Goodbye and have a great summer!

It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to have been your child’s teacher this year. It’s always with great sadness that we have to say goodbye, but also with pride and happiness to see how ready the children are for Grade 2.

First day of Grade 1:

Final day of Grade 1:


My very best wishes to Maeve, Davide and Ian and their families for their adventures ahead.

I wish you all an excellent and well-deserved summer break!

With very warm regards,

Miss Sue


Friday June 9th 2017

What an amazing last full week we’ve had in 1C. Thursday started with a burst of emotion with the Grade 1’s final assembly with the ECC (next year in Grade 2 the children will join the higher grades for assembly). This was followed by our fun camping day. Here’s a video showing you some highlights:


Reminders for next week:

Tuesday 13th June

  • At 8.30 am we will have a fun morning in the G1 rooms where the children will be able to move between the Grade 1 classrooms and choose from a variety of activities.
  • At 11 am parents are invited to join us in 1C for some farewells.
  • At 11.25 we will move to the canteen for a pot-luck lunch for Grade 1 parents, teachers and students.
  • At 1.15 we will have an ES Leavers’ Assembly in the Sports Centre. All parents are invited to bid farewell to the leaving students and faculty.


Wednesday 14th June

  • Early dismissal at 12.00pm.


In Maths this week we learned a new game: Roll and Risk. All you need is 1 or 2 dice, paper and a pen. The children have had a lot of fun (and lots of mental maths practice) with this game. Please ask your child to explain it to you! Here are some photos:


There’s lots happening next week. Here is an overview!

Fun themed days:

  • On Monday we will be having a “Popcorn” themed day which will involve data collection, procedural writing and some poetry.
  • On Thursday we will have a “Camping” themed day which will involve creative play, recipes and map making. For this, please can children bring in a blanket/sheet or sleeping bag, small cuddly toy, a torch and a small pillow.

G4 Market Day – Tuesday 6th June is  – children are encouraged to bring 60,000VND to spend.

ES Garage Sale – Thursday 8th June –  from 3:30-4:30pm in the ES courtyard.

Official ES “Moving Up Morning” – Friday 9th June –  when students will go to their new class for next year.


Friday May 26th 2017

(Many apologies for not posting on Friday!)

This week the children will not be bringing home any home readers. The book room is having an inventory so that it’s ready for next year. Please continue to encourage your child to read books from home. We want them to retain all that great learning they have done over the year! If you have any school reading books at home please return them this week.

Also library books all need to be returned this week. Please see the Grade 1 blog post for more information.

The Garage Sale will take place on Thursday the 8th of June. Please see the video below for details.

Learning Intentions for this week are:

English – Continue to write and explore narrative text

Maths – Review of subjects covered over the year

UoI – The impact of humans on living things and what we can do.

PSEL – Continue practicing giving “be” and “do” compliments.



Friday May 12th 2017

In UoI this week we looked at different habitats and created lists of animals that live in those habitats (savannah, desert, arctic, forest, rain forest and ocean). The students then, using our unit books, thought about the external features the animals need to survive in these habitats. It was wonderful to see the children working collaboratively and enthusiastically researching. Here they are in action:


REMINDER: Swimming starts again in PE lessons on May 15th (next week)!

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Continue to explore and discuss narrative text.

Maths – Patterning.

UoI – Begin to look at how humans are impacting living things.

PSEL – Curiosity and Inquirer.

Friday May 5th 2017

It’s been a short yet fun-filled week this week. This is how we celebrated Book Week: On Wednesday the children read with their Grade 5 buddies, on Thursday was Character Dress-up Day where the children paraded in their costumes and on Friday we enjoyed “Line in Your Pocket” day. We were also treated to a story read by our mystery reader, Ms Kristi from K1. Here are some photos:

We have also started a new unit this week. Our central idea is ‘Human interactions with the environment have an impact on the survival of plants and animals’.  We did an interesting provocation where we put the children’s fists inside a glove and told them they couldn’t use their fingers. They then had to build something using only their restricted hands.

The children said that this activity felt: weird, interesting, challenging, bad, hard, different, tricky, sad. We then looked at photos of animals suffering due to things humans had done. The children made connections between how they felt and how they thought the animals might be feeling. To help get us thinking about these big ideas, we invited some expert Grade 5 students who told us about endangered animals in Vietnam. Many thanks to our Grade 5 friends!

Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Begin to explore and discuss narrative texts.

Maths – Continued number work. Following directions.

UoI – Inquire into the different environments of living things and the external features of living things.

PSEL – Caring

Friday April 28th 2017

In Maths this week we had a bit of belated Easter Egg fun. We did a “3 Act Task” so that the children could practise thinking like mathematicians. Act 1: we discussed what we noticed and wondered about the eggs in the bowl (there were 4 colours, but how many were there of each, and how many in total?), the children made estimates. Act 2: The numbers: armed with the number of each colour egg, the children then tried to figure out the total. The children used a range of strategies: tally marks, cubes, small toys, counters, dots etc. Act 3: The solution: it wasn’t that easy to keep track of such a big number, but we found that making groups of 10 made it much easier. The answer: 82. The prize: chocolate eggs – buy how many for each child!?


No school on Monday or Tuesday!

Next week is Book Week. Please see the Grade Level Blog for more information. Here is a quick reminder of what is on:

  • Wednesday: Buddy reading (nothing to prepare for this, but if your child would like to bring in a book from home to share with his/her buddy, that would be great).
  • Thursday: Favourite character dress-up day.
  • Friday: Line in your pocket day (copy a line from a favourite book, put in your pocket and be ready to say it to anyone who asks).

The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report assessment

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, addition and subtraction.

UoI – Provocation for the new unit- Sharing the Planet.
Central Idea-Human interactions with the environment have an impact on the survival of plants and animals.

PSEL – Appreciation.

It was wonderful to see the pictures of  you with your children during the Student Led Conferences. The kids were so excited to tell me about it and they were all so proud. Here are some photos which Noi took on the day:


Next week: Maker Day is next Friday!


The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report writing

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify, addition and subtraction

UoI – Inquiry into how light and sound help us

PSEL – Appreciation

Friday April 14th 2017

Please remember that next week Student Led Conferences are on Wednesday the 19th of April. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for a conference time. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the children to show you what they know and have learned. There will be no regular school that day.

Unfortunately I will be absent for the first part of next week. The class will be in the very capable hands of Ms Stephanie Canada, who you will meet on Wednesday. Please contact Ms Noi with any changes to the pick up routine, and please contact Ms Julia with any other queries. I hope to be back at school on Thursday.

The Learning Intentions for next week are:

English – Information Report writing

Maths – 3D shapes, name and classify. Continue number objectives

UoI – Inquiry into what can be done with light and sound

PSEL – Curiosity