Week 22 – January 29th – February 2nd

Welcome 5B Community

It is quiet on the floor as I give 5B students time to craft their assessments.


Students have been given eight in class periods to work on developing a governing system for an entity of their choosing. For example, one student has decided to develop a ‘World Government; for a new planet. Another student is looking at a governing system for a school that caters for children with disabilities; this system has yet to be named. Whatever the system, students must meet the criteria.

The exciting thing about this assessment, is students have the opportunity to present their knowledge and understanding in any form they wish. I am looking forward to seeing a variety of presentations. The due date for the presentations is the 9th of February.


The focus for 5B students this week is to guide them in areas that they will need for Exhibition and beyond.

Reading to inform – Students choose and read texts that support their need to know questions, comments or wonderings. Note taking – With guest speakers sharing their passions and how these passions have changed their lives or the lives of others, students have been experimenting with different forms of note taking, so they don’t have to rely solely on their memory to retrieve important facts or information. Fluency development – How to speak like a narrator; Practicing reading aloud, has given 5B students the opportunity to hear themselves in a formal setting. They understand that if they wish to be listened to, they must have a voice worth listening to. Lastly, Research skills – as students become more independent in their learning. They need to understand the basic principles of research, is the information valid, reliable and timely. How do they give credit to other peoples research? How do they reference information they have used in the body of their own work? etc.


5B students are finishing up with their guided writing lessons on how to structure a ‘Discussion Text’ and the features of language that is needed. Next week they will be ready to embark on a solo writing piece, to demonstrate their learning in this area of text types.


Math groups have formed in 5B as we look into different areas. Some students are looking at ways to present understanding (strategies), others are starting a rate and ratio unit, while others are consolidating division and fractions. Mathematics is a complicated area of learning as each area is closely connected and relies on prior knowledge and understanding of number to move forward. I am happy with the way students are applying themselves.


  • 1st February – Parent-teacher Conferences starting at 10 am
  • 7th February – ES Healthy Snack Sale
  • 9th February – G5/ES Art Auction Opening
  • 8th February – Field Trip – Paper Copies will be sent home on Friday 2nd February
  • 2nd March – PYPX Parent Coffee Morning starting at 8:15 in the library

Dinner Time Talk:

* What has changed in your class just lately? (More questions or things to think about as we go through our day)
* Where are some of the places, people in your class are visiting over the TET break?
* Who has had the flu n 5B this week?
* How can we make sure we don’t spread or catch illnesses?

The Week That Was:



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