Friday March 4th 2016

What a busy week! On Tuesday the children finished their final piece of work from our unit of inquiry about how things change over time. The students used their new knowledge about describing things from different perspectives to write about an object “then” and “now”. The children then┬ácompleted a Venn Diagram to highlight the similarities and differences. Finally, the children were asked to explain why they think these changes have occurred. Please take time to look at their finished work, which the children are rightfully very proud of.

This week we also voted for our  Student Council Reps. Well done to Kaishu, Didi, Aron, Noah, Hjalte, Amelia, Aimi and Kaya for being great risk-takers and putting themselves up for election and presenting to the class. It was a very close call, but the winners of the election were Kaya and Hjalte. Congratulations to them both!


In assembly on Thursday we enjoyed listening to visiting artist, Danny Gregory, who talked to us about how he enjoys drawing everyday things such as toast, dogs and … shoes! After showing us how to do it, the children all then drew their own shoe. Here are the wonderful 10-minute drawings produced by 1SF.

We finished the week with a fun morning of sports. I’m sure everyone will sleep very well tonight! Here are some photos:

Our learning intentions for next week are:

English – Describing characters, adding details using descriptive perspectives.

MathsCount collections to 100 by partitioning numbers using place value

Represent and solve simple addition and subtraction problems

PSEL – Balanced

UoI – ┬áLearning about plant parts


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