Week 33 May 2nd – 4th – Book Week

Welcome back 5B Community

People are still talking about the PYP Exhibition that the G5 students presented last week! A number of people have said that it was the best PYPX ever, based on all of the actions that our students took and are still taking to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

This Week in 5B

The theme of this short week is “books.” On Wednesday, students had extended reading time and chose meaningful words to wear and share. On Thursday, students and teachers dressed up as favourite characters in stories and paraded with their G1 Buddies.  

The Grouchy Ladybug Book by Eric Carle

On Friday 5B had a “mystery reader” stop by our class to share a story.

Thank you Mr Stef, you were outstanding. 5B students loved your antics and stories.

Students had an opportunity to buy from the large range of second-hand books on Friday along with the chance to come to school in their PJ’s. 

5B and 5A students visited ISV as they present their PYPX journey.

As the year starts to wind down, we are starting our final units for all subjects. Our last unit of inquiry will be about “transitions,” physical, social and emotional. The focus for Math will be geometry, and students will investigate the various types of measurement through hands-on activities. In literacy, students will review “recount” writing and take reading assessments. 

The week may have been shorter, but there was still a surmountable amount of learning going on.

Dinner Time Conversation
What PYPX actions are still continuing?
What book characters did you see on Thursday?
What school are you visiting on Friday to watch their PYPX?
What Math task are you working on at the moment?

Save the date:

  • Friday 11th May – Coffee Morning (8:30 am) to explain the G5 Transition UOI. Please note this date is different from the advertised date on the school calendar.
  • Monday 28th May – 5B Stepping Up into MS for the day
  • Tuesday 29th May – 5B Field Trip to HIS to attend their PYPX presentation
  • Monday 11th June – G5 Assembly Celebration

Enjoy your weekend

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