Have a great holiday!

On Friday the 8th June, the students visited their new classrooms and met their new teachers. The students were very excited and a little bit nervous going upstairs. I know that Grade 2 is going to be such a huge success for each child. Here are the new Grade 2 classes with their teachers-to-be.

Mr Daniel 2AMs Keri 2BMs Christy 2C Mr Kenny 2DSummer Math Ideas

Here are a couple of links to useful Maths resources.

Mathematics Games and Products

Thank you to the cleaners

Farewell Yukari, Haru, Keunwoo and Hiro

Thank you for being such wonderful classmates. We will miss you! We wish you all the very best for your next adventure!

Final Self-portraits

On our last day in Grade 1 each child re-did their self-portrait. I love seeing how much the children have developed and grown over the course of the year.

Final Class photoFarewell celebration with families

Thank you so very much for your kind gift. It has been an absolute pleasure to have your children in 1D this year. We will always remember them and look forward to seeing them grow and develop in Grade 2.

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This week in 1D – Friday June 7th, 2018

On Tuesday we were happy to welcome 2 special visitors to class – Liza and Olivia. They had travelled to Vietnam from South Africa with a very important message about rhinos. They explained that rhinos are facing extinction because of the mistaken belief that rhino horn has magical, medicinal properties. Vietnam is the largest consumer of rhino horn. Liza and Olivia asked the children to spread the message to “Say No to Rhino Horn!” Each child was given a book, written by Olivia and her sister when they were children to help spread the message.

In Maths this week we continued our learning about place value, using the 100 square, equivalencies using our scales, coding with Whiplash the robot, and 3D shapes.

On Thursday we celebrated our final lower-elementary assembly, with a special farewell for Dr Barder and a parting gift for each grade 1 child.

On Thursday the G1 “experts” buddied with a K2 friend to show them how the canteen works. All the 1D students were excellent buddies and mentors to their younger friends.


  • Moving up morning is tomorrow, Friday 8th June – you will receive a letter of introduction from your child’s new G2 teacher by the end of the day.
  • The G1 class party is next Tuesday.
  • The “Leavers’ Assembly” is next Tuesday at 13.15. You are welcome to join us then and stay for the afternoon, or meet us in class for our 1D farewell at 15.00. 
  • An open-morning for swimming is next Tuesday – see message below. 
Dear parents,
As we come to the end of the term, it is time to hold swimming’s ‘Open Mornings’ where parents can come to the pool and see their kids in action.
They will be held next Tuesday 12th June and Wednesday 13th June, during their normal timetabled swimming lesson.
Please send on the poster to your parents and if you have any questions let me know.
Kind regards,

This week in 1D – Thursday 24th May

What a fabulous concert and Art exhibition this morning! I’m sure you are all extremely proud of the children and I expect some of you had a tear in your eye, as I did! Here are some photos and videos from the show.

  • Watching K2 perform while we wait in Ms Sally's room.



  • Early finish tomorrow (no lunch) at 11.30. Buses will leave school at 12.05.
  • This week is the last week for checking out library books. All books must be returned by June 1st. tomorrow.

1D – Thursday May 17th

Lower Elementary Play Morning

Tomorrow (May 18th) the Lower Elementary (Discovery, K1, K2 and Grade 1) will participate in International Outdoor Classroom Day. Students will be outside from 8:25-10:05. Please make sure that your child:

-wears sunscreen to school
-has a hat
-has a full water bottle
-has a change of clothes in a labelled bag


This week in UoI

After our rubbish collection last week, our next activity was to think about what UNIS used to look like before our school was built. We compared the pictures to help us to think about how humans are having an impact on the plants and animals in our environment. 

Mr Duc from Operations took us to the large playing field to see what creatures we could see living in the environment now. We saw baby frogs (or are they toads? – we will investigate), cicada skins (or are they called skeletons? – we’ll find out!), a dead lizard and other creatures. Ask your child what he/she saw!

A Visit to Middle School

Last week we visited our friends in 7th and 8th grades during their Design class. They are making us some items for our Play-Based Learning space. It was so interesting to see our new equipment in the making and the G1 children really enjoyed helping out.Missing Books

Did you buy any of these books at the Book Sale? These books accidentally ended up in the book sale and they actually belong to Ms Ronke in Grade 5. If you know where they are please return them to her for a reward.


  • Lower Elementary Outdoor Play Day tomorrow!
  • K2/G1 Music Concert – next Thursday, May 24th at 9am in the theatre.
  • Early finish next Friday due to the HS Graduation. All students will be dismissed at 11.30.
  • Grade level party on June 12th. Parents are invited to join in at 3pm. Please ask the class parent for more details.

This week in 1D – Thursday May 10th


It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Poetry Café last week. I’m sure you’ll agree that the children did a wonderful job of writing and presenting their poems. If you missed it, or would like to see it again, here’s a video of the occasion. And here are some photos from the day:This week in maths, the children have learnt a very cunning card trick to help them practise their combinations to 10. If your child hasn’t yet shown you, please ask him/her to do so. You’ll be amazed! All you need is a regular pack of cards (with the 10, Jacks, Queens and Kings removed).

We started our final UOI for the year this week – Sharing the Planet. Please read the overview for the details.

To begin to think about how humans interact with the environment we did a small rubbish clean up. We looked around UNIS to see how much rubbish we could find and then we went just outside UNIS. Ask your child what they noticed.

Rubbish inside UNIS


On Wednesday we had another Mystery Reader – Dr Barder! Please ask your child about the story he read us!


