Maths Casino Reflection: Criterion D

OUR TASK QUESTION: How can we make our Casino Game Sucessful?

Our team’s game was not the most popular nor did we make the most money – however, I think we were quite successful – firstly because we MADE profit – about $1,060 UNIS bucks. To make a successful game, we adjusted the odds so that we were not giving out as much money as we paid (in the end, how much you made must be more than the payouts. e.g. actual odds = 7:1, adjusted odds = 4:1). We also made our game successful by making it look fun and interesting – we used the famous Starbucks for our logo (starbox casino), and also made the place itself all black so that it would look mysterious, but also made everything else (such as the cups, rules, and betting board colourful so that it would look inviting, exciting, and fun to play. However, I think we could have had bets with lower bets because the customers gave up after a while since they couldn’t make alot of money. If we could run the game 24/7, we would make money overall because the odds are adjusted well in our favour. I was really surprised that the casino itself, overall, made as $15,000 in only an hour and a half – which means that in just a week, approx. $1,680,000 could be made! The team that impressed me the most was Spin It to Win it – they were the booth right in front of us, and they seemed to be attracting alot of customers – and in the end, they made more than $4000!!!!


OUR UNIT QUESTION: Is Gambling a Social Evil?

I think that Gambling/Casinos are a social evil, because it is like a drug – it gets quite addictive. Firstly, it isn’t even somewhere that is actually made for you to win – the casinos are gaining the money overall, because they have adjusted the odds – which means that when you (the punters) win, you aren’t actually getting as much as you deserve. In addition, a lot of things are controlled so that it makes you want to spend more, such as having no windows or clocks so that you don’t realize how much time has passed. When you play, you feel jumpy, excited, and nervous, because you wish to win – and becuase everytime some someone wins, they announce it to everyone, it makes you think that ‘maybe, I might be able to win in the next round… and then all the money I’ve lost will be returned and more!!’. Therefore, when you don’t win, you keep playing because if feels like everyone around you is, and you might win next – and when you win, you keep playing because you think you’ve already won once so you might win again (that was how I felt when I played). Gambling is illegal in some countries because it can make people bankrupt – often, it is not only the person who went bankrupt from losing too much money that suffers, but also their family (e.g. children). In addition, if children were allowed to actually gamble with real money, they might not be able to make wise decisions and use up all their money, so it is not legal. I think the only way to solve the problem of people getting addicted to casinos is to educate them when they are younger about how casinos aren’t making you richer, but only taking money from you. As we are learning in English about good and evil – the casinos really aren’t the ‘good’ people… Also, as we learnt in health, enviornment you grow up in affects you greatly – which means that if the parents don’t gamble, then there is a less likely chance of the children either – which will decrease the amount of gamblers in the world.

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