Book Week (Thursday 3rd May)

It’s been a short week but we’ve already packed so much into it. Yesterday was “Wear a Word Day” – we had a fabulous variety of words from “BANANA PEEL” to “HAPPINESS” and “CHOCOLATE”. Today was “Character Dress Up Day”. Everyone looked splendid in their costumes.

We also had a visit from a mystery reader, Ms Chris from Grade 3. She read us a couple of Hairy McClary books, which everyone loved.

Important notices for tomorrow!

Tomorrow is wear your pyjamas and bring a soft toy day. The children have been asked to remember to bring:

  1. Pyjamas and soft toy
  2. A change of clothes for the Poetry Café

Tomorrow is the book sale. The children should bring some money (approximately 100,000 VND) to spend on books. We will visit the book sale as a class at 10.30.

Tomorrow is also our POETRY CAFE. Grab a coffee and please be outside our classroom just before 2:30. Coffee will be served in the ES Staff room. The children are looking forward to sharing their messages with you!

Have a happy weekend!

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