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September 23, 2013

My Map About Education

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In Humanities, we worked on creating our own map with our own topic. My topic was:” What are the 10 most educated countries and what does it relate to their GDP”. In other words, I had to make a map showing those 10 countries and explain why they’re there. I chose this question because I was interested in how we “measure” intelligence, and how are we going to judge a country’s intelligence by. This really struck my mind and I decided to measure it myself. Some people measure with literacy rate, some with primary school enrolled, some with secondary. What if I measure all of them and conclude based on what I got?

Throughout the project, I made a data correlation about the GDP of the best countries, the literacy rate of the best countries and also the percentage of the total population who went through college and graduated. I have searched the literacy rates in the Index Mundi page and the CIA page. I chose the 10 best countries on each of the topics and also with some help from this Site: Skepticai. With that, I made a conclusion on the 10 most educated countries in the world. There are many ways to do this but I personally think that this method is one of the better (not best) ways to this topic. I created a table with all the information, here it is:

Country GDP per capita Percentage of post-secondary education in country Literacy Rate (%)
Canada 10th highest 50% 99%
Israel 12th lowest 45% 97.1%
Japan 17th lowest 44% 99%
US 4th highest 41% 99%
New Zealand 14th lowest 40% 99%
South Korea 14th highest 39% 97.9%
Norway 2nd highest 37% 100%
UK 16th highest 37% 99%
Australia 6th highest 37% 99%
Finland 14th highest 37% 100%

After my data collection, I made a map which showed all of this information and some description of the countries I chose.

Here is my map:


Creating my own map was not an extremely hard job to do. The only problem I encountered was that it was hard for all the information to fit in one place. Then my teacher gave me the idea of layers and how you can toggle it on and off, I think this idea was an amazing idea regarding that three pieces of info need to fit into one spot. The accuracy of my map was fairly accurate. The real problem was that each map had its own way of measuring intelligence, in other words, I couldn’t measure intelligence like it had a measuring device. I think taking lots of different info and making an average out of it is a good way to measure it.


June 2, 2013

Math Work!

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The project I did was the Volume of body investigation. we were learning about measuring different 3 dimensional shapes. Later on, we were assigned to measure and estimate the volume of our whole body. We had to compare a shape with your own body parts to see which ones fit best with each other. For example: Cylinder: calf or upper arm. It took a lot of time being detailed and getting as close to the results as possible. It was worth a try.


Music Project

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This is my final music product that I made in this unit. We had to make music that will influence the audience about something. We learned a lot about ethnomusicology, with rubber boots and all. We also studied about harmony, melody, rhythm and how they work together and make a good piece of music. Mine is about war, I chose to make music about that. I’m really proud of my piece of music. We had to write everything down, and play almost every instrument in a software called Mixcraft. It sure took a lot of time but it was worth it! 🙂

May 31, 2013

The Piracy Talk!

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For this project, I made a video where I talk about the costs of Piracy and why you shouldn’t do it. A lot of money were lost because of it as well as jobs. In the future, there would be so much more pirated tunes if we don’t take actions and stop it now . The quality is quite bad because I don’t have a legit camera…. ): I really think this topic should be discussed and sorted right now! Artists have worked so hard on their music as well as studios and movies, and we should really respect that! They put money, and energy into it and we have to give them full support back!


Vietnamese work!

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Trong “celebration of learning’, chúng ta phải chọn hai bài mà chúng ta cảm thấy là hay nhất, được nhất, những tác phẩm mà chúng ta coi là đã cải thiện được nhiều nhất. Tôi chọn bài luận của tôi về câu chuyện ‘Cô Bé Bán Diêm’ của An-Đéc-Xen và bài phân tích về ‘Lão Hạc’.

Bài Viết về ‘Cô Bé Bán Diêm’ của An-Đéc-Xen là một số bài văn mà tôi đã viết vài tuần về trước. Có bốn đề mà tôi phải viết và phân tích về. 

