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Citizenship in Utopia
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Citizenship in Utopia 2
MILITARY SERVICE I think in a perfect Utopia, citizens should do military or community service for it is not only helping the n (More)
My Utopia
My Utopia Rights in my Utopia: One of the rights in my Utopia is that public education would be free to all, which means that even if you are homeless or quite poor, you can still attend a public school to get education to help you get a better jo (More)
Citizenship of Vampire Town
The rights of the citizens of Vampire Town have been written down in an official document called the Constitution of Vampire Town. The citizens have various rights and privileges. One of the most important rights is the freedom of choosing your own r (More)
My Utopia
Freedom is what my utopia is all about. It is a place for human rights and enjoyment. Citizens of the utopia have privileges and access to many things. There are three main aspects that the utopia focuses on the most: religion, gender, primary educat (More)
Le Bobtopia
In the Utopia of my creation, there are several rights that people have. The most important rights are rights of Vote, rights of Health Care and rights of Privacy/Shelter. In (Utopia) every year, every citizen from the age of 15 has the rights to vot (More)
My Own Utopia
Utopia is a world of my own where all the laws and policies work out perfectly, which makes it peaceful. The citizens of Utopia will have many rights. For example, they will have the rights to vote (and vote whoever they wish), rights to select or mo (More)
My Utopia
Rights The citizens in Utopia have the right to vote. It is not forced to vote. This is a very important right to have in Utopia because if the citizens could vote then that means they could choose their own leader. If the leader was doing a horri (More)
My Utopia
Rights: In Utopia, the citizens have many rights, but none of these rights may infringe someone else’s. The first one is freedom of speech. This is important because if something wrong has been done or there is a way to improve people’s lives seen (More)
Vietnamese Citizenship
Rights: Constitution 1992: Chapter V: Basic Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens http://mgov.vn/gov/article/view/51/89 Article 49: Citizens of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are pe (More)
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