Week 23 February 5th – 9th

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The days have been cold but this has not stopped 5B students from heating up their learning neurons. This week has seen a variety of new and revisited skills come up during learning. One being, organisational management. The online dictionary describes organisational management as follows:

Organizational skills in the workplace can include general organizing, planning, time management, scheduling, coordinating resources and meeting deadlines.’


The above is also true for classrooms. 5B students are piloting self-directed organisational skills as they work through their UOI assessment ‘Building a Governing System’. As you saw in last week’s blog, students received a rubric and guiding instructions. Most students have been checking in with me to ensure they are on the right path and they are finding coordinating their planning, meeting the criteria and managing their time isn’t as easy as they first thought. Heads up parents, the deadline is Friday the 9th of February.

Math Time

The same autonomy has been given to 5B students with regards to mathematics this week. The connection between tax types and mathematics has given students an opportunity to explore new concepts, such as calculating percentages, converting currency and experiencing live exchange rates. I think some students are aiming for a career on Wall Street.

Literacy News

As we finish our instructional lessons on ‘Discussion Texts’ we are beginning to take a deeper look into the world of Structured Word Inquiry (SWI). This helps students to unpack the meaning of the word, it’s structure and most importantly the root of the word (where the word comes from). There are four primary principles:

  1. What does the word mean?
  2. How is the word built? (identify any bases or affixes)
  3. What other related words can you think of? (Morphological & Etymological relations)
  4. What are the sounds that matter? (grapheme/phoneme correspondences)

Field Trip to Visit a Famous Leader

On Thursday we embark on a local field trip with our grade one buddies. The trip is designed to allow connections between Ho Chi Minh and the thinking behind his governing system and other governance systems students have been studying. We are excited to share this experience with our little buddies who are also connecting this trip to their current unit about significant people.


5B and 1B Pose for a Pic

Passion Speakers prepare G5 Students to embark on their own formula for Exhibition (PYPX) – Passion + Issue = Action.

This week Grade five students had the privilege of listening to our UNIS gardener extraordinaire, Mr David Buckner. He was ‘PYPX Passion Speaker’ number three and treated the students to his expertise in all things green. His formula for a successful life of action was;


David’s successful gardening endeavours can be found in several places around the school. He works with students of all ages, mentoring and guiding them as they learn to grown vegetables and herbs.

TIG time with Ms Michelle

5B is always excited when Ms Michelle comes to visit us. This week she lead a lesson on how to search for information using simple strategies that ensure information students are finding is reliable, applicable and timely.

Dates to Remember:

  • 6th-7th February – G5/ES Art Auction
  • 8th February – Field Trip – Ensure your child has a snack
  • 1st & 2nd March – No ASA’s
  • 2nd March – PYPX Parent Coffee Morning starting at 8:15 in the library
  • 15th March – G4 & G5 Music concert
  • 15th & 16 March – Open Classrooms

Dinner Table Talk

  • What is the Goods and Services Tax called in Vietnam?
  • Why is Ho Chi Minh resting in a Mausoleum?
  • What has happened to all the erasers (rubbers) in 5B?
  • What ways might you decide if a website is reliable?

Snaps from the Week That Was:

And if you got this far, leave a comment to let me know you’ve checked in on us this week.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.




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  1. Enjoyed the information provided on the blog. Helpful to know what Nathan is up to in the classroom. Especially appreciate the pointers for Dinner Table Talk. Keep it coming!

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