Friday April 28th 2017

In Maths this week we had a bit of belated Easter Egg fun. We did a “3 Act Task” so that the children could practise thinking like mathematicians. Act 1: we discussed what we noticed and wondered about the eggs in the bowl (there were 4 colours, but how many were there of each, and how many in total?), the children made estimates. Act 2: The numbers: armed with the number of each colour egg, the children then tried to figure out the total. The children used a range of strategies: tally marks, cubes, small toys, counters, dots etc. Act 3: The solution: it wasn’t that easy to keep track of such a big number, but we found that making groups of 10 made it much easier. The answer: 82. The prize: chocolate eggs – buy how many for each child!?


No school on Monday or Tuesday!

Next week is Book Week. Please see the Grade Level Blog for more information. Here is a quick reminder of what is on:

  • Wednesday: Buddy reading (nothing to prepare for this, but if your child would like to bring in a book from home to share with his/her buddy, that would be great).
  • Thursday: Favourite character dress-up day.
  • Friday: Line in your pocket day (copy a line from a favourite book, put in your pocket and be ready to say it to anyone who asks).

The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report assessment

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, addition and subtraction.

UoI – Provocation for the new unit- Sharing the Planet.
Central Idea-Human interactions with the environment have an impact on the survival of plants and animals.

PSEL – Appreciation.

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