Friday 31st March 2017

In Maths this week we learned a new game, Quick Draw (by 1s, 2s, 5s or 10s). The learning objective of the game is fluency in forward & backwards counting sequences. It’s a fun, fast-paced game which requires lots of focus and thinking. Encourage your child to explain the rules! Regular playing cards can be adapted to make this game – maybe an interesting Spring Break project?!

1C also got together this week with our neighbours, 1D,  to teach each other some new Maths games.

Important: I will be absent from school for the week after the holiday (April 10th-14th inclusive). Please contact Ms Noi ( ) with any changes in pick-up routine or to communicate your child’s absence. Please contact Ms Julia ( with any other issues or concerns. Ms Joh Ponson, who is an experienced teacher as well as a UNIS parent, will be substituting the class in my absence.


The Learning Intentions for 10-14 April are:

English – Information Report writing

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, continued number objectives

UoI – Inquiry into what can be done with light and sound

PSEL – Curiosity

Reminder: No school next week as it is Spring Break

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