Week 14 – November 13th – 17th

Welcome to 5B Community

Personal Thank you – As a parent myself, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for organising to have your child cared for as teachers attended two days of professional development this week. These days are intensive and teachers and are designed to stretch our thinking, develop our learning and growth as Educators. UNIS has always been committed to ensuring your child has access to the best teaching and learning strategies available to them. This only happens when teachers have access to innovate and modern teaching tools.


5B students have been monitoring their writing achievements, as they learn to work with criteria and assessments. These skills are necessary to ensure your child understands areas for development, as well as areas they have the greatest strengths in. Over the next 4 weeks, 5B will be focusing on persuasive texts in order for your child to contribute to a group presentation. More information of the format of this group presentation is to come.

Our reading genre is non-fiction. 5B students will be bringing home reading assignments which they will need to write a response too. This response can be done electronically or handwritten in their exercise books. Your support to ensure they have time to complete these home learning tasks will greatly assist your child’s understanding as we embark on some difficult vocabulary and understandings in our Electricity UOI.


Integers, fractions and making sense, are areas 5B will investigate this coming week. Ask your child to challenge you with the ‘Shepherd’ and ‘Chicken’ problems. Let’s see if you can make sense of these.

UOI – Electricity

Last Friday, and this Friday, students found themselves deconstructing and constructing a range of devices that use electrical energy in some way. As students dig deeper into this UOI, they need to develop specific understandings. This UOI has seen some changes from last year, with the inclusion of sustainability usage, which connects to the UN Sustainable Goals. Further additions for students will see them identify regions around the world that don’t have electricity, or regions that use electricity excessively, and then explore possible solutions. Students will be polishing their cooperation, collaboration and investigation skills during this inquiry.

Special Acknowledgements:

Congratulations go to the following students Maral Dippe, Dylan Fairbairn, Ray Hussey, Yuyang Ma, Lily McCullough, Duc Vinh Nghiem and Hai Nam Nguyen who will participate in the Youth Sports Soccer Festival held at St Paul American School this Friday. I can not tell you how proud I am to see so many students involved in sport.

Congratulations go to Jonathan Katen in Band, Lily McCullough and Eulalia Recca in advanced strings, for showing commitment and courage as they entertained children from the Systems Little House with their musical talent. This event was part of the students’ community service initiative and I am so proud that they are able to bring joy to others through their music.


  • ‘Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon’ Money collection deadline is 22nd November. Please ensure your child gives their money and sponsorship form to their teacher before the deadline.
  • All students need their ID cards to access their photocopying.
  • All students need personal headphones to use in class.

The week that was:

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