Thursday November 16th 2017

It’s been a short, yet very busy week so far!

Field Trip to Fivimart

On Wednesday, the children designed their healthy snack making sure that it had at least 2 food groups – “body builders” (protein), “body protectors” (fruit/vegetables) and “energy givers” (carbohydrates). They then made a shopping list. This morning we set off on our field trip to buy the ingredients for their snack. Back in class, the students made their creations and enjoyed them for afternoon snack. Please ask your child about the healthy choices they made! Many, many thanks to Emi, Jonathan, Chi, Luck and Akiko for all your help!


Before and after

Year book cover competition

If you’re child would like to create a cover for the 2017-18 year book, please read the letter from Advancement here.

The Grade 1 teachers are learners too:

This weekend, the Grade 1 team along with the other ECC teachers at UNIS and 40 colleagues from all around Asia, had the pleasure of attending the EARCOS workshop Listening to Learning in the Early Years, presented by Fiona Zinn. Fiona is an Educational Consultant based in Hobart, Australia. Drawing on 25 years experience in the early childhood, primary and tertiary sectors, Fiona consults widely with International Schools around the world to boldly re-imagine early years and primary pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments in response to research. During our two-day weekend workshop, we explored some of the ideas that underpin the pedagogical experience of Reggio Emilia, investigated our ‘image of the child’ and shared some deep reflection on the importance of relationships within our schools. We also examined the role of provocation and documentation for our work with transnational children in international school contexts. After our weekend of learning, we had another two days of professional development focusing on student agency.


Mystery Readers

As I mentioned a week or so ago, it would be wonderful if you or a family member could come to class as a “mystery reader” for 1D. It would be a surprise for the children, so please don’t mention it, and we would love to have stories in your home language.


  • The next ES snack sale will be on Wednesday November 22nd. Please give your child 20,000 VND so that they can purchase a healthy snack.
  • Tickets for the G1-3 musical are on sale after school outside the canteen.
  • Library day: from next week onwards, 1D will go to the library on Fridays.






Thursday November 9th 2017

UN Day

What a wonderful day we had on UN Day! It was wonderful to see all the children so proudly representing their countries in their national dress. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch together afterwards with some delicious flavours from around the world. Thank you so much to all the parent-volunteers for making it happen, and to all of you for providing food and participating in the occasion.

Blue Dragon Walkathon

This wonderful annual event followed closely on the heels of UN Day. The children gave it their all and should be very proud of their achievement. Again, many, many thanks to the parent volunteers who helped out on the day. Please send in the money the children raised so that we can add it to our class money collection chart, and ultimately send it on to Blue Dragon! Here is our class recount of the day:

        The Walkathon

Yesterday at UNIS we did the Walkathon.

First we went to the field. Next we did the warm up exercises. After that we ran. Finally we ate ice-cream.

We felt proud because we tried our best!

Coming up!

  • Our field trip to the supermarket is next Thursday, November 16th. Today the children have taken home the information and consent form. Please check all the boxes on the form and return it, signed, tomorrow.
  • No school on Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th of November.


Thursday November 2nd 2017

Dear parents

I would like to invite you to come to class as a “mystery reader” on Fridays at 15.00. It would be wonderful if you, or another family member, could read a story to the 1D children in your home language. Please email me if you’d like to sign up, and don’t mention it to the children!

Many thanks!


This week in 1D


We have started learning about hygiene as part of our unit. To be able to visualise how germs spread, we all covered our hands in talcum powder and then touched different objects in the class. We then started our first science experiment for the year. We made a list of places that we thought would have germs and came up with a question: Where are there more germs? We then put the germs from each place on the bread slice and predicted which bread slice would grow the most/least amount of mould (and therefore germs). We predicted that the toilet seat would have the most germs and that the lego would have the least germs. We’re now closely observing the bread slices to see if our prediction was correct.

Dress up day

We had a fun “dress up” on Tuesday. The children took part in a mini parade and then wrote descriptions about each other which they posted on their blog. Here are the kids all together:


We met with our 5D buddies today. We spent time playing together in the playground and then the older children taught the G1 children how to use our new word-work resource, Word Mania.


  • I look forward to seeing you all at our UN Day celebration tomorrow, Friday 3rd November. Children and adults are encouraged to wear national dress or colours. The ceremony starts at 10:30 followed by a community lunch in the class at 12pm. Children go home at 1pm.
  • If you have any old white shirts, and/or medical equipment such as bandages, slings, neck braces, doctors kits, small plastic empty medicine bottles, we would love to borrow them for our unit play centre.
  • The annual ES Blue Dragon Walkathon is on Wednesday November 8th. Your child will be bringing home more information tomorrow together with a sponsorship form.
  • There will be a field trip next Thursday to the supermarket. More information to come.

Last but not least, a very Happy Birthday to Mai Linh who was 7 on November 1st.

Thursday October 26th 2017

Last Friday we had a very special guest to 1D: Monae’s 91 year-old great grandfather, Ralph. Ralph read the children a story and then answered some of the children’s questions. We worked out that he was born in 1926!

Also last Friday we had our first Guidance lesson (T.I.G – Technology, Information Fluency and Guidance) with Ms Anissa. Ms Anissa will be visiting our class weekly on Friday to help us learn well-being as part of our unit, Balance in our lives can promote health and well-being. 

Please note that our T.I.G time has changed to Fridays (see timetable below). Our library borrowing time remains on Tuesday.

In Maths this week we started a unit of work on organising and collecting. We decided to take an inventory of some of the things in our class. We soon discovered that it was quite hard to keep track of the bigger quantities. By grouping the objects by 10s, we found that the task was more manageable. We will continue working on this next week.

