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Welcome to our Blog - let's get started...
In Grade 7 PE we are going to try using a Grade blog to discuss issues that are related to the topics that we are learning about in class.  Before we begin, it is important that we take a little time to become familiar with what the expectations are (More)
Grade 8 Casino Night!
Everyone in 8th grade worked really hard on the mathematics and designing their games! It was great seeing parents and kids enjoying the games! OUR TASK QUESTION: How can we make our Casino Game Successful?  A successful casino game will Make a Pro (More)
Casino Night reflection 🙂
How can we make our Casino Game Sucessful? we made our game successful by making sure that we are taking money from the punter instead of giving them by adjusting the odds down. We made our display and game very colorful and joyful. at first there w (More)
Vietnamese Citizenship
Rights Freedom Vote Freedom of speech Legal rights Equal before law Regardless of nationality, sex, social background, religious belief, cultural standard, occupation, time of residence, is allowed to vote at the age of eighteen and at (More)
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