21 Aug 2012

Corporate Logo Reflection

Author: 14ndhiep | Filed under: IB BusMan

The first coporate logo that I have chosen is the Mozilla Firefox logo. I think that this logo is very effective because it brings out the merchandise name “Firefox”. The current logo itself clearly showing the company name. I think that the creators of this logo has thought it through and has decided that they would create the globe to represent the internet and then draw their symbol, the Firefox around it so that they could show that they are trying to protect the internet. This is an effective way to advertise their company because their logo is eye-catching and if people understand the meaning behind the logo, then they would choose this browser to use.




The next coporate logo that I have chosen is Pepsi. I think that this logo has changed a lot since the past. I think that this is a good coporate logo because the current logo has become much simpler from what it has started in the past. As you can see from above, the beginning logo is very complicated and the user would not get a really clear view of what they are trying to buy back then but now, the company has decided that the globe should be more important than the script itself and so they decided that they decided they would have the globe over the script and in the current logo, they even erased the script all together.



The last coporate logo that I have selected is Apple Inc. This is one of the famous logos in the business world. This logo in the beginning is very simple as it portrays the time back then with a man sitting under an apple tree. The Apple logo then evolved over time just like technology evolving over time. It was not until 1998 when the logo changed. This time, unlike the previous logo with all the colors, the creators chose a color that was simple, black. And now, the current logo shows us how technology has developed since 1976. The creators are now using the platimum logo to show great development in technology.





This corporate logo surprised me very much because of its history. LG was formed by two companies: Lucky (chemical cosmetic company, 1947) and Goldstar (radio manufacturing company, 1958). Even though these were two different companies, they were owned by the same person so they renamed Lucky Goldstar to LG Electronics. There is a whole range of LG companies that also changed their names like: LG Chemicals or LT Telecom. All of the companies adopted the “Life is Good” slogan that you see next to its current logo. The creators deny that the LG still stands for Lucky Goldstar. They say its just “LG”


3. What makes a good corporate logo is that the logo has to be eye catching and also the logo has to make the customer, if they immediately see the logo, then they would get an image of what they are trying to sell to them. An example is the 1924 IBM logo:

This logo is a good logo because it gives the customer what the company is trying to sell to the customers. In this case, they are trying to sell “International Business Machines” at that time. While that was a good coporate logo, there are some logos that when you look at it, you don’t understand what they are trying to sell to us at all. An example is the 1900 Shell logo:

This was one bad coporate logo because the customer does not know what the company is trying to sell to them. If I was a customer and never heard about the company then I would think that this company is trying to sell me shells. The aspects that are important inĀ  a company logo is the image of the logo because this aspect would be the first thing that the customers would look at. Logos are important for companies because a logo is the company’s way of spreading its image.

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