Week 17 – December 4th – 8th

Welcome 5B Community

Everything is Connected

Did you know that UNIS uses 13,000 kilowatts of electricity every day and spend over $10,000 on electricity each month?
Thanks to a visit from our Senior Operations Officer, Mr Carl Strefford last week. G5 students were able to learn more about the energy UNIS uses and what the next steps for UNIS are going to be.

UOI – Electricity

Grade 5 students are busy working towards completing their pitches for the ‘Shark Tank’ activity due to take place next Tuesday and Friday. G5 students have been allocated energy sources and world regions, which has guided their inquiries. They will have 10 minutes to persuade a panel of judges (Sharks) that their energy source is the best possible source for that region.

Comming Up is Maker Day.

On Friday this week, students in their energy teams, will create a model/ blueprint, invention or innovation to support their team’s efforts to persuade the ‘Sharks’ to buy into their energy source.

Math – Fractions, fractions, fractions!

5B and 5A share their understandings with each other. Demonstrating different ways to represent fractions. Our Math focus has been on improving student understanding of fractions and their connections to real numbers and decimals. A fantastic article provided by our Math Coach, Beth, makes for an interesting read.And just for your reading delight, here is another article, also provided by Beth. We will continue with this math focus through to winter break.


Reading and writing are centered around the nonfiction information being sought for the ‘Shark Tank’ Event. Students visited Ms. Conroy, our ES librarian, to learn the important elements of referencing and citing the work of others. Ms. Conroy also showed students safe and reliable places to search online for their Shark Tank pitches. Shout out to Ms. Conroy. She’s such a busy Librarian. 

Dinner time conversations:
A little something to talk about during your dinnertime conversations.

  • Which class contributed the most money to the Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon?
  • What are the 7 Energy Sources G5 students are researching for the ‘Shark Tank’?
  • Who is leaving UNIS from 5B, to go to Bangkok, on the 15th of December?
  • What is the current ‘Youth Sports’ activity and who are the coaches?
  • What is the name of the show that students are currently auditioning for?

Happy Weekend

The week that was:

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