Who was Galileo?

Our current unit in Humanities is called ” Renaissance” and for the past few classes we learnt about Galileo, and for our homework  we had to write a short paragraph about what we learned about him. Here is my final project:

Galileo was  one of the very first italian scientist, he discovered that the earth was not the center of the universe, he evolved the telescope, and he added many new things to our knowledge. Galileo wrote a book about a conversation between three different characters,  a supporter of Ptolemy, a supporter of Copernicus, and an impartial scholar. But what caused Galileo to be in a trial and get angry with the church was that he pertrayed the supporter of Ptolemy as a fool, and the other two were wise men. What happened at his trial was he was found guilty by a vote to 7 to 3, and then he was condemned. The church objected the character because Galileo was basically calling the believers in Ptolemy fools and stupid.


In my opinion, he confessed that he was wrong because he did not want to be excommunicated from the church because the church and Christianity is a very big part of his life. Also in my opinion he wanted to live longer to fully finish his hypothesis because at the time of his trial he was old and so because of the punishments he knew he might not end up as strong as he was before. I would have done the same thing as Galileo, because as a christian I know that being excommunicated would also be a big deal for me and so I would have done the same thing, even though I knew I was right. I think he was being practical.

P.E. Electronic Test

The last unit that we had was called “Outdoor Invasion”, and our task for the unit was that we had to write a electronic test in which we had to answer specific questions. What i really enjoyed in this unit was the fact that this was a test which means that we had to write because our subject is P.E. we don’t often write things. Another thing that I really enjoyed was that this unit is about Outdoor Invasion,and my favorite sport is categorized in that group and so I got to share my knowledge with the class and also include a few things in my Electronic Test. Here is my final project:


Outdoor Invasion Unit Criterion A Test – Emeline Do

Science Flower

In science we studied about flowers and the different parts of the flower. For this project we had to color in every part of the flower that corresponded to the text. This was our homework but I found it really interesting to do because the coloring was a little different than any other exercise and also because this was an interesting way of learning the different parts of a flower. Here is a picture of the completed homework:



Bruno’s Letter

For this unit we are reading “The Boy In The Striped Pajama”, which is basically a book about a boy named Bruno,and his family moves to a new house out of the city near a concentration camp. The story is about Bruno figuring out the puzzle and in the book, we see that Bruno is not very close to his father, and so our project was that we had to write a letter to Bruno’s dad as Bruno. So here is my final project:

Out With

                                                                                   August 1942

Dear Father,

Our family moving to Outwith is a big mystery for me. I do not know why we moved here, you, me, mom and Gretel. Why couldn’t we stay in Berlin, it was much nicer there. And why didn’t Grandfather and Grandmother come with us? Was it because of that last play we made before coming here? Even though I have lessons everyday with Herr Litz, I am still unsure of where we are. In which country are we in? And what does Outwith mean? There is not much to do here; I liked it in Berlin, where I could go exploring with my friends. Why are there no other houses with children here? Why am I left alone here?

 Also, I have noticed that Lieutenant Kotler isn’t around anymore. What happened with him? I didn’t enjoy his presence here anyways. The last time I saw him here was when he stayed for dinner with us. I remembered you asking him questions about his father and how he was scared to answer. I wonder if he had something to hide, is this the reason why he was sent to a different location, away from us? But mother and Gretel look a bit sad ever since he was gone and I don’t see the purpose of that. I can almost say he is as big of a hopeless case as Gretel. 

The most fun I have had to far was when I stared out of my window, and watched the people on the other side of the fence, walking around in their striped pajamas, I often do so because this place is boring. I would really enjoy staying the entire day in striped pajamas though, they look much comfier than the clothes I am currently wearing. Who are those people father, they always seem very sad when the soldiers are there, and if the soldiers can go there, why can’t I, I am as strong and powerful as they are. So why allow them to have fun while I stay here staring out of my window? And why are those people even there? What did they do wrong to be kept in such a filthy place? And why can’t they just live on this side with us, even though this house does not have 5 floors, I am sure there will be enough space for a few of them to come and play with me to keep me company. All I am asking for are answers.


Your Son,


For this project I found it difficult to write a letter in Bruno’s place, because the year was 1942 and also because Bruno is very polite towards his father and also he is a bit younger than me so he wont have as much vocabulary. But I really enjoyed writing a letter though because I really enjoy writing a letter the old way, with the spaces, the goodbye and everything. I also really enjoyed finding a font that looks like a cursive writing.

