This week in 1D – Thursday 8th February

This was one of our busiest weeks so far in Grade 1! Read on to find out what we’ve been up to!

100th Day Celebrations

On Tuesday we celebrated our 100th day at school. We first brainstormed everything we know about the number 100, and then the children chose from a range of activities all focussed around our star number. At the end of the day we took a 100th Day photo of the whole grade and then enjoyed the 100 delicious cupcakes (many thanks to all the parents who contributed!).

Snack Sale

On Wednesday morning the children bought snacks to enjoy at snack time. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the sale.

Global Play Day and Play-Based Learning

Also on Wednesday we celebrated Global Play Day. To mark this event, we invited our K2 friends to our Play-Based Learning space to enjoy some child-initiated, self-directed play together.

Field Trip

On Thursday morning we went on our field trip to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. Here is a recount of our trip, which we wrote together, followed by some photos of the day:

This is 1D’s last post before the Tet holiday. See you back at school on Monday 26th February. Wishing you a wonderful Tet break. Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!


This week in 1D – Thursday 1st February

Thank you so much for coming to the parent-teacher conferences today. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to chat to you about your child! There are lots of things happening next week – please scroll to the end for a list of reminders!

Sound and Light Exhibition

It was lovely to see so many of you at the “sound and light” exhibition last Friday. Here are some photos from the event:

Mystery Reader

Thank you so much to Sophia’s mum, Olga, who read a story in Russian about friendship. We learned a few words in Russian and Sophia showed us how to write some letters in Cyrillic.

New Unit of Inquiry


  • In order to support our new unit of inquiry please could you provide 4 photos of your child showing significant events in their lives (eg, first day of school, moving to a new country, special holiday,  etc) by Tuesday February 6th.
  • Please could you bring in any recyclables (boxes, tubes etc) you may have for our “maker space” outside.
  • Next Wednesday, February 7th, is the healthy snack sale. You should receive more information about this from the SCO.
  • Global Play Day is also next Wednesday, February 7th. Your child may bring a toy to school to help celebrate (please, no battery-operated toys or anything electronic).
  • We will be going on a field trip to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum on February 8th.

This week in 1D

Sound and Light 

Here’s a sneak peak of the children’s wonderful “light and sound” boxes that will be on display tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you in the class at 14.50.

Mystery Reader

Many thanks to Sophia’s dad, Stefan, who read a story in German to us. The children enjoyed it very much. They also noticed that some of the words sounded “a little bit like English”!


  • You are invited to class tomorrow at 14.50 to see the students’ Light and Sound boxes
  • Parent-teacher conferences will be next Thursday, February 1st. Please sign up!
  • You will receive your child’s report at the beginning of next week. Please read this before the conference on Thursday.
  • Operation Smile – please bring any unwanted toys and leave in the bucket outside the nurse’s office. All of these toys will be given to children awaiting mouth surgery in hospital, to make the waiting process more bearable.

This week in 1D – January 19th, 2018

Looking at vibrations

During our technology integration time with Ms Michelle, we learned how to make sounds through vibrations. The students were paired up and given a rubber band. Then they had to take a video of the rubber band making the vibration and sound. Then we took the video and moved it into an iMovie to slow down the video. The videos will be on the student’s blog very soon!

Mini Field Trip to the G9/10 String Orchestra

Continuing on with our inquiry into how light and sound affect our lives, we visited the Grade 9/10 string orchestra. The class first played an original piece of music which they are practising for an up-coming concert, and then the older students showed 1D how their instruments work. Some children even had a go at playing the instrument.
A message from Operation Smile

We would like to inform you that, from January 8 to February 8 of 2018, Operation Smile will be running a toy drive. There will be a large bucket placed outside the nurse’s office, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could encourage the students to donate toys they no longer want or need, to be placed in the bucket. All of these toys will be given to children awaiting mouth surgery in hospital, to make the waiting process more bearable.
Thank you!
Mystery Reader 
Many thanks to Haru’s mum, BK, who was our mystery reader this week. We very much enjoyed the story and learning a few new words in Korean.
Light and Sound Boxes
As a culmination to our unit on light and sound, the children are working collaboratively to make a space which incorporates natural and man-made light and sound sources. Here is the process so far:


I hope that you all had a wonderful, restful break. It’s been so interesting to read the children’s recounts of their holidays. We’re in the process of making a class book with the students’ published stories so that we can all read what each other did.

On Wednesday we had another mystery reader. This time Monae’s mum, Nathalie, read us a story all about volume called Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice. It was a great link to our current unit of inquiry. Please ask your child to retell the story. Many thanks, Nathalie!

Happy Holidays from 1D

Maker Day

Last Friday all the Elementary School children took part in Maker Day. This year the Grade 1 children experienced 6 of the following activities. Please ask your child which activities they did and which they liked best.

Here are some of the children in action:

Mystery Reader

On Wednesday we had another mystery reader – Emi, Yukari’s mum. She read us a story in Japanese and then taught us to say a few words. Ask your child if they can remember any of the new words in Japanese! Thanks, Emi!


Today we celebrated the holiday season with our grade 5 buddies. We made special treats together, and then wrote a recount about what we’d done.


Happy birthday to Yukari who will celebrate her birthday on December 21st.

