Corporate Logo Reflection

After completing the corporate logo activities and reading the article linked from my blog, you should create a new blog post. In your post:

1. Select three of the logos from the activities and write one paragraph for each discussing why you think it is an effective logo for that company




This will probably be one of the easiest to recognize and most memorable logo out there as almost everybody finds this logo familiar in one way or another. I think this is a very effective logo for the company because it easily attracts customers, and it also represents what the company will sell.  The shape  is a curved M to represent the first letter of McDonald’s. Since McDonald’s is a fast food company, they have made the logo have a slight similarity to French fries, one of the foods that they will sell. The color of the “M” is also an important factor as it makes it stand out even more since it’s a bright and cheerful color. I think this is effective because it is a color that will attract a younger audience which of course come with older customers.




This is the Apple logo, also probably one of the most easily recognized logos ever. The first thing that the logo does that I find effective for that company is represent the name of the company. As customers see this logo, they will immediately know it’s Apple, due to the shape of the logo. The sleek silver color of the apple will also show apple as a futuristic and high quality company. This is very effective as it shows a very positive side to the company, the logo making the company look better. The simplicity of the logo makes the products of the company also look as if they are easy to use and it shows a straightforward and uncomplicated image of the company.



I think Wikipedia’s logo is very effective for its company. It shows what the company/website is about. The first thing is the puzzle piece, which relates to knowledge. On those puzzle pieces, there are many different signs and letters from around the world, showing that this website/company is obviously related different information from around the world. The white-gray color of the puzzle pieces make the logo rather serious, which shows that the company takes its information and website very seriously, allowing the customers to believe it is more reliable.


Select one of the logo histories from the article that was surprising to you. Why was  it a surprise? How has the logo evolved over time?

I think Pepsi-Cola logo’s history is the one that surprised me the most. What surprised me was that Pepsi’s now official colors came from them supporting their at the time at war country. It is weird to think that the colors that are now everywhere around the world on Pepsi’s drinks came from the company’s support towards their country. Starting from being patriotic and using their country’s flag colors on their logo, to having their name as the most important aspect of their company, to having the color red the most important on the logo, Pepsi has now evolved it to become a globe, showing their interest not only towards their country, but also worldwide.


Write 1-2 paragraphs on what you think makes a good corporate logo and what makes a bad corporate logo? What aspects of logo design are important for effective logos? Why are logos important for companies?

There is a difference between a good corporate logo and a bad corporate logo. I think a good corporate logo should be attracting and memorable, so that once the customers see it, they will be able to remember and recognize it anywhere they go. An ineffective logo would be a logo that can be easily ignored and forgetful.

I think the best corporate logos must represent their company’s well, and use colors and shape that matches with what the company is selling. The most important thing is probably the shape. The shape of the logo must be something unique and memorable, as it will probably be the first thing the customers notice. To enhance the uniqueness of the logo, the color must be chosen to support the shape of the logo and they must not be similar colors to other company’s, because that’s what usually mixes up the audience. A bad corporate logo would include, as mentioned before,  colors and shapes used that are similar to other company’s logos, too much detail and complicated designs making it confusing and forgetful.

Logos represent the company visually, they are basically the face of the company. Also, they are usually found on the company’s products, along with the name. The logo will be what the customers remember, and will be what attract other customers to the company. They are important because customers judge the company based on its name and logo and if there is no logo, the company seems unimportant and  not good.






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Posted: August 21, 2012
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