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Mai Chau Trip
  The trip to Mai Chau was fun and we were able to do a lot of things I was at first disappointed with the challenge hike because the cha (More)
Trip to Mai Chau journal
19/3/14 Mai Chau Digital Story Book Click on the Story Book One of the things that i enjoyed today was being able to walk around the village (More)
In Science, In the unit Natural Disasters, we had to create a website and also I had to get information on the Volcano Mount. Vesuvius. I found that getting some of the information on the volcano was difficult. The thing that I enjoyed about this is (More)
SMART Goal Worksheet S.M.A.R.T. Questions… Specific Does your goal clearly and specifically state what you are trying to achieve?If your goal is particularly large, try breaking it down into smaller, specific SMART goals. Measu (More)
My Mongolian Yurt
  I made this Mongolian Yurt in spanish class because the unit is houses and I started building this house and I got the materials I ne (More)
Pe Fitness
In PE we talked about different types of things got to do with fitness and this unit Fitness was difficult because it was hard to remember the terms and I enjoyed this because I learned about different things that your body is able to do and terms. I (More)
We had this for math and the task was to make a video on how to do one of the skills we learned in math. This task was difficult at first because I did not know what thing I should pick. While I was making this video I learned how to make a Video Tut (More)
Choir SkyFall
This is choir and we had to pick a song so the boys picked Skyfall. I liked the task because it was fun to do and the song is not a boring song. The thing that I found difficult was remembering all the words of the song but in the end I remembered. (More)
Going Green (Service Learning)
This year in service learning I did Going Green and in Going Green the students help grow plants and sometimes will go for field trips to people that are farmers and we give them items to help them farm. The experience I had in it was a okay one. I w (More)
Smart Goals
ADV07-Smart Goal Worksheet- Joe Rhodes My goal for this semester was to Improve at my mathematics. i feel that i have made a good (More)
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