Thursday 7th September 2017

We’ve had another great week of learning in 1D. Here is some information about what we’ve been up to:

In English this week we practised “Read to Self”. We learned that we have to pick good-fit books, stay in one spot, read quietly and read the whole time. We’ll be practising this a lot over the coming weeks to build stamina. This is what it looks like:

Also, in English we continued creating descriptions orally, this time with our furry soft-toy friends. The children are learning to look at an object from different perspectives (colour, size, number, shape, position and texture) in order to create an interesting description. They are also learning to use the Noun-Pronoun-Pronoun-Noun pattern in their texts. Here they are practising together:

For our unit of inquiry this week we continued to think about the importance of being a cooperative member of our 1D community. The children loved trying to untangle themselves “cooperatively” from their human knot:

Another activity which helped us practise team work was doing team jigsaw puzzles. This required excellent communication and problem-solving skills. The winning team showed good communication skills and impressive perseverance.

For more information on our current unit, please see the following information:

Important notices:

Our library day for returning/borrowing books is Tuesday. Your child can, however, return and borrow books from the library during lunch recess.

Please could your child bring in a set of headphones (clearly labelled) so that they can listen to stories on the iPads.

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