Last Blog Post for 2017/18

Farewell 5B Community,

The year’s end is finally here. What a pleasure it has been to work with your children. Wishing each and every family a wonderful summer, and for those families not returning to UNIS, we wish you all the very best in your coming adventures.

G5 Certificate Assembly

Thank you to all the families and friends who joined us in celebrating the end of Elementary learning for G5 students on Monday. The students were excited to receive their certificates from Dr Barder and to share their Trans-identity products with you.

Thank you for my end of year gift, the pieces will be put to use often and always a reminder of you and your child each time they are used. It has been a privilege to watch your children grow and develop into the individuals they are now. The transition ahead of them will be a big one as they ready themselves for Middle School. Please always remember that even though grade five is over, my door is always open.

The Aquatics Coordinator, Martin Hamilton created this clip of the Swim Relay Extravaganza for your viewing pleasure.

Signing off for 2017/18

Week 38 – June 4th to 8th – Nearly There!

Welcome, 5B Community,

Share in a very special and important event to close the year.

This event is about celebrating your child’s successes as they have transitioned through Elementary School. Moving into MS is a milestone for students and for current and former teachers. We have had the pleasure of getting to see your child develop as a learner, a socialiser and as a person who has a greater understanding of the world around them.

Please join us in celebrating this time with certificate ceremony, morning tea (which our class parents are organising) and then listen to your child’s final assessment of the year, which involves describing how their trans-identity product displays the elements of identity and transition.

Congratulations to our very own Eulalia.

Eulalia won the ES division of the UNIS Garden photography competition this week. Her love of photography was recognised as she shared a pizza lunch with other winners from MS and HS divisions. Way to go Eulalia!

Ninth Graders Taking the Lead

Thursday saw four G9 students, Jachym, Long, Huy and Nikki present and demonstrate how G5 students should use technology responsibly.  Their presentation was called ‘Acceptable use of Technology’, which focused on scenarios that students experience at school involving technology and how to identify the best way to use technology in social situations. It was a pleasant surprise to hear these young men tell the G5 students that “Technology is important and we want you to use it a lot, but with this, you must be responsible”.

Student advocacy at its best, student to student. Well done and many thanks Jachym, Long, Huy and Nikki

Relay Extravaganza

What a fun way to cool down and enjoy a little bit of competitive fun. Congratulations to the Buffalos who won the fun-filled event today and many thanks to the PE/Swim Teachers who made it all happen.


  • Dress code for Monday’s Assembly Celebration is tidy-business wear. Please note it is important that students have a change of clothes for their afternoon activity – Ice Skating.
  • Your child received a field trip notice to attend an ice skating session after the Assembly Celebration, on the 11th of June. Please get the permission slips to me ASAP.
  • If your child is going to be absent from school, please ensure you contact the ES office to let them know.
  • The last day for your child is the14th of June @ 12:00 pm. Your child will start to bring home files and displays starting Tuesday next week. If you need them sooner, please send me an email.

This week in 5B

Scissors and glue, paint and paper, ideas and connections were our focus this week.

Table Talk Time:

  • What time will lunch be on Monday? (11 am)
  • Which 5B students are leaving UNIS this year?
  • Who won the ES Garden Photo Competition from 5B?
  • Who had a birthday this week in 5B?
  • What do the ‘Guardians of the SDG’s’ do?
  • Where are you going for your G5 end of year activity?
  • What clothing might you need for ice skating?

Week 37 – May 28th to June 1st

Welcome, 5B Community,

This week in 5B, students visited Middle School on Monday to get a sneak peek into the life of a Middle Schooler. It was also an opportunity for students to ask questions and address any concerns they had regarding the transition from Elementary to Middle School. The feedback from the G6 teachers and admin team were all positive and they are looking forward to learning with the students next year.



For more information about this fun-filled event click the link sent by Mr Martin Hamilton.

Geometry and Art – What’s going on in 5B?

Students have been working on understanding Geometric language. For example

  • poly = many.
  • gon = angles, edges, corners.
  • peri = around or about.
  • me = to measure
  • meter =a verse; that by which anything is measured; measure, length, size, limit and proportion
  • Cube = cut in cubes

Using Picasso’s cubism we are working on crafting portraits of ourselves that show us from different perspectives. Watch this space for the creative connection between math and art.

Students are working towards consolidating geometric elements by measuring angles, identifying coordinates, exploring translations and rotations.


5B have been writing their reflections about their time as a fifth grader. How have they changed, what have they learned and how will this support their future learning. They have just finished working on the novel ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ and will begin to show their understanding of the text type ‘recount’ as their final assessment for writing.

Health and Wellbeing

Students are tired and worn out, and with the changing weather, it is not impossible to catch the dreaded flu or a cold. Please keep your child home if they are not feeling well. The immune systems are taking a battering at this time of the year with bugs and the stress of change upon students.

This week in 5B

Dinner Time Conversations

  • What are the names of the two main characters in “Bridge to Terabithia”?
  • What Identity project are you working on that shows how you have transitioned over time and who you are?
  • What was your visit to Middle School like?
  • What swimming event are you swimming in on Friday?
  • What story about Haka, did Ms Tina share with you this week?

Save the Dates

  • 1st June – ES Swimming Relay Extravaganza
  • 11th June – G5 Celebration of learning @ 9:00 am Start
  • 11th June – G5 Morning Tea and Trans-identity product sharing with parents @ 10:10.
  • 11th June – G5 Suprise Activity Departs UNIS at 11:30 am




5B Literacy Response for Thursday 17th May 2018

“Attention is the brains most valuable resource”

How do you imagine your brain?

Step one:

Draw an image to show how you see your brain. Take a photo and add it to this response.

Don’t skip ahead do step one first.

