5B Literacy Response – Tuesday 17th April

Watch the following Youtube Clip about ‘Global Algae Innovations’.

You must respond to one of the following prompts.

  1. What information did you find the most convincing and why?
  2. Write an overview of the whole clip, as if you were explaining the clip to someone who has not watched it.
  3. Give a brief overview of the clip and explain your ideas on how this action could be implemented in Vietnam.


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5 thoughts on “5B Literacy Response – Tuesday 17th April

  1. 4. What information did you find the most convincing and why?

    The information that I found most convincing was that a lot of the wars are mostly about fighting over resources, by creating a more equitable distribution and that if countries could be able to make there own it should to a more stable and peaceful world.

    First of all, I think that that is the most convincing information because if there would be no more war than not as many people would get killed or get hurt, and would have their own resources.

    Second of all, I think is another reason is that if we would create and use a more equitable distribution than there would be not as much climate change as there is right now.

    Third of all, I think is also another reason is that if we would use a more equitable distribution then all the nutrients are captured in the algae which means that all the nutrients cannot run off.

    In conclusion, I think that it is a good idea to make algae so the environment is more clean and better. And it also only needs a good supply of carbon dioxide and a lot of sunshine.

  2. 1. What information did you find the most convincing and why?

    I found convincing about the diesel fuel or jet fuel and if every that if every power plant had an algae farm it could save the global warming. They didn’t give up on any of the critical issues. That the fuel is going to be used for the cars and it is going to be at the gas station and that there is going to be more food for animals.

    2. Why?

    Because for the first one if the world is going to use the coal or something else soon there is not going to be no coal that’s why the world should use something else. On the second one, they didn’t give up because they knew that if they give up their project might fail. If all he fuel is going to be used up there need to be some other fuel. If there is no food that means humans and living creatures are going to die but if there is no water the food is not going to grow. The scientist found another way to grow plants to not waste water and there is bigger chance that the global warming is going to be saved.

  3. Write an overview of the whole clip, as if you were explaining the clip to someone who has not watched it.

    This project is called a Dried algae product and it can change the fossil fuel industry. Algae is easy to grow and It is able to flourish just about anywhere. It can glow in the freshwater, seawater or brackish water. Algal need really clean air and sunshine. It is made by drying the algae and after that, grinding it up into the powder, and then extract the oil out of it. That oil can use for jet fuel , gasoline and diesel fuel. They made this idea because people use a lot of fossil fuel, Global warming is progressing and around the world, we have wars.

    They think they can make big difference, It can stop global warming, it can clean the water and It can stop deforestation. Algae biofuel could be used in engines that we already have. The power plants capture carbon dioxide and avoid that discharge and reuse it. It could potentially solve the global warming issue. The issue is that the costs are too high throughout the entire process and associated with large-scale production. They have solutions within the next few years.

    They want to able to make that oil in the own countries and make more stable and peaceful world.

  4. Global Algae Innovations:
    What information did you find most interesting and why?
    The information I found most convincing was…

    When the guy told us about when people use biofuel, they just use biofuel but in this case, every gallon of biofuel has 10 pounds of food with it. I found this information convincing and interesting because this could change the world.

    1 gallon of oil would’ve been 30 dollars when they first opened the organisation but now, it has dropped down to 2 or 3 dollars. This is way better because it is way cheaper and easier to make so that the people use it instead of fossil fuels, which destroys the earth.

    Also that this could stop wars by giving countries an equal amount of oil because most of the wars begin because of fights of resources. This could happen if the company gave all of the countries the same amount of oil so that the countries don’t fight.

    In conclusion, the oil that this company has made will change the world if it is offered around the world. Also if people start using this oil instead of fossil fuels or others that hurt or affect the planet in a bad way. This oil is cheap, good for the planet and not so hard to make.

  5. I think that if Vietnam would have something like that the country would be less polluted and it would be better and easier to make things, Vietnam would have more nature and less poverty and it would also create less war. It would also help the nature because the oil is cleaner so if you fill up your car with the clean oil what would come out your car will not be as polluting. It would also help the food we eat because if now we eat the food that grow in pollution and it is not good for our bodies.

    It would create less poverty because the company creates more jobs and people could get more money. It would create less war because people create war because they create fights over resources.

    The way they describe it in the video is that the fuel is the same as gasoline and desorjet but it’s just a lot cleaner. That means that for example what you put in your car is still fuel but it is cleaner. I think that the company is a really good thing that they are thing to bo to the world, the person that thought about the oil is really going to change the pollution of the world.

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