of my goals turned out really well. But one of the most important goals on the list is my first goal the getting average of five in my report card. I think I did well in my main subjects but I think the problem is that I am focusing on my main subjects to much and I don’t think I am doing my best in my arts and creative arts because those grades are dragging my averages down. MRISA I always knew I could make it and I think in personal life it was the most important thing for me and I am happy to make MRISA football. Helping my parents clean the house and etc. has been really good I think especially during the TET break I have been helping them the most.


I think the only part in the goals I need to improve is my first goal and I have 2 quarters to accomplish I think I should try my best in all of my subjects and the end result would be really good

Service Learning – Chuc Son Orphanage

Service Learning is a few groups organized by the school to basically help people and others around us. I did a group called Chuc Son orphanage. The orphanage is located about 1 hour outside of Hanoi. We spend every single Thursday discussing about what we are going to do at the orphanage and agree on what is good and what is bad. After a few months we had our first trip to Chuc Son. It was a really good getting to know the kids and doing a lot of fun stuff with them. I feel really good being the highlight of every kids month whenever me and the group come to the orphanage and coming there was a lot of fun this year.

Dance – Arts as Inspiration

The arts as inspiration unit is done every year. It is a unit where the students in dance class come out to the arts exhibition to look at the art work that has been created. Once we have had a brief look, we were required to pick our top 3 artworks that we think that can inspire us into creating a dance related to that image. From there we were put into groups with the people who picked the same art work as we did. I think that there is lots of freedom in this unit because we were able to do any move we want for the dance and pick our music as well. I think that coming up with ideas in my group was really easy but as we got to the end and struggled with ideas. But overall i think this was one of the best units in Dance this year and i really enjoyed it

PE – Take Home written test – Outdoor invasion

For the outdoor invasion unit, we were required to play the outdoor invasion sports like Football (soccer), Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Rugby, Turbo touch. Throughout the whole unit we played all these sports in different teams and learning how to communicate with new people and work together as a team. We were taught skills and defensive systems for example the Zone marking and the Man to man marking. I think these were the hardest questions in the test, because we had to add alot of details and how we would mark the players if we were the defender, even thought this was quite an easy test, and i think taking it home made it even easier.


PE – Dance Unit

For this unit we were given groups to work together and make a dance with. For this unit we were first taught moves that the teachers thought were useful for us to include in our dance. Every single class the teachers would have a warm up to a song of their choice and practice the moves everyday until the day we were given the groups for our dance. I was in a group with 3 other classmates. (Roger, Natalia, and Jenny). We chose the song by Instalok Pick Anyone. Our dance lasted close to 1 minute and 30 seconds. We practiced for about 5-10 lessons and we filmed our video in front of 2 seventh grade classes.

Math – 15 second video

For this specific project we had to form groups of 2-4 people and make a 15 minute long video of us doing something with a story behind it. I made a story with my friend Alex making a video of 2 guys racing down 2 stairs. After we had finished the video it was time for us to make a graph of us moving around showing data and how far we are up above the ground and showing that all on paper. I think me and my partner really struggled with this because i made basically all the video and my partner did all of the equations and paper work, i think that to improve this next time we had to split the work evenly.math vid

English – Journals

For English B, all of the students in our class were required to have 15 journal entries within 5 months (January-May). We had to have 5 journal entries for English class, 5 journal entries for anything we wanted to write about, and 5 about UNIS classes. I think this is a good and simple assessment to do and i actually enjoy writing entries alone when i am at home doing whatever I want, but one of the struggles i had with the journals is that i am a bit lazy and i skipped alot of weeks by not doing these entries so at the end i saved up alot of work for myself.

English BSP Book – DQ and IT Questions

When we read about the book “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” it were in the unit called Never Again Genocide. The book talked about World War II about a Jewish boy trapped in a Camp and a Nazi Commandants Son becoming best friends. For every section of the book we read we would then have to record ourselves with our group discussing what the book was talking about and the recordings would have to be 5-7 minutes long. We had about 5 of these Discussion question Videos and at the end we had to choose the best 2 minutes of the final one and also 2 minutes of any other video. I learned a lot mainly from World War II and what the Nazis did to the Jewish people in camps.

Boy In the Striped Pajamas Movie

Hum08 – UNMDG- Investigation Task

For this unit in Humanities, we were studying the continent of Africa. For a while during this unit we were asked to choose as specific goal to focus on and a topic question. My goal was to Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger and if it should Continue or not. I decided to make a Haikudeck for this, something that i struggled with during this project was figuring out the information and which slide I should include the information in.  Because the slides could only have a description and a picture of it and also when i presented this to the class i mainly had to memories what to say for each image. But at the end of the presentation i think i did really well and i am proud of myself for being brave and not using any notes.