Star Wars Filming Locations – Google Earth Tour

My tour takes you on a “journey” to some of the filming locations that have been used though out the making of the six (so far) Star Wars movies. The locations are in chronological order, span all of the movies and various “planets”. I made my tour about Star Wars’ filming locations because Star Wars is by far my favorite movie series and I thought that it would be fun to find out some of the locations of the various filming sites. I had a lot of fun making the tour and I hope you enjoy it!

Note: You need Google Earth for this link to work properly.

Here is the download link.

Grade 9 Showcase

My goals

I transitioned from HIS to UNIS in January because I felt out of place at HIS, when I started at UNIS I had some hopes about the school and its students:

  • That I would get the support that I needed
  • The students would be more culturally deserve
  • English would be more widely spoken
  • That I would be able to interact with the students better
  • And that I would get better grades because of these things

As I look back at it my hopes have (for the most part) become reality. I am getting the support that I need and my grades in the process have greatly improved. The students are more friendly and they speak English 99% of the time (not the case at HIS).



All though I haven’t gotten my grades for the 4th quarter I am confident that I have done better in almost every subject. Personally I have made a good amount of progress in adapting to a larger school and the IB MYP program.



Some thing that I wonder about are the personal project and the difficulty of subjects overall next year. Since I have only been at UNIS for half-a-year I do not fully know what the potential for work load is.  The personal project, well I know more about that, I think it will prove to be a challenge but I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to “pull it off” I guess all I have to do is wait for the next school year to find out!



Next year I would like to be more involved in what ever ASAs and Service Learning groups I join. This (half-a) year was I bit crazy mainly because I wasn’t fully settled into the school. Finally, I want to try to become more independent and an all around better student.











Conflict having a lasting effect # 2

I the Middle East and Arab world there have been a series of uprisings that have been named the ‘Arab Spring’. It started when the people of Tunisia rebelled against their government because of corruption, loss of jobs etc. The Tunisian government was over thrown quickly and there were very few casualties. Now the scene shifts to Egypt, where the dictator Hosni Mubarak had been in power for almost thirty years, he was overthrown in eighteen days.

The uprisings continued to spread eventually to a total of nineteen countries. This is an example how much of an impact conflict can have, even today over two years later the events that transpired in Tunisia are still having their effect in Syria where there is an ongoing civil war. I think that the effect of this conflict will last for many years to come and will make a profound impression in history.

Conflict having a lasting effect # 1

An example of conflict having a long and profound and lasting impact would be the unfolding events in North and South Korea. When the fighting stopped in the Koreas in late July of 1953 it wasn’t really the end, an armistice had been signed but the war still went on. There were minor conflicts but not all out war. When Kim Jong Un became the North Korean leader on the 11th of April 2012 things got more serious. On March 7th 2013 he threatened the US with a ‘pre-emptive nuclear attack’ and to “wipe out” the Baengnyeong Island which was given to the UN and South Korea as part of the armistice.

This happened because of the tensions that have been growing sense the beginning of the war especially after the armistice was signed. At the moment it looks like fighting could break out at any time between the north and the south. I think this is a good example of how conflict has a lasting effect because now with newer, more deadly military technology fighting between North and South Korea could be a lot drastically more deadly.


Trip Reflections


Ba Be is located slightly north-west of Hanoi and takes about 7 hours to get there and back. It is located between the Hanoi and the Chinese border and back. Ba Be is a national park that encompasses rolling mountains and three lakes even though all the lakes are connected and would be geographically considered one lake. There is a variety of wildlife in Ba Be from frogs to spiders and even bats! There are a lot of villages located around Ba Be, we visited a few of them too see the type of houses that they live and to plant rice.

On Wednesday went to a local middle school to play some games with the kids there that we had prepared. A lot of the groups found it difficult to get the kids to play the game their games because mainly because the kids were shy. Eventually we ‘won’ them over and the kids split in to two groups. The group that was outside played dodge ball, British bull dog and musical chairs, while the group inside played various card games. In the end I think both us and the kids had a lot of fun. Towards the end of the visit the middle school kids and some UNIS kids traded of performing songs and dances.

Over all I really liked the trip. Out of everything that we did I really enjoyed two. One was the hike the on Wednesday that was from the Hotel all the way to the Temple that we visited when I went on the lake tour on Tuesday and the other one was when I planted rice on Thursday, It was so fun that I didn’t realize that I had been doing it for two hours! One thing that I will remember is the night that we made five minute skits of a one-two hour movies. My group did Finding Nemo. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.

I think it is important to share my experience in Ba Be because it is a great way to get to know the people that are around you every day. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who will be going, it’s a lot of fun and you get to see what people are like and how they act outside of school. If I was given the decision to take the trip again I would probably say yes. I hope next year’s grade nines have as much fun as I did!