Thursday September 21st 2017

On Tuesday we celebrated UNIS’s 30th birthday. We all wore blue, sang a whole-school “happy birthday” song with our mascot, Phelix, took a whole school photo (official photo to come) and finally we ate blue and white cupcakes. It was a fun day.

Also on Tuesday the whole of Grade 1 was treated to the story “Mortimer” told by our very talented 4th Grade teacher, Mr Jeff. Please ask your child to retell the story. It was a lot of fun.

In UoI this week the students hunted for different systems around the school, they voted on their favourite and then made a human graph to choose the top two. The children will be inquiring into the ASA system and the nurses’ computer system over the next couple of weeks. 

In Maths this week we had our first “dot” number talk. We are working on the Mathematical Practice, ” I can see how numbers and shapes are put together”. The children were shown a dot pattern and first asked how many dots they could see. When we all agreed that there were 7, the children explained how they saw the dots. In total we found 13 different ways of seeing the dots. Can you find any other ways of seeing the dots?

The next day we looked at the patterns and described the way we saw the dots using the algorithms. This is what we found:

Important notices:

  • Thursday 28th Sept – We will celebrate the Moon Festival. Please encourage your child to wear an Ao Dai to school.
  • Please remember to give your child some headphones for our listening station. These should be clearly named and will stay at school until June.
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