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Movie Response
The movie that i have seen and really enjoy it, is called \"It Takes Two\". It is a really interesting movie. There was This girl called Amanda she was not a royal girl. One day she and her classmate are going on a camp! There is another girl n (More)
Junk Food
Hi, my name is Lana, and today I want to tell you that Junk food is really bad for you. According to the British government, 40,000  people a year die because from eating too much junk food and these deaths can be avoided!   Do you know how eat (More)
Boy Overboard Persuasive Homework
\"Excuse me, me and my sister got the wrong boat, and we need your help, can you get us to the other boat where are parent is?\", Said Jamal. The Smuggler says,\" Sorry, but it is to late to stop and get you to the other boat! We need to be on time t (More)
Parent Fave product/Toy when they were a kid (Homework)
When my dad was a little kid, he always wanted a electric modern train because he want to be a train driver when he was a child . He saw the advertisement from the magazine and mainly the big advertising poster of that toy at this huge toy shop. (More)
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