Logos and its effectiveness

Apple Logo

In my opinion, Apple logo is very effective in many ways.  The design, Apple has its own unique design of the logo which is an apple with bite mark on one side. This simple but interesting design attracted many people and led them a great success not only building a reputation but also helping a financial problem. I think their logo is the best and most effective logo compare to other electronic brands such as Samsung, Nokia..etc. Some people including I support that they buy the apple products because of their peculiar design which is basically their logo on the middle with a color back ground.

WWF Logo

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is a nonprofit organization which founded in 1961 in Swiss and they are founded to help endanger species like panda, lion, bear…etc. It has a simple logo design that has changed little over the decades since the logo is perfect itself so that it didn’t change much over time. In the logo of WWF is a rounded and friendly looking panda with the word WWF. A panda is easily recognizable animal by any age group and also it is perfect for WWF logo since panda bear needs protection from organizations such as this. The color is just black and white which is really simple but can give powerful impact to people. I think this is one of most effective logo in the world since it’s not only simple but also familiar. This can interest people and make them to think that they must take care about endanger animal and visit WWF.


Nike Logo

Nike is one of most successful worldwide sport brand that manufactures many different things such as sports wear, shoes..etc. The appearance of logo looks like basic swoosh, however unlike the simple shape, it has many meaning related to the brand. The simple swoosh shape express movement, change, wordless shape…etc. In addition Nikes logo also looks like a rounded version of a checkmark which also represents their name Nike which has meaning of victory. Like how Apple Company put their logo on Apple products, also Nike put their logo in most of their products and people are guessing that this led them a great success due to its simplicity and beauty of the logo. I think the Nike logo likely has a great impact on success of their company.



Shell Company

Shell is a well-known oil and gas company that has founded over 100 years ago and still exists as one of best company in oil and gas area. In my opinion, this is partially because of their unique and simple logo. Its image stayed the same as before 100 years ago. A shape of shell is their main image of the logo from back in 100 years until now, the color, black and white and the image was flat and too simple so that it was hard to impress people or make them attend to the company. As time passes they started to change their image of logo , in 1904, they finally changed their shell image to more realistic and interesting shape that can attract peoples eye, however it wasn’t enough because the color was still black and white. Finally the company’s logo had changed considerably by adding two contrast color yellow and red, and they also put their name Shell on the middle of the logo to make their name clear to the customers. They improved their logo as time passed from 1904 to 1995 by changing the color to darker or brighter, or putting background color, and placing their brand name in different place. Currently their logo is very simple but gives great impact to people when they see it, since the brand is so worldwide that they have deleted their name which was on the logo. The color that they have chosen somewhat make people to picture a rising sun which gives feeling of bright future.



There are many ways to create a good corporate logo. In my opinion simplicity, timeless, uniqueness, memorable and appropriate is main 5 points that is required to be a good corporate logo. As you can see, the most of the poplar brands logo is very simple but memorable that stays in peoples memory and make people to search about the logo. Not only that it must be peculiar, this is because if one company’s logo is same as other competitive brand’s logo, obviously the customer will be confused and they wont get interested about the brand because it is so familiar not something new or fresh. Another point is timeless, the brand logo should never be in old-fashioned, that is why it is so important to stay as simple as possible, that the logo should always remain innovate and fresh in people’s memory. Last but not least ,appropriate, the logo should be always connected to brand or else it will be total failure. Brand logo is like an image of the brand so that it should be related what the brand is so that people can know directly from company’s  logo. These are the 5 aspects that is important in creating good corporate logo. If the  logo doesn’t have at least one of this point I believe that the logo is complete failure.


Logos are considerably important for any companies in many different ways. In my opinion, the logo can strongly have influence on company’s reputation. When one company made effectiveness and messy logo the corporate’s reputation will obviously go down and can also become a mockery to people. This is why it is important to create a good logo and nowadays most of the company’s use great amount of money on creating logo, this also shows how the groups consider about the logo. Bad logo can be poison for the company, but effective logo will be definitely  a panacea for the corporate

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