Choir: Musical Videos

On September 9th of the year 2012, Mr. McGibbon gave us the task of creating a music movie. The product we have created is named The Problem, a short +30 min comedy movie. We first started by sitting around the table and discussed our ideas. The first idea we thought of was of a unicorn, we also had the idea of the godfather and a couple. We placed all of these ideas into one. We planned the story to be that the guy will fall in love with a girl and she will ask him to meet her after school. But during the school day, he get’s pushed into a fire alarm but the teacher, Mr. McGibbon thinks it’s him. He gets detention but needs to meet the girl after school so he plans to escape.


Over the school day, he goes to the Godfather and tries to find help. The Godfather gives him one way of escape, the Unicorn. So during lunch that very day, he went to the Unicorn’s lair and the gift of escape the Unicorn gave him was… magic beans? Could this just be some random fair tale or was it actually working magic beans?

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