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September 23, 2013

My Map About Education

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In Humanities, we worked on creating our own map with our own topic. My topic was:” What are the 10 most educated countries and what does it relate to their GDP”. In other words, I had to make a map showing those 10 countries and explain why they’re there. I chose this question because I was interested in how we “measure” intelligence, and how are we going to judge a country’s intelligence by. This really struck my mind and I decided to measure it myself. Some people measure with literacy rate, some with primary school enrolled, some with secondary. What if I measure all of them and conclude based on what I got?

Throughout the project, I made a data correlation about the GDP of the best countries, the literacy rate of the best countries and also the percentage of the total population who went through college and graduated. I have searched the literacy rates in the Index Mundi page and the CIA page. I chose the 10 best countries on each of the topics and also with some help from this Site: Skepticai. With that, I made a conclusion on the 10 most educated countries in the world. There are many ways to do this but I personally think that this method is one of the better (not best) ways to this topic. I created a table with all the information, here it is:

Country GDP per capita Percentage of post-secondary education in country Literacy Rate (%)
Canada 10th highest 50% 99%
Israel 12th lowest 45% 97.1%
Japan 17th lowest 44% 99%
US 4th highest 41% 99%
New Zealand 14th lowest 40% 99%
South Korea 14th highest 39% 97.9%
Norway 2nd highest 37% 100%
UK 16th highest 37% 99%
Australia 6th highest 37% 99%
Finland 14th highest 37% 100%

After my data collection, I made a map which showed all of this information and some description of the countries I chose.

Here is my map:


Creating my own map was not an extremely hard job to do. The only problem I encountered was that it was hard for all the information to fit in one place. Then my teacher gave me the idea of layers and how you can toggle it on and off, I think this idea was an amazing idea regarding that three pieces of info need to fit into one spot. The accuracy of my map was fairly accurate. The real problem was that each map had its own way of measuring intelligence, in other words, I couldn’t measure intelligence like it had a measuring device. I think taking lots of different info and making an average out of it is a good way to measure it.


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