Thursday September 14th, 2017

Tomorrow is International Dot Day, a day which celebrates creativity. Please encourage your child to wear something dotty! In preparation for the auspicious occasion we got creative today with our G5 buddies. Tomorrow we’ll have a photo with the finished product. This is what we did:

This week in Maths we learned a really fun game to practise making 10s. It’s called Flip 10! This game is a great one to play at home and just requires a normal pack of cards. Here’s a link for the instructions (although your child should be able to explain how it goes!).

Reminders for next week:

  • Swimming starts on Monday (September 18th). The children will be swimming in all their PE classes from Monday for the following 4 weeks. Please make sure your child has a swimming costume, towel and a swimming cap (for long hair).
  • UNIS’ 30th Birthday is on Tuesday September 19th. There will be a special whole-school assembly at 14.15 in the sports centre to celebrate. All the children and faculty will then have a photo taken together on the field. Parents are invited to the assembly but please pick up your child from the classroom at 15.20 (not before) as usual.
  • Snack Sale is on Wednesday September 20th. Children should bring 20,000 VND to purchase a snack.
  • Take-home readers. The children are now taking home a book in their blue folders. This should be brought to school daily so that your child can change the book.


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