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Logos and its Effectiveness

Select three of the logos from the activities and write one paragraph for each discussing why you think it is an effective logo for that company.


  1. Nike

The Nike logo is one of the most recognized logo’s in the world, it a very effective logo because it is a very simple yet recognizable design which shows that simple is better. When people look at the logo, they think about speed because of the shape of the swoosh which is why they were popular with track and field athletes to begin with in the 1972 Olympics. Now a days Nike is famous for their quality sports footwear and the famous sneakers, as well as their advertisements and sponsoring well known athletes. Any athlete from anywhere can tell exactly what company the logo belongs to.


  1. Microsoft Windows

The Microsoft Windows logo is another one of the worlds most recognized logos, one creative aspect of the logo is how the name of the company and the logo go well together as the logo is a traditional four paneled window, the logo also reminds them of a computer screen, the creativity and the simplicity of the logo has definitely had an effect on the popularity of the brand.


  1. Guinness

The Guinness logo is very effective because of the old antique look, this shows that the company is an old one and is very successful to last for so long, as the logo shows Guinness is a very old company, approximately around 250 years old. The age of a company is very effective when it comes to selling their products because it means the company can be trusted which is what the logo accomplishes, the creator of the logo also included the year the company first started on the logo, it is clear that the creator of the logo relied quality, trust and age to be shown from the logo.


Select one of the logo histories from the article that was surprising to you. Why was it a surprise? How has the logo evolved over time?

  1. Nokia

What surprises me so much about the history of the Nokia logo is that it has undergone so many drastic changes, their first was black and white with a fish (as Finnish people love their fish) coming out of a ring with the companies name on it. I find it odd how the logo was first a fish and is now the simple NOKIA logo. Another thing that surprised was the design of the 1898 logo, it looks very plain and looks very plain and uninteresting, kind of looks like a street sign, logo after the 1898 logo kind of looks like the present day subway signs with Nokia written on it, the current logo is what Nokia is known for with the slogan written underneath the name.


Write 1-2 paragraphs on what you think makes a good corporate logo and what makes a bad corporate logo? What aspects of logo design are important for effective logos? Why are logos important for companies?


In order for a logo to be effective, it has to be simple, original (distinctive and one of a kind), memorable and appropriate. Simplicity will help the logo be more recognizable, which is the goal for any company to achieve (logo recognition). One example would be the Windows logo, Microsoft has decided to go back to the simple yet effective logo they first started off with. In order to stand out a logo will have to look different from any other logos which is why all the successful companies have logos that look nothing like one another. Simple and distinctive logos are the best way to go in my opinion. Another important aspect a logo must have is a ‘timeless’, the logo shouldn’t have to change every month otherwise consumers will not be able to recognize which brand it is.

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