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Ehyun. We wish her and her family all the very best for their move to HCMC. We will miss you, Ehyun!


On Friday, Kreshaa and Vidisha treated their Grade 1 friends to a performance of a typical Indian dance to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light. They did an excellent job and we very much enjoyed learning a little bit about their culture. If any other child (or parent!) would like to share a cultural tradition with the grade, please do not hesitate to let us know!

Important dates:

  • October 31st is Dress Up Day.
  • UN Day is next Friday, 3rd November. The assembly is at 10:30 in the Sports’ Centre followed by lunch in 1C/1D at 12pm. The children depart at 1pm.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday October 19th, 2017

We’ve had another very busy week of learning in 1D. Here are a few snapshots of what we’ve been up to!

In Maths this week we worked collaboratively to create a number line from 1-100. The children’s cooperation and communication skills were particularly impressive.

We also worked on a story problem using different maths tools available in the classroom to model the problem.


On Wednesday we had a shared lunch in the classroom. This was the provocation to our new unit (Balance in our lives promotes health and well-being – see below for more information). We gave the children complete free-choice to help themselves to whichever food they wanted. We recorded this in photos and will be referring back to it throughout the unit. If you’d like to see what your child chose, here are some pictures:

Here is the new unit overview:

Thank you so much for your collaboration with the yellow and black clothing today for the APAC Volleyball opening assembly. Everyone looked great and the gesture was much appreciated by the visiting teams, particularly WAB!


  • 1D will have their last swimming lesson tomorrow.
  • Please remember to hand the envelopes with the money for your child’s photos to the Advancement office (B7).



Thursday October 5th 2017

Thank you so much to everyone for coming to our first parent-teacher conference. It was great to see you all again and to get to know you and your child better.

This week we met with our Grade 5 buddies. We practised “Read to Someone” which forms part of our Daily 5 English activities. Our Grade 5 friends were great teachers. Here they are:

Book recommendations

Please note that there is now a UNIS list of recommended books for your child. You can find this list under the “resources” tab on the blog.


Three of our friends have turned 7 recently!


  • Students should wear blue on Thursday October 19th to support UNIS in the APAC boys volleyball tournament.

Wishing you all a very relaxing October break!


Thursday September 28th

In UoI this week we went on a mini field trip to find out more information about systems in our school. One group went to the nurses’ office and interviewed Nurse Susan about the systems that are in place there.

The other group, who chose to find out more about the ASA systems, went to the administration office to find out more from Mr Adrian, the school’s co-curricular activities manager. He showed the group the different parts which form the complex ASA system.

In both groups, the children asked the questions and recorded the information in photographic form. Next week, they will show how their chosen system works.

Moon Festival

We had a wonderful day celebrating the Moon Festival today. Everyone looked beautiful in their áo dài.

Here are some photos of what we did:

1D looking amazing in their áo dài.


  • Parent conferences are on Tuesday October the 3rd. Please sigh up for an appointment through Veracross. Remember there are no classes for students that day.

Thursday September 21st 2017

On Tuesday we celebrated UNIS’s 30th birthday. We all wore blue, sang a whole-school “happy birthday” song with our mascot, Phelix, took a whole school photo (official photo to come) and finally we ate blue and white cupcakes. It was a fun day.

Also on Tuesday the whole of Grade 1 was treated to the story “Mortimer” told by our very talented 4th Grade teacher, Mr Jeff. Please ask your child to retell the story. It was a lot of fun.

In UoI this week the students hunted for different systems around the school, they voted on their favourite and then made a human graph to choose the top two. The children will be inquiring into the ASA system and the nurses’ computer system over the next couple of weeks. 

In Maths this week we had our first “dot” number talk. We are working on the Mathematical Practice, ” I can see how numbers and shapes are put together”. The children were shown a dot pattern and first asked how many dots they could see. When we all agreed that there were 7, the children explained how they saw the dots. In total we found 13 different ways of seeing the dots. Can you find any other ways of seeing the dots?

The next day we looked at the patterns and described the way we saw the dots using the algorithms. This is what we found:

Important notices:

  • Thursday 28th Sept – We will celebrate the Moon Festival. Please encourage your child to wear an Ao Dai to school.
  • Please remember to give your child some headphones for our listening station. These should be clearly named and will stay at school until June.

Thursday September 14th, 2017

Tomorrow is International Dot Day, a day which celebrates creativity. Please encourage your child to wear something dotty! In preparation for the auspicious occasion we got creative today with our G5 buddies. Tomorrow we’ll have a photo with the finished product. This is what we did:

This week in Maths we learned a really fun game to practise making 10s. It’s called Flip 10! This game is a great one to play at home and just requires a normal pack of cards. Here’s a link for the instructions (although your child should be able to explain how it goes!).

Reminders for next week:

  • Swimming starts on Monday (September 18th). The children will be swimming in all their PE classes from Monday for the following 4 weeks. Please make sure your child has a swimming costume, towel and a swimming cap (for long hair).
  • UNIS’ 30th Birthday is on Tuesday September 19th. There will be a special whole-school assembly at 14.15 in the sports centre to celebrate. All the children and faculty will then have a photo taken together on the field. Parents are invited to the assembly but please pick up your child from the classroom at 15.20 (not before) as usual.
  • Snack Sale is on Wednesday September 20th. Children should bring 20,000 VND to purchase a snack.
  • Take-home readers. The children are now taking home a book in their blue folders. This should be brought to school daily so that your child can change the book.