  • Swimming starts next week and runs to the end of the year. At every PE lesson your child will need their swimming costumes, towels, goggles (if used) and a swimming cap for long hair.
  • The Snack Sale is Wednesday May 16th. Please bring 20,000 to spend.
  • Friday, May 18th we will take part in a Lower Elementary play morning. Please make sure your child has a hat, large drink and wears sunblock if they burn easily.
  • Spring concert and art exhibition is May 24th. Please send in your child’s clothes for the concert by the end of next week. See email that was sent on Thursday 10th for more details.
  • 25th May- early dismissal due to graduation. Children need to be picked up at 11:30am


Book Week (Thursday 3rd May)

It’s been a short week but we’ve already packed so much into it. Yesterday was “Wear a Word Day” – we had a fabulous variety of words from “BANANA PEEL” to “HAPPINESS” and “CHOCOLATE”. Today was “Character Dress Up Day”. Everyone looked splendid in their costumes.

We also had a visit from a mystery reader, Ms Chris from Grade 3. She read us a couple of Hairy McClary books, which everyone loved.

Important notices for tomorrow!

Tomorrow is wear your pyjamas and bring a soft toy day. The children have been asked to remember to bring:

  1. Pyjamas and soft toy
  2. A change of clothes for the Poetry Café

Tomorrow is the book sale. The children should bring some money (approximately 100,000 VND) to spend on books. We will visit the book sale as a class at 10.30.

Tomorrow is also our POETRY CAFE. Grab a coffee and please be outside our classroom just before 2:30. Coffee will be served in the ES Staff room. The children are looking forward to sharing their messages with you!

Have a happy weekend!

This week in 1D – Thursday April 26th 2018


This morning we were delighted to welcome Super Cycling Man, Will, to our Lower ES assembly and to Grade 1. Will, who is from the UK, is in the 3rd year of a 7-year cycle journey across all 7 continents. During his 100,000 km journey he hopes to raise £100,000 for Parkinson’s UK and to meet 100,000 children from all over the world. Will’s main message is that we can all be super heroes by doing just 3 things – ask your child if she/he can remember what they are! (Clue: Going for our dreams, never giving up, being kind to others). Here are some pictures:

If you’d like to find out more about Super Cycling Man’s amazing journey so far, please watch this video. It’s pretty impressive!

Important Notices

  • No school on Monday 30th April and Tuesday 1st May next week.
  • Book week is next week:
    • Wednesday May 2Wear a Word Day: Students wear a word on their clothing It can be a word they identify with, have fun saying or simply enjoy.

    • Thursday May 3 Character costume dress up day + Parade. Students dress up as their favourite BOOK character (and bring the book with the character with them).

    • Friday May 4 Pyjama dress up day and bring a best buddy soft cuddly toy to school day

      + SCO Book Sale!

  • Poetry Café is on Friday May 4th. Children will need a change of clothes for their performance.
  • Please spare a minute to fill out the Play-Based Learning Feedback form which was emailed to you today. Many thanks!

This week in 1D – Thursday April 19th, 2018

Thank you so much for attending the Student Led Conferences yesterday. It was wonderful to see you. The children were so proud to share their learning with you. Here are some pictures from the day:

Autism Awareness Month

Thank you so much for helping your child to remember to wear blue on Tuesday for Autism Awareness Month. Here’s a photo of Grade 1 dressed in blue:

Important information / up-coming dates!

  • Do you have any unwanted children’s clothes? If so, please follow this link to find out about the Blue Dragon Clothes Drive.

  • Please send in any unwanted books for this year’s Book Drive. The class which collects the biggest number of books will win a prize!

  • Book Week is coming up…check out what is coming up!

    • Wednesday May 2nd: Wear a Word Day– Students wear a word somewhere on their clothing that they identify with, have fun pronouncing or simply enjoy!

    • Thursday May 3rd: Character Costume dress up day.

    • Friday May 4th:  Pyjama dress up day + Bring your soft toy friend + SCO Book Sale!  The class with the most donations for the book sale will get to visit the sale FIRST!

  • Poetry Café: Please join us on Friday May 4th at 14:30 to showcase some of the poetry that we have written over the course of the unit. We will present in a cafe-style format and hope that you can come along and celebrate our learning over a cup of coffee!

  • Please note that there is no school on Wednesday April 25th due to Hung King Day.

1B and 1D’s assembly (and other news)

Sports’ Day

What a fun-filled morning we had just before Spring Break for Sports’ Day. Here are some photos from the morning:

Our Assembly

Thank you so much for coming to the assembly today. Kristin and I were so proud of our students – I’m sure you’ll agree that they did a wonderful job! If you missed it, here’s a video of their performance of “Goldisocks and the Three Bears”.


  • Please send in any unwanted books with your child. We are collecting for the SCO book sale. We want to get as many as we can so that we have a chance of winning a prize!

  • Student Led Conferences are next Wednesday, April 18th. Please come along to celebrate your child’s successes and learning!

  • Poetry Café – Friday May 4th at 2:30pm. The children will be sharing important messages about the UN SDGs through their poems.

Sports Day Tomorrow

Sports Day

Sports Day will take place tomorrow between 8.10 – 11.20. Please help your child to remember to wear his/her house t-shirt. The children should also bring a water bottle, a hat and wear sports shoes.


1B and 1D will be presenting together at the ECC assembly on Thursday April 12th at 8.20 in the ECC gym. You are welcome to attend.

Spring Break

There is no school next week due to spring break. We look forward to seeing you on Monday April 9th.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring Break, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!