Farewell to Luke

Today we said farewell to Luke. He will be moving to Hong Kong and starting school there in the New Year. We wish Luke and his family all the very best for their new adventure. We’ll miss you, Luke!


  • School starts again on the 8th of January.
  • Please do some reading and counting with your child over the holidays if you have time!


1D this week


Last Friday Ms Michelle came to 1D to teach us about electrical circuits as part of our new Light and Sound unit. Later the children worked in small groups to create their own circuit using a battery, wire, play-dough and a bulb.
Here they are in action:

A Skating Champion in 1D:

Last week Hiro participated in the South East Asian Figure Skating Open Challenge in Thailand. Hiro received first place for his category! We very much enjoyed watching the video of his performance and finding out more about his passion for skating. Many congratulations, Hiro!

Mystery Reader:

On Wednesday we had our second mystery reader, Miss Penny – Logan’s mum. Ask your child what the story was called. It was very funny!


Winterfest is tomorrow at 5pm!

Thursday November 30th, 2017

It was wonderful to see so many of you today in our English class. Thank you so much for coming! I look forward to seeing you (again) tomorrow for maths from 10.10 – 10.50.


On Thursday we launched our new unit of inquiry about light and sound. Please find more information about this unit below. As a provocation to this unit, we visited the school theatre. Together we created a recount of this experience.

Our Theatre Visit

On Wednesday morning 1D went to the theatre with the rest of grade 1.

First Mr Ngoc flashed the lights on Miss Penny. Then Miss Penny put different sounds on. We had to guess what they were. Finally we visited the control room. Mr Ngoc showed us the sound and light controls.

We had fun!

Here are some photos:


On Thursday morning we got together with our Grade 5 buddies. They have been learning all about energy and were able to show us some cool ways to make light and sound using circuits.

Information about our new unit of inquiry (including important dates!):

Finally… there was an unusual visitor to 1D..

Ask your child to tell you who (or what)!

Thursday November 23rd, 2017

Open Classrooms

The children and I are really looking forward to welcoming you next week during our “open classroom” sessions. This will be a “hands-on” opportunity for you to join in with your child’s learning experiences. Please see the timetable below for the 1D time-slots.

Unit of Inquiry

This week our unit on “Balance in our lives promotes health and well-being” culminated in a family-style lunch. The children were again given freedom to choose their own food. Here is what they chose:

And here they all are enjoying their shared-lunch together.

Please let me know if you notice your child taking action at home by making healthy choices. It would be great to celebrate this action together in class.

Mystery Reader

Thank you so much to Keunwoo’s mum, Luck, who was our first Mystery Reader. She read a book about healthy eating in Thai. It was amazing how much the children were able to glean and understand from the pictures in the story and Luck’s fabulous story-telling. We look forward to our next Mystery Reader – who will it be?! If you have not yet signed up, please do so here.


On November 15th Ibtihaaz turned 7! Happy birthday Ibtihaaz!


  • Tomorrow morning Ms Michelle, our tech expert, will be hosting a coffee morning and chat on the subject of blogging. 8.30am in the Community Room (B7)
  • Tickets for the G1-3 musical, “How to Eat Like a Child”, are on sale now. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Logan, Kreshaa, Yui, Monae and Tian Tian perform!
  • Please don’t forget to sign up to be a Mystery Reader! 


Thursday November 16th 2017

It’s been a short, yet very busy week so far!

Field Trip to Fivimart

On Wednesday, the children designed their healthy snack making sure that it had at least 2 food groups – “body builders” (protein), “body protectors” (fruit/vegetables) and “energy givers” (carbohydrates). They then made a shopping list. This morning we set off on our field trip to buy the ingredients for their snack. Back in class, the students made their creations and enjoyed them for afternoon snack. Please ask your child about the healthy choices they made! Many, many thanks to Emi, Jonathan, Chi, Luck and Akiko for all your help!


Before and after

Year book cover competition

If you’re child would like to create a cover for the 2017-18 year book, please read the letter from Advancement here.

The Grade 1 teachers are learners too:

This weekend, the Grade 1 team along with the other ECC teachers at UNIS and 40 colleagues from all around Asia, had the pleasure of attending the EARCOS workshop Listening to Learning in the Early Years, presented by Fiona Zinn. Fiona is an Educational Consultant based in Hobart, Australia. Drawing on 25 years experience in the early childhood, primary and tertiary sectors, Fiona consults widely with International Schools around the world to boldly re-imagine early years and primary pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments in response to research. During our two-day weekend workshop, we explored some of the ideas that underpin the pedagogical experience of Reggio Emilia, investigated our ‘image of the child’ and shared some deep reflection on the importance of relationships within our schools. We also examined the role of provocation and documentation for our work with transnational children in international school contexts. After our weekend of learning, we had another two days of professional development focusing on student agency.


Mystery Readers

As I mentioned a week or so ago, it would be wonderful if you or a family member could come to class as a “mystery reader” for 1D. It would be a surprise for the children, so please don’t mention it, and we would love to have stories in your home language.


  • The next ES snack sale will be on Wednesday November 22nd. Please give your child 20,000 VND so that they can purchase a healthy snack.
  • Tickets for the G1-3 musical are on sale after school outside the canteen.
  • Library day: from next week onwards, 1D will go to the library on Fridays.