Google Site

Our main task was to create a site for a group of new middle school students in Vietnam. We have experienced that the change of culture can be hard to adapt to, so here on our site is a little bit of information about Vietnam, Hanoi and Unis.

In our class we had 4 different groups. Our task was we had to write a few comments about each blog and their presentation. We were the first group to present but the second group to present was: Leonardo, Hjalmar, Sebastian and Tom.They did a good job not reading from the screen and also  they showed all the requirements (Citations, essays and the videos needed). The design was good but it was hard to read at times, and it was blue and a spiral so it represented unis. In my opinion they’re design was visually appealing but it was a bit basic and unoriginal.

The next group consisted of Dean, Tae Gun and Harrison. I liked how their group had different pages for geography, history and deep/shallow culture. I didn’t really like the design of their site because I thought it didn’t really match unis but I think it definitely met the middle school theme because it was green and yellow and also it was cute. They had all the citations pages and everything needed.

The final group we ran out of time to have a tour from that group but they sent us the link so I got to discover the site by myself. The group consisted of Quynh Anh, Quang Anh, Phuong Phan and Amina. They’re design is pretty basic, I don’t really think it represents unis and middle school because it is really elegant and also I feel like this site is more for adults. On the unis page I thought that their font was a bit hard to read. On the Merchandise page I thought that it was a visually unappealing how the word Vietnam was cut and I thought that the page was to blank and that page was very unattractive. As all the other groups they had all their essays and videos but I could not find where the citations were on their site.

My role was CEO. Basically what my job is I have to proof read everyone’s essays before  publishing it on the website, I also have to keep everyone on track, keeping the dates ready, having them finish in time. Then I also had to interview the experts, make the about us page and also help my team-mates if there is help needed. And finally the last task I had to fulfill as a  CEO was I had to collect everyone’s links and cite them and put them on the site.

Finally, our group was very proud of our final project, and it was a great experience discovering google sites. So here is the link of our site, enjoy 🙂


Spanish Diaries

In Spanish our unit was about “Mi tiempo libre” which means “My free time”. We learnt a lot of different vocabulary about things we can do in our free time like listen to music, read a book and many more. We received a book and our task from then was to write in our diary about things we did. At first we had to do this for homework, but afterwards it was our responsibility to turn in our diary with at least 10 entries. During this task we learnt a lot of different new vocabulary like how to talk about the past, the future, and many new activities we could do during our free time. What Our final product was a diary with minimum 10 entries of our choice. What I enjoyed the most about this task was that we were able to write a diary in Spanish about what we wanted to. We got to choose if we wanted to write about our pets, family or anything we wanted. I think I  have developed Communication as an IB learner because in my work I have communicated well my thoughts through the brochure. Overall this was a great experience and I really enjoyed doing this task. Here is a picture of one of the entries from my diary.

Story Video: Urban Red Riding Hood Vs. The Hippo

For this project we had to create a story that has any type of elevation in it. For our project we decided to make our story about Urban Red Riding Hood because we did not have a red cape. Also since we did not have a wolf costume so we changed the wolf into a hippo. Here is the video to our project.


Art As Inspiration: Birth and Death

For our unit called “Art As Inspiration” we had to pick a piece of art from the Art Exhibition, and create a dance inspired from that piece of art. We created this dance in a group and the other members of my group are Hannah, Saskia, Manu and Joel. With them we have created a dance, here is the link to our final performance:


What I enjoyed about this task was that we had more freedom to turn our dance into whatever we wanted, we got to choose our song, the movements we wanted to include and our only rule was that it had to match with our piece of art. I am very proud of my final project because I think it turned out very well and also our final dance was fully inspired by the piece of art which I’m very proud of.

Rosetta Homework

This is a homework that we we’re able to do if we wanted to. I really enjoyed doing this exercise because it is kind of like a sudoku, and this is the first time I heard about this game. Anyways here is a snip of the rosetta with instructions on how to do it and what I did.


Math Environment Poster

Here is a poster that I made for our Environment Poster. My poster was about endangered animals and how you can help. I also hand-drew a few pictures of endangered animals. And also on the poster I have listed some of the biggest endangered animals. So finally here is my poster.