Corporate Logo Reflection

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Logos help define a company and are often what customers and potential clients base their first  impressions of the company off of.  That is why companies spend millions to find the perfect logo to represent them and what they are about to the outside world. Below, I show logos of three companies and why I think they are effective in representing them.

Target is one of the largest department store companies in the United States. Its logo, simply a target, gives the company a unique image. Target’s logo is effective for the company because it illustrates the company’s name clearly. The main color used in the logo, red, is also vibrant and attention-grabbing. It draws the eye towards the logo. The logo is also simple, which helps make it an effective logo for the company.

Sun microsystems was a company based around selling computers, computer components, computer software, and other information technology services mainly in the United States. I feel like its logo is very effective because even without knowing anything about the company, it conveys its name in the logo in an interesting manner. The logo is simple, yet complex as the design is slightly complicated but as a whole, it is compact. The logo is also effective because it works well with and without the color.

LG is a Korean electronics company, with an interesting logo. Their motto “Life’s good” is also represented through their logo as a G forms the face of a person and the L forms the nose. This logo uses simple colors and is effective as it is memorable. The logo serves the purpose of creating the feel of the company and LG’s logo is successful at this.


The history of Volks-Wagon may be slightly surprising to some, but the car company was created in Germany. It was the one of the first car brands that was made more affordable to the people. Adolf Hitler is tied with Germany’s history and he had helped create Volks-Wagon, which may explain why the first Volks-Wagon logo resembled a Swastika. Over time, however, the company’s logo has developed to become more appropriate for a global market, however, the center piece of the original logo, still remains in today’s current Volks-Wagon logo.

So what makes an effective logo? A ineffective logo? An effective logo usually has minimal colors. This keeps fro distracting viewers from the message  within the logo, and also means that the logo is also successful in black and white. Logos need to be simple. This ensures that the logo is memorable if it is not too complex. Not only should the logo be memorable but convey a message of sense of what the company is about. Logos should also be appropriate to a large audience and be able to connect with consumers.

A poor or ineffective logo is the opposite of these things. Ineffective logos are often complicated, which make them unmemorable. They don’t work without the colors and do not convey a positive feeling about the company. The logo shouldn’t be inappropriate to a large group of people.

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