Step two:

Then watch the video called Brain Power. Take notes and then redraw your brain to show what you have learned. Post your second picture and respond in writing (200 words +) explaining what important information you took from the video.

Brain Power Video Link




5B Literacy Response for Monday 14th May 2018


Sleep helps our bodies to grow, and recover from illness or injury. We also need sleep for our brains to work at their best.

Click on the link below and listen carefully, take notes and then write an opinion piece answering the questions below. Ask your teacher for the username and password to log into BrainPOP.


  • Why is sleep important?
  • What will help us to sleep well?
  • What is NREM sleep and REM Sleep?
  • What do you believe happens while you dream?

If you want to go further, research “How much sleep do we need at different ages?” and add that to your response.

Good luck and stay awake!

Week 34 – May 7th to 11th

Welcome 5B Community

This week we introduced our last unit of the year called “Transitions” and we began our inquiry with a visit to an ECC discovery classroom to help students realize some of the transitions they have already made as learners.

Next, we brainstormed other types of transitions and created a list that included physical, social and emotional changes. And yes, puberty was on the list! The following presentation slides give a brief overview of topics covered during the unit. This is the same presentation presented at the Friday’s coffee morning.

Who We Are_Transitions coffee morning 2018-yzi1bq

PYPX is over!

But the Action hasn’t stopped.

Jonathan (5B), Nathan (5B) and Moriz (5A) had been working with David Buckner to plant a tree as part of their action to combat air pollution around UNIS. The boys had to prep the tree for transplant and then dig it up and replant it in its forever home. It currently looks like a bald tower and they are looking forward to seeing it flourish in its new home in the car park. This process has taken eight weeks and the boys will be sharing their experience in the next edition of the ES Tin Tuc.

5B is back to a more normal schedule of math and literacy. In math this week, students inquired into the properties of shape, the ways they can demonstrate a problem and how they can use their mathematical knowledge to craft a lesson that develops areas for improvement.

In literacy, students are perfecting their ability to read criteria and apply it when writing. The current text type is ‘recount’ which means students should be able to recount an event in order, using describing words and reflection to enable the reader to imagine what the event was like. 

5B had a visit from Mr Dylan this week to talk about ‘Safe touch’. The student’s roleplayed and took part in a continuum quiz which incorporated many different scenarios.

Next week, students will take the standardized MAP assessment on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Families can help students by ensuring that their children come to school well rested and well hydrated.

Table Talk:

  1. How many systems are there in the human body?
  2. Which system works independently of the other systems?
  3. What is the name of the body system that your skin belongs to?
  4. Tell me about the rice video from China that you watched in class?
  5. What should we never leave at school overnight?

Save the date:

11th June – G5 Assembly Celebration and morning tea @ 9 am




Letter to Parents from the Music Department

May 4 th 2018

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

As we approach the end of this 2017/18 School Year, the time has come for all students to return the instrument that they have been borrowing from UNIS. We will be doing a check of all instruments before the summer holiday to replace broken or missing strings, accessories and small repairs. These costs will be covered by UNIS.

Hopefully, we won’t have any larger breakages or missing instruments
which will require your attention. These costs might be extra under the loan agreement form.

This letter is to let you know the days that students must hand in their instrument and have it checked off by Ms Sally and Ms Mai. Prior to this day, students have a responsibility to thoroughly clean their band instrument at home. We will be watching some youtube links on how to do this.

Here is a link to get started.

After this day, all instruments will be kept at school to practice during classes for the last few weeks of this school year.

Thank you for your support at home with your child’s instrumental learning. It is great to hear of their enthusiasm to continue learning an instrument next year in Middle School. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this particular group of young musicians and watching their confidence grow in their learning and performing.

It has been a great year of music making!

Sally Oxenberry
ES Music

Week 33 May 2nd – 4th – Book Week

Welcome back 5B Community

People are still talking about the PYP Exhibition that the G5 students presented last week! A number of people have said that it was the best PYPX ever, based on all of the actions that our students took and are still taking to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

This Week in 5B

The theme of this short week is “books.” On Wednesday, students had extended reading time and chose meaningful words to wear and share. On Thursday, students and teachers dressed up as favourite characters in stories and paraded with their G1 Buddies.  

The Grouchy Ladybug Book by Eric Carle

On Friday 5B had a “mystery reader” stop by our class to share a story.

Thank you Mr Stef, you were outstanding. 5B students loved your antics and stories.

Students had an opportunity to buy from the large range of second-hand books on Friday along with the chance to come to school in their PJ’s. 

5B and 5A students visited ISV as they present their PYPX journey.

As the year starts to wind down, we are starting our final units for all subjects. Our last unit of inquiry will be about “transitions,” physical, social and emotional. The focus for Math will be geometry, and students will investigate the various types of measurement through hands-on activities. In literacy, students will review “recount” writing and take reading assessments. 

The week may have been shorter, but there was still a surmountable amount of learning going on.

Dinner Time Conversation
What PYPX actions are still continuing?
What book characters did you see on Thursday?
What school are you visiting on Friday to watch their PYPX?
What Math task are you working on at the moment?

Save the date:

  • Friday 11th May – Coffee Morning (8:30 am) to explain the G5 Transition UOI. Please note this date is different from the advertised date on the school calendar.
  • Monday 28th May – 5B Stepping Up into MS for the day
  • Tuesday 29th May – 5B Field Trip to HIS to attend their PYPX presentation
  • Monday 11th June – G5 Assembly Celebration

Enjoy your weekend

Week 32 – 23rd to 27th April

G5 PYPX Live Streaming Details
Looking forward to an amazing day celebrating your child’s success as PYPX continues to come to life with visiting schools, presentations, and our evening event.
The evening presentation has live streaming that it can be shared with our global UNIS community.
It will be available via on the YouTube channel of the Elementary school.