Logos – How we truely interpret them.

August 22, 2012 | Comments Off on Logos – How we truely interpret them.

  • Yahoo

The most recent logo for yahoo is effective because it is simple, it has a clear font and it is just one colour that can be well distinguished compared to other logos. The yahoo logo is memorable even if it was to change (if you look at the previous logo’s) you still remember them. Yahoo is an appropriate logo as it is nothing inappropriate and it also has a punctuation mark which brings in the audience.


  • Apple

The most recent logo for apple is effective because it is simple, and it represents what the company is heading towards. As you can see it’s an apple (hence the companies name ‘apple’) and it also has a modern, electronic theme to it (this is because the product is electronics).  The apple logo is also timeless as it doesn’t change the logo that often but it has roughly the same idea and image for almost all the logos (except the first one). Apple is also a memorable company as the product is well known, not just for the product but for the logo.


  • Dream works

The most recent logo for DreamWorks is effective because it is simple and memorable. It goes with the name ‘DreamWorks’ and it is really well known as it is seen everywhere. It is timeless as nothing as really changed, just a little tweak here and there. Also DreamWorks is appropriate as the audience is across the border as the age varies.



  • Nike is such a simplistic design yet works so well with the company. The logo is memorable and is  aesthetically pleasing .  Society has changed and the way people view media has changed and that is why it is so surprising as it is still a very outgoing and the company is still very popular and is earning a lot even though the logo is a timeless design as it has had roughly the same design throughout the years.

An effective logo has to be a few things. A good logo should be Simple  and memorable. When a design is simple it is a lot easier to distinguish and also to remember. A good logo doesn’t have to be over-drawn and design but has to be unique, that way that design will be well-known for unique purposes. An example of this logo would be the McDonalds logo because it is well known around the world and is easily recognized and it is just simply an M design but unique in it’s way.

Another item that good benefit a logo is a timeless design. Time is an very important component, if you have a design that doesn’t need to be changed every few years but stays the same, it will always be in people’s minds  and it is more effective. A well known example of this would be the Coca-Cola design, that is a perfect example of a timeless design.

One last item that comes to mind with a good logo is also the aesthetic appeal of a logo. This could decide a person’s mood when they view the logo because of the art or design. The typography has to be neat and clean, the colours have to match the audience for example with the logo for TOYS ‘R’ US, it is aesthetically pleasing for the clients, which is children. So this means that a logo has also got to be appropriate.

A bad logo is one that is under rated. A good logo is very important, if a company has a bad logo then that could be a reason for a companies collapse. If the logo is too complicated and over-drawn then it is not memorable to the clients. If a logo is not memorable it proves that people won’t be interested, which means that the logo doesn’t benefit the company as clients are brought in.  Also a timeless design is important an example of a logo that is not timeless would be the ‘Pepsi’ logo.

Logos are important to a company as it represents a company and straight away it tells your “future clients” if the company is reliable and this instills trust from the clients to the companies. Although a company has to have a good quality and functioning product, how a company presents its self is very important as it wins over the client.


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