Week 21 – January 22nd – 26th

Greetings 5B Community,

This week we welcome a new student into 5B. Emma, she is Canadian and her passion is martial arts. Our Phonix buddies have been guiding her all week, so she can find her feet. Welcome Emma!

Following along with our UOI (Governance), 5B students have taken over the governance of the class! They voted to use the Vietnamese system of governance and after some research, students created this flowchart to guide their system.

The Ministers have had a chance to work out a few issues both in the class and out on the playground and with the President at the helm, ensuring things were running smoothly, we have had few issues. I am currently employed by the 5B Ministry of Education, to plan and teach lessons. So be assured your child is still getting a full cup of learning each day.


5B are moving into different areas of number with some students taking a more in-depth look at fractions, decimals, multiplication and representations. 


5B students have been reading examples of discussion texts to identify the features and modal language used by skilful authors. As well as reading books from the library about different governing systems around the world. One reading technique we are developing is oral expression and fluency. 5B will soon begin a reading program called AVAILLL = audio, visual assessment in literacy, language and learning. This will develop their fluency, vocabulary and specific reading skills such as note-taking, comprehension and reading for fun. Your life at home will never be the same, I promise.


Parent-Teacher Conferences – 1st February – You will receive a sign up via Veracross.

Dinner-Table Talk

  • So, you have a new student in the class. Where is she from? (Canada)
  • What was the name of the song Miss Tina play in class that helped you spell a word? (Respect)
  • What important event takes place next week? (Parent-Teacher Conferences)
  • Who had a birthday in class this week? (Emma)

The Week That Was:




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