Some experiments to try at home…

Here are some experiments you might like to try over the holiday break. We have tried them in class…..send in some photos if you do! We would love to see them.


Happy Holidays!

Safe travels and good luck at your new schools Maya and Shereef, we will miss you here at UNIS.

 **************** HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! *******************


PS: (if you are stuck for holiday present ideas, we have been reading Roald Dahl and the children are LOVING his stories. So far we have read George’s Marvelous Medicine and The BFG)

Help build our list of materials!

This week we investigated some of the materials that are around the school and in our classroom. Some things we found were PLASTIC, METAL, WOOD, LEATHER, PAINT, WATER, BAMBOO………

What materials can you find at home?

Is there anything in your kitchen cupboards that might be a material? 

Here we are practising three of our research skills in ways that make sense to us:

  1. collecting data
  2. recording data
  3. organising data


Open Classrooms

The Pringle Ringle

Thank you for visiting our classroom and seeing our learning. We appreciated that you came. We hope you enjoyed the lesson. Here are some of the things we noticed and wondered.





Here is a video of how you can make the Pringle Ringle sculpture.

This is what it could look like. We hope that you make a successful Pringle Ringle. We hope you enjoy making it.



Send us a picture or a video of your sculpture!

Amazing Number Talk to try at home…



Today we did a Number Talk and we figured out thirteen different ways of solving 9 + 6. We all shared different thinking and math perspectives. We thought it was so awesome that we beat our score and now we challenge our families to get more than thirteen strategies.

Tonight’s sum is:

6 + 8 =

How many ways can you show your perspective to solve the problem?

We look forward to seeing your perspectives! Will you accept our challenge? Let’s make our brains grow from all the different strategies.

Open Classrooms 2016


14th November 2016

Open Doors – Open Classrooms – Open Minds!

Dear families,

We warmly invite you to our Elementary School Open Classrooms – being held on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November 2016.

What are Open Classrooms?

Have you ever wondered what inquiry-based learning is like for your child? Here is your chance! Open Classrooms showcase learning in action. For two days, at selected times, our classrooms are open for you to observe lessons that put the philosophy and pedagogy of the Primary Years Programme into practice.

Purpose of Open Classrooms

Open Classrooms is for parents to get an insider’s view of what life is like inside the classrooms at UNIS.  By opening up our classroom doors we would like to give parents a glimpse of student-centered, constructivist teaching and learning in action. We aim to demonstrate our inquiry based teaching philosophy which is central to our identity as an IB school.

How does it work? 

  • You may attend any of your child’s open lessons – both homeroom classes and specialist lessons. Please see the 2A schedule below.

What might I see?

All lessons are different, though you may expect to see:

  • Lessons that have a clear learning objective which has been explained to the students

  • A variety of lessons and subject areas open for parents to observe (and in some cases, you may be invited to participate). Lessons that showcase students demonstrating the Learner Profile

  • Lessons that involve students using a variety of transdisciplinary skills (thinking research problem solving, social and self-management skills)

  • Lessons that are based on students’ understanding of broad concepts, in addition to specific content (e.g. the concept of “form” in addition to the content of balanced gymnastics movements in PE).

What is my responsibility?

  • All parents MUST wear their UNIS Parent ID badge

  • Photographing students is not permitted

  • Silence all mobile devices and step outside the classroom for urgent phone conversations.

  • Please enter classrooms quietly and be on time. We recommend you stay for at least 20 minutes to see the flow of the lesson.

  • Do not interact with your children unless invited to do so.  Some classes will be ‘observe only’ while others may be more interactive.

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November 2016.


Riana Jobe

Class 2A Homeroom Teacher – Riana Jobe





Reading/Writing (8:45-9:45)



Math (10:30-11:30)

World Languages






Music – Ms. Sally

Music – Ms. Sally


PE – Mr. Clare