  • Bàn về thời gian nghệ thuật và không gian nghệ thuật trong truyện
  • Phân tích hình ảnh cô bé bán diêm
  • Bàn về nghệ thuật đối lập và tác dụng của nó trong truyện ngắn
  • Mục đích của tác giả khi sáng tác câu chuyện cổ tích hiện đậi ‘Cô bé bán diêm’
Mỗi đoạn văn phải chứa ít nhất 300-400 từ, nhưng bài văn có đến 3, đoạn văn. Cô giáo cũng đã đặt mức từ. Tôi đã được hai điểm 9 và một điểm 8. Tôi rất tự hào với bài này.


May 26, 2013

Top English work!

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There are lots of work I did for English, but my best two are my collection of Poems and my Commentary on a poem. Those are the two best in my opinion.

I made my collection of poems when we were in Poetry unit. I had fun learning about the different styles of poem and how to write a good, inspirational poem. We first learned about the Bio Poem, we had to write about one of our most beloved person. So I wrote about my sister, Anna, who was in Unis last year. Next was the Diamante poem, Alphabet poem, then lastly, my favorite, Haiku. I love it because it’s very short, and you get to be really creative with the last phrase. Lastly, we had to present, and read our poems to the whole class. This really improved my skills infront of a crowd and oral skills.

Here is my Poem Collection!

My second work is my poem commentary. This one was my first English commentary ever, and I’m really proud of it. I have worked on many Vietnamese commentary but this is my first for English. We read a poem called Blessing and we had to write a commentary about it. We learned many techniques to make our essay better and in the end, I’m really proud of my work.

Here is The Poem Commentary!

May 22, 2013

Top 2 Humanities Work!

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In Humanities, I made a lot of projects and I was proud of each one of them. But the 2 best projects of mine, where I showed most improvements and creativity are the soundscape and the Leonardo da Vinci portfolio.

I made the Soundscape when we were in the “Vietnam” unit. We learnt about the culture of Vietnam, and also about the iceberg concept. We studied about the real meaning of culture, how to identify the depth of ‘culture’. The importance of sound and how it represents each different culture was also talked about a lot. That’s why we made a soundscape, and series of sounds that reminds a person about that culture. That was the assignment. We had to make it so it represents Vietnam and no other cultures. I made an 1 min 48 seconds of only Vietnam sounds that I collected from other people. I even made a beat out of it, it sounds really attracting and interesting. I was surprised that I was in the top 3 most creative soundscape. That is why I want to show this project of mine.

Here is link to my work and reflection.

My second work is my Leonardo da Vinci work. Mainly because I put a lot of time on it, and I got a really good grade with it. We were in the ‘Renaissance unit and we worked on Leonardo da Vinci and all his inventions. I learnt so much about him, he’s not just an artist but an architect, an engineer, a scientist, etc…. I had to tell which learner profiles each one of his inventions represents, write a letter to a King talking about Leonardo with his weaknesses and strong points. I had fun and I improved a lot on my writing, analysing techniques.


This is my work, The Letter.

CaS Reflection

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This year, I was involved in the ‘Art for Change’ Service Learning group. Our goal was to create a video that really questions the audience about the topic that we’re talking about. We had to inspire and influence the audience, we had to really make the audience think deeply about our problem. There were a lot of problems to talk about such as littering, pollution, racism, etc….. For our group, we chose littering and we were going to make a stop motion film. We learnt a lot about media awareness, making stop motion video, clay working and cooperating with new people. We had a lot of diffculties, we lost all of our work because we didn’t save our photos. That’s why our project wasn’t finished.I should have saved everything after a while.

May 14, 2013

2nd Grade Project

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In science, there was a time where we got to be teachers ourselves and teach some of the 2nd gradesr about what we’ve learnt so far. We taught them about what the difference between physical changes and chemical changes was. How to be safe and prevent accidents from happening. We dressed up, looking like real professional scientists and explained how the lab works. When they saw it, they were amazed. It was a whole lot of fun teaching these little ones. I chose this project because I got to develop my teaching skills, and communication skills with these little children. They’re very curious and inquired.                                                      

May 7, 2013

Rube Goldberg

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At the beginning of the year, I was working with the unit ‘Work, Energy and Machines’. At the end of that unit, I had to make my own ‘Rub Goldberg’ which was a whole lot of fun, as much as frustration and impatience. we had about 1-2 months to work on it, build it and make journal entries, pictures and videos of the process. When done, I felt so good about it and was relieved that my project is finally done!


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