7th of September

This week we were movie stars! We read the book ‘What If Everybody Did That?’ by Ellen Javernick and had a lot of fun discussing how just one small thing can add up to a big thing if everyone does it. Nikki made the connection to our unit of inquiry. She said, “It’s like how we are learning about systems and how they help us to be organised.” We talked about the systems that we have in our grade like our cubbies, our playground equipment, our library, and then we made our own “What If Everybody Did That?” movie. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

We have finished reviewing all of our letters from Fundations and are ready to move into the next set of lessons.

Please drop into our room anytime and see our beautiful self portraits. The children have done such a great job!

Below is our 6 week overview for this unit of inquiry.

Please send in a set of headphones for your child to keep at school for the year. The ones that fit over the ear are best. The bud ones that are inserted in the ear often fall out and don’t block out the classroom noise. Thanks!

I am looking forward to seeing you at Back to School night, tonight.  6-8pm. B9 G:34


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One thought on “7th of September

  1. That is a great movie! Really enjoy seeing our little actors and actresses working on promoting the interest of the community. Great work!

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